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Welcome to “Say It, Sarah.”—The podcast where we talk about how you can have EVERYTHING you want in life.Most people believe that you have to pick and choose, but I’m here to tell you that you can have it all, do it all, and enjoy it along the way!

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People You Know: Jania Massey (Social Change Advocate)

As an Organizational Strategist passionate about service, Jania founded JSM Consulting (formerly known as Philanthropy Circle 365, PC Group 365) a professional non-profit consulting firm, with a focus on helping organizations implement strategic partnerships, community awareness and sustainable development. Her client list includes organizations specializing in financial education, community engagement, and US/international development. Jania also founded Stiletto Boss University, teaching woman and youth how to start and sustain their own business. 


8 Oct 2019

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People You Should Know: Stephen Webb (Swebb)

I guarantee that after listening to my friend, Swebb, you will not only be encouraged but you'll be challenged to start encouraging others! "Encouragement is always timely, no one ever responds, "Look, I'm way too encouraged right now." "I love to see people win!" This episode is packed full of helpful and practical tools to help you in your relationships with everyone around you!


27 Mar 2019

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People You Should Know: Greg Basch (Campus Pastor at Elevation Church)

"Sometimes the most caring thing we can do for someone is to love them enough to demand more from them or to speak something into them that others would be afraid to say." Do you know Greg Basch? Let me introduce you! We had a conversation that hit topics such as... a dislike for small talk, meditation, essential oils, how you can have too many mentors, and how to practically love people! I walked away from this call more challenged than ever to have meaningful conversations with people that truly help them grow! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


19 Apr 2019

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Episode #025 - Who Are Your People?

Who are the voices in your life? Who do you go to when you need advice or you need to celebrate? Who gets an in road into your inner circle and whose voice helps shapes your decisions? We have to be so careful about this, these people will literally shape the course of your life!


4 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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People You Should Know: Heather Dooley (Licensed Professional Counselor)

Heather Dooley, LPC is a counselor in Charlotte, NC. She specializes in counseling and psychology and owns Renew Counseling. As a sought out professional in her field, she specializes In counseling, coaching, and enneagram workshops for individuals or groups. In this episode we talked about people skills, why conversations with even our friends can be so awkward at times, how to push past the awkward to have meaningful interactions, the enneagram, and so much more!


5 Sep 2019

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People You Should Know: Rexy Rolle (VP of Operations at Western Air)

Meet Rexy, Ms. Rolle to you-- just kidding, she's totally down to earth and completely wonderful! Rexy is the VP of Operations for the largest private airline in the Bahamas, an attorney, a talented recording artist and completely down to earth! In this interview, Rexy talked about how she manages day-to-day operations, connects with people and also juggles her music career. 


6 Apr 2020

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People You Should Know: Gena Bohl (Stunningly Strong Beauty)

A freelance Stage Manager and Operations Manager for concerts and festivals all over the US. Not only working through logistics with talented artists, but she also is highly involved in fighting against human trafficking by serving as a Victim ID specialist and working with the FBI Field offices in the DFW area. When she is not saving shows and rescuing lives, she is managing her home and doing all with such grace and excellence. Married to Toby (a genius in his own right), is a mom t o4 amazing kids and runs a blog you are going to want to follow! https://stunninglystrong.com/ Can't wait for you to listen!


18 Mar 2019

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People You Should Know: Tonia Lyon (Unscripted Life Coach)

20 years of writing and reporting on news events in the United States broke Tonia’s heart for people in need. Her passion for service led her to take a leap of faith from a successful career in television journalism to Pastoral care and other helping ministries. Tonia helped Elevation Church launch and direct the course of the church’s now worldwide outreach ministry. Today, Tonia serves as Special Assistant to the President of Montreat College, a private Christian liberal arts school in the mountains of North Carolina. As a personal and professional development coach, she is also guiding leaders to become their best selves. Tonia’s love of nature and of the written and spoken word continues as she explores new ways of communicating. Her favorites now are poetry and Improv. Tonia is committed to saying YES to life and building a personal and professional life that is equal to her potential while engaging others do the same.


7 Jun 2019

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People You Should Know: Dr. Livingood

"We're all wasting time. While you are planning, preparing, talking about things... others are just diving in and executing them." In this episode you're going to listen in on my conversation with Dr. Livingood. It's one that we have had so many times, and with such intensity! Having taken care of over 25,000 people in his career, he is more passionate than ever for CARING for people, staying focused on his mission and being the best man for his wife and kids!


22 Mar 2019

Rank #9

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People You Should Know: Kelly Pelley ( Owner of Modern Earth Design )

“I’m a girl who loves beautiful things and wants you to become truly engaged in your surroundings.” I loved my conversation with Kelly! She’s not only insanely talented and creative, but she’s down to earth and makes you feel like you’re her best friend. Whether it’s her marriage, raising her kids, building her business or working with her clients, Kelly is very present and intentional with each person and really showing up in the best way possible.  Come meet my friend, Kelly!


27 Apr 2019

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People You Should Know: Cherish Rush (Communications Director at Elevation Church)

Join me in conversation with Cherish Rush, the Communications Director at Elevation Church. Cherish oversees the digital marketing, digital properties, social media, and overall brand direction for each series in a church that has 18 locations and over 25,000 people in attendance each weekend! In this episode, she talks about leading teams, developing people, and emphasizes the importance of hard conversations. This is going to be good!


10 Apr 2019

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People You should Know: Candy Cole Cloud (Owner of Smilestones Family & Cosmetic Dentistry)

Not only is Candy Cole Cloud one of the prettiest women you’ll ever meet, she is powerful! Being a general dentist, owning a practice, managing an all female staff, a Sales Director at Mary Kay, volunteers at her church, is a newly remarried wife and comes alive when she talks about her five-year-old daughter... this episode is GOLD! If you are wondering how high preforming people run their lives while being incredibly down to earth, this is it!


23 May 2019

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People You Should Know: Brian Cristiano (Founder & CEO of Bold Worldwide)

Founder & CEO of BOLD Worldwide. Entrepreneur. Keynote Speaker. Marketing Expert. Docu-Series: Growing BOLD. Building a $100,000,000+ Marketing & Media Company. If you are feeling stuck, don’t know what to do next, feel like you need to wait until you have the plan totally complete or you’re doubting yourself because you don’t know everything you need to... this episode is just for you!


25 Apr 2019

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8. People You Should Know: Jacinda Jacobs (Charlotte Hornets Arena Host)

You guys! This woman! Jacinda is the Arena Host for the Charlotte Hornets. She also hosts Sunday Morning Inspiration on V1019-FM. Both roles she works alongside with her husband and best friend, Derrick “FlyTy” Jacobs. She is the bonus mom of three boys and they share three dogs together. Jacinda is on a spiritual mission to impact the world for Christ.


3 Jan 2020

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People You Should Know: Amber Langhoff (Lifestyle Photographer & Miracle Chaser)

My friend Amber is not only one of the most talented photographers I know, she's an incredible wife, mom and human! In this episode we talk about women who take care of everyone but themselves, the "Yoga Pants" mom and the call she received that no one in the world wants to get. You are going to say "Yessss", cry,  and be moved to take action in your life. Are you ready? Come listen!


23 Jan 2020

Rank #15

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Episode #024 - How Do You Refuel Yourself?

Each day requires so much out of each of us. The people you are around, need you in their lives. Our work is demanding. To do lists are overflowing. There is only one of you... so how you YOU refuel? Join me as we talk about this! Show Notes: Here is a list of small ideas that you can do all throughout the day to refuel yourself instantly! Get more sleep 20 min nap Send appreciation texts Do something you've been waiting to do. Stand up and dance! Take a walk Go buy  yourself a coffee Brew a pot of coffee! Stretch Shake your body out! Meditate Pray Turn off all electronics Eat something Listen to great music Watch funny Youtube videos Journal Plan a weekend away Get a massage  Paint your nails   Window shop


19 Feb 2019

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People You Should Know: Lori Loomis (My Mom, the World Traveler!)

Friends, I'm so excited to introduce you to my Mom. She's traveled all over the world, has been to Kenya over 27 times alone, helps run orphanages, establishes churches, starts schools, speaks to large groups of people and is incredible with making the person right in front of her feel like the most important! In this episode, Lori talks about how to be a cheerleader rather than one who gives empty flattery, getting older, not carrying emotional baggage through life, being a wise woman rather than a crazy woman, and how you can know if people are keeping you at arms distance and why. There is so much in this podcast, I’m excited for you to hear it!


16 May 2019

Rank #17

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People You Should Know: Luke Moroney (Australian Property Buyers Agent)

"I help my clients create their wealth and provide more options for their future." After meeting Luke at a conference in Las Vegas, I know that I had to invite him on the podcast. Luke lives in Sydney, Australia and works to help build his clients portfolio, is an influencer in his industry and is on a mission to connect with and inspire people as many people as possible. "When we all get to a certain level, we want to share our thoughts and ideas to help people." Investing, networking, fear, taking action, moving forward, and being a voice in other people's lives... he talks about it all!


22 Aug 2019

Rank #18

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People You Should Know: Brian Johnson (Emmy Winning TV Producer, Author & Inspirational Speaker)

Brian Johnson is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational thought leaders of his generation. Brian is an Emmy winning TV producer and an Amazon #1 best-selling author, host and inspirational speaker. Brian has overcome his own personal challenges including homelessness and intense depression which almost caused him to take his own life. Brian credits escaping that tragic moment with giving him clarity about his purpose, and as such has dedicated his life to inspiring others to overcome fears to live the life that they deserve. Brian has committed himself to helping others realize their potential!


17 Aug 2019

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People You Should Know: Dave Guinn (The Guy You Want in Your Corner)

"What am I going to bring enthusiasm to? What am I going to be committed to do today? Who am I grateful for?" These are just a few of the questions that my friend Dave asks himself and his family every morning! In this episode, Dave Guinn and I talk about rest, being still and how your purpose can direct everything you do!


23 Jan 2020

Rank #20