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ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons: A new podcast that redefines sustainable architecture, projects and space according to an augmented concept of beauty. Promoted by the online portal Floornature and supported by the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, All Good Vibes, on air from May 8, invites its guests to reflect on the future role of architecture and design, connecting different experiences, contexts and generations.ALL GOOD VIBES - connecting new architectural horizons is the brand new Podcast promoted by Iris Ceramica Group Foundation and international online architecture and design magazine Floornature.com, which promises good vibrations convertible into inspiration and creative thought for architects, designers and the rest of us.

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This new series of podcasts was born as an idea to maintain an open dialogue with architects and designers. The short podcasts will share, through a virtual chat, engaging and interesting insights of works, ideas and thoughts of the most significant representatives of this artistic panorama [these two worlds], from promising young people to famous, renowned ones. All the multidisciplinary aspects that are connected with these two worlds will be examined, focusing particularly on environmental and social sustainability. The encounters will be led by two hosts, Christiane Burklein and Virginia Cucchi, as narrative voices. Two women who, belonging to different ages and different backgrounds, will provoke conversations more intense and compelling. The encounters, two a month, of about 15 minutes, are sponsored by the International platform Floornature and Iris Ceramica Group Foundation


7 May 2020

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SET Architects

SET Architects, a team of young architects, will entertain our audience, imprinting a fresh, innovative tone to our first virtual encounter. With their extremely precise though very concise language they evoke the notes of a precious, carefully crafted environment that is gradually disappearing. Simplicity, a key note of their creative process, combined with sustainable materials and reverence to context and identity, envisions and casts a flexible and resilient contemporary style of living. Rewarded with important recognitions, it will be for sure not a surprise if they will conceive very soon special projects that will stand out for their originality and expressiveness. Andrea Tanci, co-founder with Onorato di Manno of the firm, will be with us, as representative of Set Architects.


7 May 2020

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Flora&Faunavision: Leigh Sachwitz

FFV was founded in 1999 in Berlin by Scottish native Leigh Sachwitz. In 1993, received her architectural diploma from the Glasgow School of Art, she arrived in the post wall city, a gigantic playground for creative people where nothing was impossible. She worked in an architect office by day, she helped create makeshift clubs, bars, art spaces for the night using all sorts of materials, light and projections. Later she would add sound and video. Her visuals, sights and sounds are ephemeral and bang on trend, mixing media and technologies, yet they create visceral experiences. From Leigh’s first slides in Berlin’s temporary spaces in the early 1990’s, she and her ever growing FFV family have developed quickly further, with all the new technologies evolving that never cease to amaze Leigh. She is delighted every time she can try and create something entirely new, such as using live 3D mapping to choreographed visuals, 3D projections to a live performance, GPS motion tracking, always looking into tomorrow’s latest trends, making FFV a multitalented organism of limitless creative potential, working all over the world, from music to architecture and events. Leigh will bring her good vibes as trained architect, working now over 20 years as an artist with light, one of the most important ingredients of architecture itself, as a layer to add meaning and emotions to the environment, to enhance our spacial experience and creating something unique. Following her motto: “Emotions trigger memories”.https://www.florafaunavisions.de/


21 May 2020

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Jinhee Park

Our new guest will fill the atmosphere of this new encounter with her energetic and extremely vibrant character. Beyond her apparent docile compliance, which is a bit a characteristic from her Asian origins, she hides an iron will and an extremely resolute character. Very talented and endowed with great originality and analytical skills she has achieved prestigious awards at a very young age, as AIA Young Architects Award, Emerging Voices Award and the Young Architects Forum Award by the Architectural League of N.Y. and the honour to be mentioned on some of the most authoritative architectural magazines. She will tell us about micro-housing and ‘spaces in between’, a topic she has always dealt with since the beginning, facing the crucial problem of living space in our contemporary crowded metropoleis. Environmental sustainability in a tropical country will be another interesting point that will be touched in our virtual chat.


4 Jun 2020

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Laura Iloniemi

Laura Iloniemi, native Finnish, is an expert for communication in the field of architecture. She has worked with architects for over twenty years, advising them on how to lead and support their promotional efforts with a curatorial approach, informed by her education in architectural theory and museology. She focuses on the branding aspects, starting from the identity of the architect and their practices since marketing - knowing how to sell yourself - seems to have become an absolute essential after the various crises in the building industry. (what makes it very interesting to talk to her in this special moment). Laura is author of several important books. Her first one, written in times where nobody seemed to be aware of the power of images, in 2004, with the compelling title “Is it all About Image?: How PR works in Architecture”, while “The Identity of the Architect: Culture and Communication” she guest-curated for Wiley, was published in 2019.She will share her insights into the world of architectural communication.


18 Jun 2020

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James Finestone - Arup

James Finestone is Director at Arup Architecture Europe. He is a multidisciplinary leader, experienced in low energy design, masterplanning and the role of Architecture in cities. As well as overseeing the development of the teams in Arup’s European offices, he has recently been involved in a number of sports stadia projects around the world, masterplans in Italy, Turkey and China, Science and Industry projects including Jaguar Landrover, Nestle and Equinix and many commercial projects. He was trained as an architect but has recently also gone back to student life in parallel with work to complete a masters in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the Built Environment.


1 Jul 2020

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Erieta Attali

Erieta Attali was born in Tel Aviv and has a PhD in photography. She currently resides between New York and Paris, photographing the work of contemporary architects from around the world.She has been teaching in some of the world’s leading universities, including Columbia University in NYC, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), The University of Tokyo amongst others and she began her career in the ‘90s as a leading expert in archaeological photography using UV and IR radiation technology. About 20 years ago she came across the work of the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and since then she has focused on architectural photography. She crafts images with a unique style, working with film and a Linhof camera, that means big format, with a panora-mic 6x12 cm back. One of the basic ingredients of Erieta Attali’s photographs is natural light. She is prepared to wait for hours and even days for just the right light. And her choice of analogue photography takes her into a domain that we could define as slow photography. An insightful and comprehensive ap-proach that is far from the frenetic pace that dominates our overloaded consumption of images, flattened out into rapid sequences on digital media. It is not by chance that looking at Erieta’s wonderful images one can feel the presence of time. In our talk she anticipates her new research on cities and the interaction with people that started actually in Paris during the lockdown and gives new perspectives on urban space. She also tells us also about her upcoming exhibition projects with new concepts as well as her upcoming aca-demic activities.


16 Jul 2020

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Richard Hassell

Richard Hassell is an Australian-born architect and artist who has lived in Singapore since 1989. He is the co-founding director, alongside Wong Mun Summ, of the Singapore-based architectural firm, WOHA. Known for their dedication to environmental and social issues, they tackle problems of the 21st century with innovative new design and urban solutions. Their work embraces diverse highly influential projects, from residential towers, resorts and hotels, public housing and institutional buildings, to masterplanning. It has been the Aga Kahn Award for Architecture in 2007 to establish their reputation and notoriety as authors of naturally ventilated skyscrapers for urban tropical context. Many other prestigious international achievements have followed, attesting the precious contribution of their projects, as milestone of sustainability. Richard will share his expertise, talking about topics today so much at heart, sustainability embodied in ‘high-density high-amenity’, ‘macro-architecture and micro-urbanism’, and, as a leader of outstanding skyscrapers, he will talk about his vision on how we can build, embracing more responsible, healthier choices, blending living green with vernacular traditions.


30 Jul 2020

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Irene Luque Martín

“Everything is Urbanism” with Irene Luque Martín, MVRDVOur guest today is Irene Luque Martín. She is Project Leader at MVRDV Urban Studio, one of the eight studios of the Dutch architectural firm in Rotterdam and is a PhD in Planning and Urban Technologies awarded Cum Laude and with an ‘International Mention’ during her stay at the Centre of Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is an active member of several institutions such as ISOCARP, Complex System Society and AESOP where she is part of coordination team of the Young Academic (YA) network, as well a visiting scientist at the University of Twente. Her main role in these institutions is to bring academia outcomes into daily practice methods and research.Looking at her thesis and current expertise, focused on understanding the role and application of urban technologies (Geographical Information Systems, artificial intelligence, urban simulations and visualization tools) in urban planning, she is the ideal guest to talk about the future of our built environment as a whole. Because if we look closer at urbanism, we soon understand why one of MVRDV’s claims is actually “Everything is urbanism”. What was also the motto of Winy Maas, when he was the Guest Editor of DOMUS in 2019. MVRDV Urban Studio, lead by Studio Director Enno Zuidema, is active in many different countries and with a broad range of projects, that go from participatory masterplans in Germany including proposals for the resilience of the San Francisco Bay Area to the Supervision for the center of Eindhoven to research on Urban Air Mobility (UAM), where Irene has been involved.https://www.mvrdv.nl/https://www.mvrdv.nl/about/team/19694/irene-luque-mart%C3%ADn


13 Aug 2020

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George Ranalli and Anne Valentino

George Ranalli is a renowned New York-based Architect, who has founded his practice in 1977. For over 40-years, he has worked on a diverse range of projects from civic masterplans, institutional and public buildings, private residences and interiors, as well as, product design. Alongside the studio, he has spent a long academic career: Professor of Architecture at Yale University, and later Dean of City College, for over 16-years, at Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. His architecture is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, tradition and craftsmanship. His work has been displayed in famous museums and his exhibitions have travelled the world. Anne Valentino, Ranalli’s life and work partner, is a specialized Neuropsychologist and Professor, and for more than 35 years, as Associate Partner of the firm, has added her contribution on spatial organization of interiors and as an expert in human behavior in relation to the built environment. A couple who truly complements one another: their practice constitutes a really interdisciplinary partnership between behavioral science and architecture.


27 Aug 2020

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