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Episode 50

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Oct 18 2022



Episode 49 - the Europe Asunder - Great War kickstarter with Henry and Robert

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Henry Turner and Robert Dunlop return to talk about the Turner Miniatures Great War miniatures kickstarter.

Henry is in Mexico and his voice is quite echoey but hopefully it doesnt spoil your enjoyment of the conversation.

Check out the kickstarter page and get pledging!

Kickstarter page

Get onto the Discord page to chat all things Turner Miniatures here

As I've said before, if we want the nice things in the hobby, we have to support creatives like Henry!

...and any 3D Resin printer companies wishing to hit me up, give me a shout :-) 

I'm more than happy to plug your company and products!

May 29 2022

1hr 15mins


Episode 48 - Tslking thev Joy of Six with Peter Berry

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Hot on the heels of episode 47 comes this chat with Peter Berry from Baccus Miniatures. We talk about where Baccus is at the moment and around plans for the Joy of 6 taking place on Sunday 3rd July in Sheffield.

There's also an announcement of a rather special event taking place the day before, Saturday 2nd July at Baccus HQ!

No intro/outro, just straight into the chat!

May 20 2022

1hr 42mins


Episode 47 - The one with Bob Maycock talking about the Spanish Civil War

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A lovely chat with Bob about a mutual interest in the Spanish Civil War. 

Bob runs the Facebook group Spanish Civil Wargames which is well worth checking out.

If you wish to support trhe show, please take a look here at the God's Own Scale patreon page.

God's Own Scale is sponsored by Coat d'Arms paint

and is produced in association with 

Pendraken Miniatures


Baccus Miniatures

Until next time, keep talking about 6!

May 15 2022

2hr 13mins


The one with author and wargamer, Andy Rawson

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A slightly different take on the hobby with this episode. Andy and I end up having a bit of a state of the hobby chat. Andy has some thoughts on the hobby that are slightly away from the norm and it's a fascinating chat seeing the hobby through his eyes.

As always thanks for listening and if you wish to supprot the podcast through patreon, follow the link here

Thanks to Coat d'Arms paints for continuing to sponsor the show. Find them here

God's Own Scale is produced in association with Pendraken Miniatures. Find them here

Check out Baccus Miniatures latest releases here

Apr 24 2022

2hr 21mins


Episode 45 - the one with Mark Fry talking Blitzkrieg Commander 4

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A chat with the rules author Mark Fry about how he came to right Blitzkrieg Commander 4 and now Cold War Commander 2, due for release at Partizan in May 2022.

As usual we veer off topic a couple of times, but hopefully there's something of interest in there for you. Any commnets ideas or suggestions please get in touch at godsownscale@gmail.com, or find me on twitter @godsownscale. Or why join the God's Own Scale Facebook group which is growing by the day.

Find the Blitzkrieg Commander rules at Pendraken here and check  out their phenomanal range of figures and accessories.

Barry Evans has a lovely site for his painting service here

If you enjoyed the show, please consider joing the patreon, details here

Stay safe, and keep talking about 6.

Mar 19 2022

1hr 38mins


Episode 44 - The one with Mack from Geek Villain

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A lovely chat with Mack Sokolowski from Geek Villain, talking about his hobby history, how he got into making wargaming mats and about his kickstarter that still has 3 weeks to run.

Check out Geek Villain here

and the kickstarter here

The Geek Villain 'Puck Futin' T shirt in aid of Ukrainian refugees can be purchased here

If you've enjoyed the show, please consider supporting us by taking a look at our patroen page here


Mar 03 2022

1hr 31mins


Episode 43 - The on with Walter from Commission Figurines

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A peek behind the curtains at Commission Figurines, purveyors of MDF masterpieces including buildings in all scales, Really Useful Box inserts and little MDF men! 6mm MDF figures that allow you to build huge armies at pocket money prices. Check out Walter's website here

Other companies mentioned in the show:

Sponsor of the show -Coat d'Arms Paint

Lancashire Games

Total Battle Miniatures


Turner Miniatures

Big Lee's epic Operation Caravan AAR

As ever check out the Gods Own Scale Facebook Group here

and if you'd like to support the show and keep the lights on, join the Patreon here

Until next time, stay safe, play nice and keep talking about 6!

Feb 15 2022

1hr 21mins


Episode 42 - The one with Big Lee

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Big Lee, aka Lee Hadley from the Minature Adventures Youtube channel joined me for this episode to talk all things blogging, videoing and gaming in general. We even talk about 6mm!

We hope you enjoy the show. Check out Lee's channel here

Other companies mentioned in the show

Scotia Grendel

Vanguard Miniatures

Rapier Miniatures


Also keep an eye on the Joy of Six website here and here

If you feel like supporting the channel, please check out the patreon page patreon.com/godsownscale

Thanks for listening. Until next time, stay safe, play nice and keep talking about 6.

Jan 28 2022

1hr 56mins


Episode 41 - The one with Shawn Taylor and Robert Dunlop talking Great War Spearhead

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A lovely, globe spanning chat with Shawn Taylor on the west coast of Canada, and Robert Dunlop, although living in the UK, originally from New Zealand.

We talk about the future of Great War Spearhead, version 3 and future supplements.

As a bonus we talk about Shawn's Indo China Kickstarter, launching on 15th January 2022.

Taylor Wargaming Publications

Great War Spearhead IO group

Shawn's Kickstarter

Great War Spearhead Facebook Group

Shawn's book reccomendation - Austrian War Records

Roberts book - Zero Hour, Z Day.

2D6 WargamingGod's Own Scale Facebook Group

God's Own Scale Patreon

Jan 13 2022

1hr 46mins


Episode 40 - the one with Per Broden (again!)

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Per is back to celebrate 40 episodes of Gods Own Scale. A slight delay in this one, but the new year will hopefully see a more settled schedule of releases. I have arounf 5 or 6 guests lined up - some old, some new, to take us into the new year and beyond.

Per talks about his hobby life over the last few months including the charity project, the award winning Poltava game, Lund and synth pop. 

One of those statements may not be true!

Baccus website

Rapier Minaitures

Per's Charity Project

Per's blog


Per's book choice

Dec 28 2021

1hr 42mins


Episode 39 - The one with the Madaxeman, Tim Porter.

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Thanks to all round Mr Nice Guy, Tim Porter, the ubiquitous Madaxeman of wargaming. Huge apologies for the delay in releasing this epsiode, after saying to Tim it would be out in a couple of days, its actually taken me close on two weeks due to some I.T. issues.

Thank you to the listeners for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the episode!

The Madexeman site.

Give Tim's podcast a listen. Its really rather good!

Madaxeman Podcast

Oct 29 2021

1hr 43mins


Episode 38 - The one with Mark Backhouse talking Strength and Honour.

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A fascinating chat with Mark about his new rules, Strength and Honour with a different tak on ancient wargaming.

Link to the Strength and Honour Facebook group  here

Mark's Twitter account here

Anything But a One podcast here

Details of my AK47 event here

The show sponsor, Coat D'Arms paints here

Keep safe, play nice, and keeep talking about your own version of God's Own Scale.

Sep 23 2021

1hr 20mins


Episode 37 - The one where Greg, Tony and Sean talk Gettysburg!

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A Gettysburg special for the first episode of Season 3, and it's good to be back!

Lots more to come with episodes lined up with rules writers, manufacturers and mad axemen!

If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the podcast via patreon here

As always, check out Little Wars TV - without a doubt the best in the business here

And long promised addition to the show notes, a link to the books added to the God's Own Scale virtual library -

  Stephen Sears To the Gates of Richmond

Harry Pfanz Gettysburg - Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill

As always, thanl you for your support. Keep safe and play nice!

Sep 08 2021

1hr 54mins


Episode 36 - The one with Gareth Beamish talking Sengoku Jidai (and other things!)

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Lots of great hobby talk as Gareth tells us about his love of the Sengoku Jidai era, 6mm, and titivating tufts with a static grass applicator. Warning: This podcast may harm your wallet.

Gareth's Twitter

Hobby Health Check podcast

Coat d'Arms paint

God's Own Scale Patreon

As ever, keep safe, play nice, and keep talking about 6.

Jun 20 2021

2hr 8mins


Episode 35 - the Europe Asunder Kickstarter with Henry Turner.

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A lovely chat with Henry who is doing big things with small figures! He has a Kickstarter running called Europe Asunder offering up STL files to print Napoleonic infantry from the 1805/06 era, with optional add ons for other nations - 13 or 14 at last count!
Check it out here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ageofadmirals/europe-asunder-3d-printable-6-10mm-napoleonic-stl-files?ref=checkout_rewards_page
If you're 3D printing curious, check out these links provided by Henry, including a link to the 3D printer he recommends.
Wargaming3D: https://www.wargaming3d.com/vendor/henryturner/
MyMiniFactory: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/henryturner
Cults3D: https://cults3d.com/
Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/
CGTrader: https://www.cgtrader.com/
Henry's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HenryTurner
Idiot's Guide to 3D Printing: https://www.wargaming3d.com/2018/12/31/the-complete-and-utter-idiots-guide-to-3d-printing-in-resin-for-wargamers/
Elegoo Products on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Elegoo+Mars+2+Pro&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
The resin: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NOVA3D-Rapid-Curing-printer-Photopolymer/dp/B07XKXP1J6/ref=sxts_rp_s1_0?cv_ct_cx=nova3d&dchild=1&keywords=nova3d&pd_rd_i=B07XKXP1J6&pd_rd_r=65a70700-f1d8-4d52-b9e0-046d8ac6b825&pd_rd_w=Ahjnj&pd_rd_wg=kKhGF&pf_rd_p=ebdd0ead-7e9d-4518-ba85-779c172f72e9&pf_rd_r=GTJ8MZQ1XYDJA02QW4MX&psc=1&qid=1622411463&sr=1-1-1890b328-3a40-4864-baa0-a8eddba1bf6a
Henry's Community Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/556165151844842/
Thanks for listening. As ever, keep safe, play nice and keep talking about six.

Jun 02 2021

2hr 32mins


Episode 33 - The one with Felix talking about the Hannibal vs. Rome STL file Kickstarter

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Hannibal v.s Rome STL files for small scale miniatures

Check out Felix and Lukas's Kickstarter for some gorgeous 3D files for the Punic Wars. They are a new enthusiastic company who deserve all the support you can give. Lets get them through the 7,000 Euro barrier and on towards 8,000 Euro!

In this episode Felix talks about the project from an original idea through to an epic Kickstarter campaign that has smashed it's funding goal.

May 19 2021



Episode 32 - The one with historian and author, Nigel Atter.

Podcast cover
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A self indulgent episode for you today, as I speak with First World War historian and author, Nigel Atter about his two books - 

In the Shadow of Bois Hugo

With Valour and Distinction-Battalion

Well worth checking out.

Also please support my first sponsor, Coat d'Arms!

Coat d'Arms Paints

Should you wish to support the podcast, please visit my patreon at

God's Own Scale Patreon.

Apologies for the poor quality of the intro, and especially the outro. New microphone arriving next week!

Until next time, keep safe, play nice and keep talking about 6!

May 19 2021

1hr 51mins


Episode 32 - NEWSFLASH - The Joy of Virtual Six 2021 announced!

Podcast cover
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Join me as I talk to Peter Berry, part of the production team for the excellent Joy of Six show as he takes the show into the world of virtual reality!

TL:DR - The Joy of Virtual Six 2021 is coming online to a computer near you on Sunday 4th July 2021.

May 03 2021



Episode 31 - The one with Grumbler Miniatures.

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A lovely chat and a peek behind the curtains at Grumbler Miniatures, with head honcho Alan. 

Please do check out the website Grumbler Miniatures

Also mentioned is Peter Riley's rules for writing your own rules! Head here for more info Wargame Collection Calculator

The Caesar Awards video from Little Wars TV can be found here Caesar Awards Show

If you wish to support the show, please visit my patreon.

Until next time, keep safe, play nice, and keep talking about 6.

Apr 29 2021

1hr 34mins


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It’s about time

By Todd A Reed Inspired B2B - Jul 23 2019
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A podcast about 6mm - awesome. Where were you 6+ years ago when I started? Anyway, enjoying the first episode. If you’re into 2-6mm you will enjoy the chatting about this great scale. Great sound quality.