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It's time to look at being highly sensitive as a strength. Emotions are powerful. Join us to learn how to inspire them, utilize them to be of service, and live freely as your most authentic self. Our most popular series on Mental Health News Radio is now its own podcast. Tune in, join in, spread the word - but most of all - feel inspired and empowered about your highly empathic self.

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Extreme Self-Care After Emotional Abuse

Join your hosts talking about life after you've gone no contact with toxicity (people, situations, our own behavior). Learning how to enjoy your alone time and putting yourself first: Extreme self-care!


13 Nov 2019

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Spiritual Warfare

Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Walker talking about what spiritual warfare is and how we combat this in our lives. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs everyone has a journey of self-discovery. Many on the path choose a belief system that works for them and then are greatly challenged in those beliefs. We explore this dynamic on our show and hope to offer some insight from varying beliefs on how to combat what we refer to as spiritual warfare. www.mentalhealthnewsradio.com

1hr 2mins

11 Sep 2019

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Knowing the Language of the Empath

Join Veronica Conway and Kristin Walker as they discover during this show that they both know the language of empaths. That dawn of awakening and "I see you" that happens during a conversation with a stranger and you find out they are also an empath and, yes, they know all about narcissistic abuse!


30 Jul 2019

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Chakra Empowerment for the Empath Woman

Lisa Erickson joins Kristin to talk about empathic women and how chakra empowerment can help us heal!Lisa is a chakra-based energy worker, writer, and teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. She has trained in multiple energy healing modalities and is certified in both mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, the American Holistic Health Association, the Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, and The Breathe Network, a non-profit dedicated to supporting holistic healing for sexual trauma survivors. She is also the creator of a popular DailyOM course Awakening Your Feminine Chakras.Lisa’s interest in the chakras and energy healing began over 30 years ago, when she began meditating as part of a yoga class soon after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College. She went on to study chakra and kundalini meditation seriously with a formal teacher for many years. During this time she was a technology executive in New York City, and her own meditation practice helped her to thrive within the high demands of her career. She also studied Shotokan karate, achieving a second-degree black belt. She pursued certification as a mindfulness meditation instructor, including trauma-sensitivity, and taught both mindfulness and chakra meditation at corporate retreats, community centers, and rape crises centers.As she pursued more energy healing training, she migrated to private session work. She draws on many different energy healing traditions, including the work of world-re-knowned intuitive healer and author Cyndi Dale, with whom she has trained. She is a certified Feeding Your Demons facilitator through Lama Tsultrim Allione. She has done extensive research on the subtle body mappings of multiple traditions, and combined this research with her own private practice experience to develop her Women’s Energetics work. As part of this work Lisa offers both regular classes and private phone sessions to help women release limiting conditioning and draining energy patterns in order to fully own their personal power. She also provides meditations and tools women can use for support during crucial life transits, including pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopause and menopause. A major focus of Lisa’s work is energy work for women sexual trauma and abuse survivors. She has published a free e-book on this topic: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma and Abuse: 10 Practices for Self-Healing and Empowerment. She also is a practitioner with The Breathe Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting survivors of sexual violence to healing arts practitioners who offer trauma-informed, mind-body-spirit techniques to support integrated and sustainable healing. Much of her private phone session work centers on supporting sexual abuse and trauma survivors in their healing process.In addition to teaching and private sessions, Lisa also writes for her popular women’s spirituality blog, Mommy Mystic, where she has long shared insights and resources on sexual trauma healing, energy work for women, chakras, women mystics, and women’s spirituality. She was the Buddhism editor at Bellaonline.com, and a founding writer for the former online magazine MeditateLikeAGirl.com.Lisa regularly speaks at conferences and is available for speaking engagements. Past workshops include sessions at the National Sexual Assault Conference and the Women’s Spirituality Conference.www.chakraempowermentforwomen.com


1 Mar 2020

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The Squeaky Wheel Doesn't Have to Get the Grease

Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Walker on a powerful show about chaos, drama, squeaky wheels, and being ultra responsible for IT ALL. Is codependency the "blame" for all that ails you or is it something more? Negative relationships require participation from all sides but we can choose how much of our emotional capital is used to defuse people and the drama they create, including our own dramatics! Pay attention the quiet ones that enter your field of experience and learn to share yourself with those that don't bring chaos and histrionics into your life.


28 Aug 2019

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Is Fear Mandatory in Times of Crisis?

Join Martha and Kristin for a discussion about fear! So...is fear mandatory in times of crisis? On the latest edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and I discussed the consciousness around the Corona virus and asked if it was necessary to connect with the fear that is so prevalent these days. There is no shortage of valid reasons to be afraid these days, we hear the stories coming in from around the world that suggest that the worst is yet to come and it’s going to be pretty doggone bad. Hoarding of essential items has begun and the grocery stores are struggling to keep shelves stocked. The fear of being caught without adequate supplies is powerful and catapults us into an “us against them” mindset that allows you to justify hoarding all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. After all, don’t we have to take care of our families first and foremost? I am hoping that at least some of us can brave enough to entertain the idea that blind fear is optional. Fear is a powerful and necessary tool that alerts us to imminent danger such as being followed on a dark street, slamming on the brakes to avoid a collision and it initiates the fight or flight response. This response is a cascade of chemicals and hormones that inhibits your ability to think and reason in a calm and mindful manner and allows you to justify hoarding 50 rolls of toilet paper. If we are tuned in constantly to the disturbing news and dire predictions, we will be in a perpetual state of fight or flight and will act out of survival instinct rather than mindfulness and possibility. Is it possible to be mindful and live in the moment where all possibilities dwell? Yes. Is it easy to do? Not always but it is doable. We are at present in a Master Class on how to interact with this material reality in a different way, not to defeat fear necessarily, but to find and cultivate higher vibration emotions such as peace, gratitude and love, all of the things we would rather experience. If we can turn our attention to the possibility that there is much to be grateful for right in this moment and that collectively, we can have a change of heart, there will be a better world to hand off to our children. That we are here at this particular time tells me that each one of us has a unique and vital part to play in this awakening and we came with all the tools we need to do our job which is how I know we can turn away from blind fear and towards the light of possibility. If all of this is hard to believe and reconcile inside yourself, please do this one thing, ask yourself: “what if it’s true”. What if it’s true that spending more time contemplating what we want rather than what we’re afraid of actually influences what shows up in our reality? Spoiler alert..it’s true.To our family of listeners we send love and gratitude...Martha


26 Mar 2020

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Living on Fantasy Island?

Join counselors Melanie Vann and Melissa Richards with host Kristin Sunanta Walker as they talk about Fantasy Island. Is this really where you want to live? How do highly empathic people find themselves dwelling there and how narcissists weave a web of deceit and at all costs, including YOU, will defend their island. How and when do we "split" from reality in order to survive trauma? When does this become a crutch and unhealthy as an adult. What is the difference between being wounded and being proud, entitled, and arrogant?We cover it all and have some fun while we are doing it. Enjoy the show.


14 Aug 2019

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Harvey Weinstein and Other Narcissists

How many of you have felt triggered reading and hearing about the Harvey Weinstein allegations? Many of our listeners have. We have. We support the #metoo movement spearheaded by actress Alyssa Milano and have a very powerful discussion with host Kristin Sunanta Walker, Melanie Vann, and Melissa Richards about sexual misconduct and abuse. We've learned that while the abuser and society may wish to paint those who come forward as people who:Can't seem to "move on" or "let things go"Are vitriolicAre unfairAre "crazy"Are only womenThis is simply not the case. Uncomfortable topics need to be discussed. Every victim and then survivor of sexual harassment has their own journey to recovery. As you evolve, your voice and understanding of what you experienced changes. It does not disappear. Being quiet supports the abuser not the abused. It also supports those who enable and act as accomplices to the abusers.This is not gender specific.The days of "men are just men" are over.For Good.Thank you for joining us on this poignant and deeply personal show.www.mentalhealthnewsradio.com


22 Aug 2019

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When Empowerment Becomes Your Home

Join Kristin Walker and Martha Juchnowski, your hosts of Empowered Empaths, talk about the bare bones, the nectar, the seat of the soul of your empowerment. Are you there? It isn't a destination. It's a lifelong journey. Join us!www.empoweredempathsradio.comwww.mhnrnetwork.com


28 Feb 2020

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Highly Sensitive Men

Join Kristin and Tom as they discuss what it means to be a highly sensitive man.Highly sensitive people think deeply, empathize instinctively, and behave in an ethical way that benefits everyone. Today, with the negative effects of “toxic masculinity” and aggressive behavior in evidence all around us, we need highly sensitive people—especially men—more than ever. Yet for men in particular, being highly sensitive brings distinct challenges, such as gender stereotypes that portray them as too emotional or not “manly” enough. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapist Tom Falkenstein offers the first psychological guide that specifically addresses highly sensitive men and those who care about them, and explores the unique advantages and obstacles they face. Drawing from his training with pioneer in the field Dr. Elaine Aron, and his own groundbreaking work, Falkenstein incorporates the mostup-to-date research on high sensitivity—what it is and isn’t—how it relates to male identity, and provides one-of-a-kind advice and practical tools, including: · Self-assessment tests to measure high sensitivity· Strategies to cope with overstimulation and intense emotions· Exercises that enhance relaxation, mindfulness, and acceptance· Advice on self-care and self-compassion· Techniques to deal with situations that highly sensitive people often find difficult· Interviews with men who have learned to live well with high sensitivity· Insights into the key role that highly sensitive men have to play in today’s worldIncluding an illuminating conversation with Dr. Aron, The Highly Sensitive Man is an invaluable book that will help redefine masculinity and reveal how high sensitivity can enrich men’s lives, their communities, and the lives of those who love them.www.highlysensitiverefuge.com


6 Jan 2020

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What is Feminine Power and How Do We Find It?

Lisa Erickson joins Kristin and Martha to talk about feminine power! Who are you? Here are the answers likely to be repeated ad Infinitum: I am a wife, mother, daughter, caretaker, teacher, cashier, volunteer. I cook, clean, shop, manage the health and well-being of my husband, children, extended family all while ignoring my own well being, run consistently on fumes and will not sleep unless I know my people are AOK. All very valid observations of the role you play on a daily basis, but I’ll ask again.... WHO ARE YOU?We’ve just described what you do in the human world to keep the status quo humming along but nowhere in that description is there any reference to what you love about yourself, what books inspire you, what dreams you have for the future, your favorite foods and music, your favorite color and scent. What make you feel happiness and gratitude and what pushes your buttons. Tell me what makes your heart sing, then we will have a clue about who you are.Our ideas about who we are have been imposed on us from the day our heart started beating by people who were dealing with their own psychological issues imposed on them by their own psychologically challenged parents, and on and on. The “filters” we all see the world through are the product of all of the indoctrination we’ve experienced from our families, friends, teachers, religious leaders. Very few of us were raised in an atmosphere of unconditional love, complete acceptance, knowing that we are divine beings who are here to offer their unique and singular gift to the world. And we, as women have not been taught that our energetic infrastructure is somewhat different from that of a man.On this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Erickson who is the author of “Chakra Empowerment for Women, Self Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power and Finding Overall Wellness. Lisa describes how our perceptual filters contribute mightily to our sense of self, how our unique energetic make up does not respond well to a one size fits all method of energetic intervention. Lisa talks about how the Chakras play a large and very important part in our life experience in general and how learning about them and what they do can and does improve our experience of self. Each Chakra translates energy into the body in specific ways. For example, the root chakra is where we experience fear or empowerment, safety or insecurity, depending on whether the chakra is open or blocked. It is through understanding the chakras, their individual characteristics, and how to manage the system to keep energy flowing freely through the system. We will never find out who we really are if we continue to accept as gospel the skewed perceptions of people who are themselves living under the hypnosis of their own defective learning. To learn about who we are and to understand that personal power is not about force, we must travel with each chakra, getting to know it’s unique energy signature and voice. We must become friends and companions with these powerful energy vortices because it is through understanding these archetypal patterns that will give us a real and true knowledge of self. Combined with meditation, practicing mindfulness and self awareness, chakra consciousness will assist brilliantly in our quest to define and express our authentic power.May you be blessed with the knowing that you are more than you can imagine and the yearning to discover what that is. Many blessings...Martha


16 Mar 2020

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Using the F Word

Martha Juchnowski, Rn is a healing facilitator and creator of Source Harmonics, an approach to healing using intuitive spiritual counseling and integrative energy work to guide the individual to discover the healer within and their sacred highest self. She has a series on Mental Health News Radio: The Healing Room. The great thing about Martha is that she says it like it is and the “it” she says is tailored to help facilitate the most healing her clients are able to process at any given moment. She has helped hundreds reach new levels of transformation and is what a true healer must be: a steward, a facilitator of the healing that exists within each of us.www.mhnrnetwork.com

1hr 10mins

6 Aug 2019

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Is There a Blueprint For Conscious Creation?

This is a question that Kristin and Martha explore with Kim Stanwood Terranova, author of “The Technology of Intention, Activating the Power of the Universe Within You.” Kim shares her knowing that each of us has the capabilities to create a life based on love and joy by showing us our tools and how to use them. After years of learning opportunities disguised as hardships, Kim shares “The Three Power Pillars” of intention that allowed her to become an authentic teacher of conscious creation. Kim is a master teacher of intentional living, licensed Practitioner of Truth from the Agape international Spiritual Center in Los Angeles and has a bachelor’s degree in Spiritual Studies. Join us on this enlightening journey toward our authentic selves!https://kimstanwoodterranova.com/


25 May 2020

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Self Love Beyond The Ego: Seeing The Real You Without Judgement

On this week’s edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha discuss the idea that there is a “me” that is untouched by ego judgement and remains constant and true and is our very own North Star. Once we begin to truly believe that we are, at our core, spirits having a human experience, we can appreciate and understand that this life expression as well as the opinions of others, does not and cannot define us. We begin to see that we are here on purpose because we knew that an incarnation to earth would allow us to embody lessons and experiences that attend to our fondest desire: to bring heaven to earth. Join Kristin and Martha as they discuss their own evolution into a greater awareness of who we all really are. Namaste.


18 May 2020

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Experiencing Your Highest Potential with Dr. Joe Gallenberger

On this week’s show, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Joe Gallenberger, a pioneer in the study of psychokinesis, healing and manifestation through the exploration of consciousness. He is the author of several books including Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health and Heaven Is For Healing: A Soul’s Journey After Suicide. Dr. Joe also hosts his Inner Vegas Adventure workshops where his students have achieved dramatic healing, strong PK influence over dice and slot machines. Dr. Joe is also a senior trainer at the Monroe Institute and created its popular MC2 program that introduces students to the world of psychokinesis, where the mind, energized by the heart, influences matter. Dr. Joe is instrumental in training people to realize their highest potential as spirits in a body and to embody the miraculous, magical and extraordinary aspects of our true and highest self. Please visit his website at: www.SyncCreation.com to explore the many tools Dr. Joe has available.


27 Apr 2020

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Transformational Gratitude: An Ecstatic Union with Life

Kristin and I explore gratitude as a spiritual practice, how we can delve into the very heart of creation and transform our lives. We discuss how the practice of deep, heartfelt gratitude rewires our brain in a way that allows us to live our lives unshackled from fear and victimhood while feeling peace and joy. Join us on the journey into possibilities as we remember more and more who we are and begin to live fearlessly! Many Blessings...Martha


23 Apr 2020

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Morphing Into a New You

Kristin and I had the pleasure of interviewing an author and counselor who knows from experience, that if you want to change your life, you must change your mind about your life. Johnny Calloway shared his journey of discovering that truth for himself. Drawing on the wisdom of a Course in Miracles and a 12 step program as well as his own desire for truth and authenticity, Johnny overcame many personal difficulties and discusses that journey on the show. He is the author of “Taming the Dragon”, “Dragons to Butterflies” and “The Bridge”, host of the Podcast “Morph Into a New You” on the Mental Health News Radio Network. Visit his website: JohnnieCalloway.com for more information, you’ll be glad you did!


13 Apr 2020

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Setting Boundaries: Self Care or Selfish Care

On this week’s edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and I discussed the importance of setting boundaries in our relationships with others. Many people think that setting boundaries means that you’re metaphorically standing on the parapet with gun loaded, waiting to open fire on any and all invaders as they approach your post. In that world, everyone and everything is a threat and must be dealt with as such, it is fear based and deeply counterproductive when it comes to having healthy relationships with ourselves and others.Setting healthy boundaries is one of the main tenets of self care, self love and self respect. Since I believe that you can’t give away what you don’t have, I believe that it is vital to cultivate a deep appreciation for who you are, not necessarily because of your accomplishments but because you know you are a sacred aspect of Divinity who is currently inside a human form because something needs doing here and you are the only one who can do that particular thing. We come here with all of the resources we need to do that job and it’s up to us to manage, grow and nurture those resources and distribute those resources as needed to fulfill our life’s purpose.As Empaths, we tend to feel the needs of others and give freely our emotional, mental and spiritual support and I will continue to do so until I feel taken advantage of because the person does not want to learn and grow herself. We are here to learn and grow, not commit grand spiritual larceny by attempting to usurp the wisdom that someone else has gained from doing the work themselves. One of the hardest lessons I have learned is that I can’t and shouldn’t try to alleviate the suffering of everyone I meet, remembering that our greatest wisdom and growth very often comes through pain and struggle. Part of my practice is to walk with someone who is suffering and teaching them to find their own resources and their own path to healing.Putting up healthy boundaries every day is vital for your well being and You can do that by imagining yourself being enclosed in a bubble of light that nothing and no one of evil or harmful intent can penetrate. You are the one who decides who and what gets in while your own energy is able to freely move out. While it may seem selfish to place boundaries around yourself, try to look at this from a different perspective: when we do too much for others, we deprive them of opportunities to grow and learn while at the same time, we disrespect our Divine self, purpose and gifts by allowing them to be stolen. Better to be able to give freely with guidance and discretion. Many blessings...Martha


9 Apr 2020

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