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Walter and Oscar review the week in news. From politics, to entertainment, we cover the biggest news stories simply and hilariously so any body can understand. funnier than CNN and more accurate than Fox"

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Student Loans, NBA Update, and the Kentucky Derby ft. David Dominiak

The MET Gala is tonight featuring a "Camp" theme, we have Special Guest David talking NBA and Elon Musk's big promise for Tesla. Companies are taking over student loans for college kids, New Segment "This Day In History," and Imperfect Produce is flooding us with veggies. 


7 May 2019

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Money Moves with Jay-Z, Theresa May, DACA and Warren's Buffet ft. Thales Correa

We are back from Spring Break as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary of the podcast. Theresa May is Brexit-ing from her job as Prime Minister, Jay Z is making money history, Warren Buffet is hosting a buffet worth millions, DACA (the Dreamers) are one step closer to becoming citizens of the United States, and we have special guest Thales Correa; a Brazilian filmmaker and producer of the feature film "Bathroom Stalls and Parking Lots." A film starring your very own Oscar.


5 Jun 2019

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Supreme, Greenland, Bon & Viv and Spiderman

Supreme is putting its logo on more stupid stuff for thousands of dollars, the Matrix is putting out its 4th movie, micro apartments are popping up in New York, Apple TV+ is coming out this fall, the owner of Google is buying some of the Brooklyn Nets, and Spiderman is leaving the Marvel universe. Google You and Google Me. 


21 Aug 2019

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Dirty Internet, New Pokemon and James Franco

Does fall get you nostalgic? We chat about our original dirty internet searches, being a nervous hormonal kid, and the ups and (mostly) downs of being young. Don't worry, we have all the news for you as the MLB playoffs begin, Iran is up to some sketchy election business, The Joker is hitting box offices, James Franco got a bit too handsy, its National Boyfriend day, and new Pokemon Shield and Sword coming soon! Google you and don't Google dirty internet stuff!

1hr 5mins

9 Oct 2019

Rank #4

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Notre Dame, WikiLeaks and Parents with Porn ft. High Priestess

Special Guest High Priestess, Notre Dame is ablaze, University of Michigan (Go Blue) man is upset about his lost porn collection, WikiLeaks' leader faces jail, and CRISPR is being used to heal cancer patients. Google You.


17 Apr 2019

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Black Hole, Hot Dog Summer, and Kim K Attorney at Law

Hot dogs are back in a big way propelling Trump to a 2020 victory, Netflix is moving to Sirius XM, Bernie is storing poop in his growing hump, the NHL playoffs have begun, Kim Kardashian has announced that she has planned to take the Bar exam, and the first picture of a black hole is a real bummer.


11 Apr 2019

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Mad Nature, Momo Challenge and NBA Update

Kids are taking the Momo Challenge too seriously, Walter gives an NBA update, Nature is raging through the south, Google is accidentally paying women more than men, Luke Perry star of Riverdale (and that's it) has passed, and there's collusion going on in a West Virginia church. Google you and Google me.


6 Mar 2019

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Aunt Becky, S3XY Teslas, and Mama June is Back on the Crack

Elon Musk debuts his newest Tesla with an immature pun, Aunt Becky is struggling to bribe USC into getting her daughter into college, Mama June is busted with a crack pipe, Burger King is revolutionizing how we drink coffee, and Pokemon makes a rare comeback in this week's podcast with Walter and Oscar.


20 Mar 2019

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Sexual Tensions and Future Presidents

Lots of sexual tensions with Robert Kraft, the Kardashians, and Lady Gaga. Possible presidents are running all over the place, Oscar presents the Oscars, and R Kelly is maybe the worst person ever. 


26 Feb 2019

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Hurricane Dorian, Guns, Popeyes, and 8th Grader A.I.

We're in a new studio this week as we talk about 8th grade A.I. being smarter than us, Popeye's chicken sandwich is overrated, Hurricane Dorian (everyone named Dorian stinks) is causing damage, Walmart is stopping sales of assault rifle ammunition, Lyft drivers are getting a bit too touchy feely with a BLIND person, and its football season yet again. Google you Google me.

1hr 1min

5 Sep 2019

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Whales, Chicago Strikes, Democratic Debate and Peak Spooky Season

This week, whales are back in a big way (literally), AOC makes her endorsement, Chicago teachers are on strike (no school, hell ya), the Nationals are going to the World Series, Jalen RAMsey to the Rams, Walter's NBA Corner making big decisions and Spooky Season is in full swing. Google You Google Me Google We.

1hr 7mins

17 Oct 2019

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Area 51, El "Chappie" Chapo, Old Face App and Ebola

We have two 2 special guests Sean Mckeon with the 'Area 51 Corner' and Libby Goyette with 'Libby's Murder Corner.'  Old Town Road and Mason Ramsey have yet another remix, Thor gets a record setting Marvel movie, Tennessee police are telling people to not flush meth down the toilet, Russel Westbrook to the Rockets, Game of Thrones leads the way at the Emmys and Cardi Bi endorse our guy, Bernie "The Hump" Sanders.


18 Jul 2019

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NBA Update, Stranger Things and Instagram Anti-Bullying

This week we have our family on as extra special guests, Walter breaks down the NBA free agencies move including Kawhi Leonard, Lebron James and our new Detroit Piston Russel Westbrook. Friends and The Office are switching teams in their free agencies, big Uterus news for babies and the Women's World Cup ladies, also U.S. life expectancy is taking a deadly turn for the worse.


10 Jul 2019

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Women's World Cup, Bitcoin is BACK, Monkeys, and E-Cigarrettes

This week San Francisco becomes the first city to ban e-cigarettes (aka JUUL), Capuchin Monkeys are making tools for pleasure, Trump is a loving and forgiving president according to Twitter, Giannis Antetokounmpo is the NBA's new MVP, Avengers Endgame is getting thirsty for Avatar's record, and Bitcoin is back baby! 


26 Jun 2019

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Boy Scouts, NFL VS. Antonio Brown, Pokemon and Number Neighbors

This week we talk Antonio Brown vs. the NFL, North Korea is launching missiles into the ocean, Jeffrey Epstein is "allegedly murdered," Number Neighbors are a thing, and Pizza Hut is struggling despite the cheese-stuffed crust. Walmart isn't displaying violent video games (Pokemon player special guest), Uber is struggling and Moviepass tried to scam old people. Google you and Google me. 

1hr 17mins

11 Aug 2019

Rank #15

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A$AP, Tinder, Facebook Fines and Iran Isn't Iraq

This week we have a very conversational episode, much about the live's of our 2 hosts Oscar and Walter. We chat about Iran not being Iraq, A$AP Rocky and Trump, Tinder, the new Prime Minister of Britain, the NFL always has drama, Mueller didn't get anything accomplished and the NFL is in the news again. Google You and Google Me.

1hr 32mins

26 Jul 2019

Rank #16

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Fall is Back, E-Cigs are Out, Greta Thurnberg and the Tigers Stink

This week we're back with dogs sniffing their own poop, Greta Thurnberg taking on Trump, the Detroit Tigers are having a historic season, Walter is craving an e-cig even though they're being banned, Pumpkin Spice is in full Fall bloom, and we have serious worries about Antonio Brown. Google You Google Me.


25 Sep 2019

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Measles, Mueller and McGregor

It was a witch hunt after all, as Trump apparently didn't collude. Measles have struck New York! The World's seeds are in danger, McGregor and Gronkowski are "retiring," and Facebook isn't allowing white nationalist talk anymore.


28 Mar 2019

Rank #18

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Nipley Hustle and Humpback Bernie

RIP segment, Burger King manages to be on the show for two straight weeks (heat check BK), the Final Four has arrived with our own Michigan State Spartans, we imagine life without things from Mexico, bad April Fool's jokes, and NBA players cn get fined $35,000 for tweeting two letters.


3 Apr 2019

Rank #19

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Canada's Poopy Diapers and Boy Scout Diddling ft. Dr. Katy's Medical Corner

This week we have special guest Dr. Katy explaining the Maureen Walsh nursing situation, the Avengers Endgame with Thanos (TheraFlu) is coming in hot, more Boy Scout leaders are being outed for sexual harassment, Sri Lanka had a devastating Easter, and Canada and Justin Trudeau is sending all their poopy adult diapers to the Philippines.


25 Apr 2019

Rank #20