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That Marketing Dude was founded by me, Luke Benjamin Thomas, a world traveler, digital nomad and motor mouth. I help digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to become either, to build businesses that allow them to focus more on travel.I started this podcast because I was sick of listening to the same type of shows... So I created something different. I bring on guests as "co-hosts", not to interrogate them. I publish 3 shows a month talking about a specific topic related to business or travel and 1 episode a month purely on travel stories.With inspiration from people like; Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income, Chris Ducker at Youpreneur, John Lee Dumas for EOFire, Josh and Jill Stanton from Screw The Nine to Five, Tim Ferriss and his 4 Hour Work Week book AND of course sprinkle in some awesome travel stories like you see at Extra Pack of Peanuts and Zero To Travel... I think I've created a rather unique show!Subscribe and get the most interesting business and travel podcast in your ear holes every week.

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Season Finale : The Future of That Marketing Dude and The TMD Show

Hey what's up Dude's and Dudette's! This show is going to be a little different to all of the other episodes because it's going to be just me... Lil' old LBT talk to you 1-on-1 about the new direction I'm taking and to explain to you why this season is ending earlier than originally planned.Lot's of things have changed recently. Lots of good things and a few bad things.One of the things I want to discuss is why I'm moving away from doing the FB Live show. It's been AWESOME doing the show live, but there's one thing in particular that is making me want to move away from in... All explained in the video.This episode is short and sweet.But I'll be back for Season Two!IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER:- The future of That Marketing Dude- The future of The TMD Show- Why I'm moving away from FB Lives for the show- A rebrand is on its way
Show Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E7FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


31 Aug 2017

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Making Sure Your Launch Goes Smoothly Whilst You’re On The Road with Jessica Rodriguez

What's up dudes and dudettes! today I have the awesome Jessica Rodriguez on the show to show us how we can make sure our product launches, well any launch really, runs as smooth as possible whilst we're on the road!Jessica Rodriguez is a Business and Visibility Strategist, Podcast Host, and founder of the #daydreamachievers™ movement - helping purpose-driven women scale their online business to six figure years, without compromising the life they truly want in order to do so.Within the first year of her business, she went from working 4 jobs and carrying $120k worth of debt to replacing her income to become a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur- along with becoming completely consumer debt free just a few years later.Through her 1:1 work and her Achievers Circle membership community, she has committed herself to helping women create their own freedoms in life - both personally and financially.When she’s not helping people create massive growth in their online business, you can find her curled up on the couch with her husband and furbabies Netflix binging or travelling to the next adventure life brings.But there's no curling up today... Just straight fire with some awesome knowledge bombs!We all know launching anything can be a pain in the butt sometimes and something that's extremely time-consuming! Well, Jessica and I broke down all of the things you need to have in place to make your launch go a smooth as possible. We also cover some pros and some cons of travelling during a launch... Some of this you may not have thought about already!Enjoy the show dudes and dudettes! Of course, any questions or comments you have please leave them down below in the comments sectionIN THIS EPISODE WE COVER:- What are the steps to a simple product launch- Content to prep the audience 1. Sales drivers 2. Cart open 3. Special bonus 4. Cart close 5. Pros of travelling during a launch- Cons of travelling during a launchShow Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E6FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


15 Aug 2017

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How To Keep Your Facebook Live Show Running Smoothly Whilst Traveling with Luria Petrucci

What's up dudes and dudettes!! Today is gonna be an incredible show! I have Luria Petrucci on the show to talk all about how to keep your Facebook live show running smoothly whilst traveling. Let's be honest... Did you consider how travelling might affect this? I didn't at first.Luria helps you create professional LIVE Streams that put you a notch above what everyone else is doing and sets your brand apart. Over 11 years, Luria has created over 4,000 videos with over 1 billion views using video and live streaming shows.She's appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, ABC & BBC. She’s worked on LIVE Video for top brands like AT&T, Samsung, GoDaddy, and Panasonic. And top influencers like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn & Michael Hyatt.So Luria knows her stuff!! We've jumped on several calls helping each other out with different parts of our business and I just HAD to get Luria to come on to talk about Facebook Live, and live streaming in general, because if you're travelling and want to have a show... There are things you'll need to think about.Please give Luria a bit shout out in the comments below if you enjoy this episode! She'll certainly appreciate hearing how much you've learned in the episode.*fist bump*IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER:- Why you should be live streaming- Luria's 4 Levels of Live Streaming- Equipment you'll need on the road- Things to consider when travelling and running a show... Including road blocks and hurdles, you'll need to overcome.- Life-streaming... What is it?Show Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E5FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


8 Aug 2017

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Adventures of An Avid Traveller and "Pisco Tasting in Chile" with Amy Schwartz

What's up Dudes and Dudettes! Episode 4 is here and it's with my new friend Amy Schwartz and we're diving into some of her crazy adventures as an avid traveller!Amy is the loyal but mischievous friend who convinced you to go nightswimming, sing in math class, eat too many mangoes, tell the whole truth, start the dance floor, stand up for justice, show some love and take the plane rather than the job. Her secret-not-secret passion is finding herself at home everywhere: from a 43 ft sailboat en route from Cape-Town to Florida, to the local matriarch’s front lawn on Easter Island, a first-edition VW bus in Argentine Patagonia, a raft on the Karnali river in Nepal, a bike in the Peruvian Amazon, a makeshift mat in an ‘untouchables’ village in Madhya Pradesh, her hammock-tent on a Mozambiqe beach, and next to more surf-breaks than she cares to admit to.Before launching Unleash - a remote-working experience for surfers with wanderlust, Amy was a specialist in creating healthy and active places that you’d like to linger in, developing government policy for community-led sustainable energy and guiding outdoor adventure tours. She’s gotten accolades as an Agent of Change by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and as a top 50 Under-40 entrepreneurial leader by 21inc.Amy sent me a huge list of potential stories we could have talked about and it was a huge task to condense it all down to just 30-40 minutes! I think Amy will need to make a re-appearance!Let me know in the comments down below if we inspired you to travel to any place in particular!Enjoy!*fist bump*IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER:- Hitchhiking through Patagonia, Argentina... And the weird guy who picked Amy and her friend up.- The place to visiting in Brazil if you want to experience the carnaval... Hint: It's not Rio.- How the Drinking Games Bible came into existence in FijiShow Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E4FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


1 Aug 2017

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Building Relationships With People On The Road For Both Business and Pleasure with Michelle Weinstein

In today's episode, Michelle Weinstein and I talk about Building Relationships With People On The Road For Both Business and Pleasure. Michelle has some high profile clients (like NFL teams) she's managed to land thanks to her ability to build relationships with people. So we'll be diving into how you can do the same for your business and for your general travels for the first time.Michelle has knocked down the doors and impressed CEO’s at many billion dollar companies. Her relentless pursuit towards buyers at Costco Wholesale earned her coveted shelf space that also led to national deals with The Vitamin Shoppe. Other current clients include the Washington Nationals and Tampa Bay Rays. Within in her inner circle are multi-seven figure entrepreneurs, famous comedians, professional athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL.As a result of these amazing relationships and opportunities Michelle has honed a unique skill set that will help you develop the most important and valuable relationships. She will teach you how to open doors and meet people that you have always dreamed of meeting, but you never knew how to get to. That’s her genius.She has accomplished incredible feats of influence, building a business both online and brick & mortar. She has sold everything from mortgages, to wardrobes at Nordstrom, to $30k online education programs, to 7-figure homes, to Paleo meatballs. She pitched her way on Shark Tank and raised over $1M for her last Company. She uses the same formula to make all these things happen and her goal is to take her 20 years of experience and help you overcome any obstacles to close more deals, work half the time, make double the money and work with the clients that you love to serve.Very impressive dudette!!We tackle the topic of building relationships for both business and for general friendships whilst we're on the road, especially seeing as there's a fair amount of overlap between the two. Michelle comes in from the business angle and I come in from the traveller's angle.Make sure you check out the episode in it's entirety and fire away any questions you may have down below!Enjoy dudes and dudettes!*fist bump*IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER:- How Michelle built her relationships- How Luke make friends on the road- How both of these can tie into each other- Tips for those of you doing this for the first timeShow Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E3FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


25 Jul 2017

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How To Run A Client Based Business On The Road For The First Time with Kay Fabella

What is up dudes and dudettes! In today’s episode I have my good good friend Kay Fabella back on the show to talk about how to run a client based business on the road for the first time. We’re going to be diving into how you can leverage your story to do this well… Get ready for this digital nomad lifestyle peoples!Kay Fabella is a storyteller and communications strategist. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals around the world develop a communication strategy to meaningfully connect with their audiences — and meet their business goals. Kay is also a world-recognized author, speaker, and trainer.A Los Angeles native, she’s built her dream business from Spain to train her clients in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia to help bring their brands to life. She’s also been featured in international media including The Huffington Post, El País and EFE Emprende.So you guys may remember Kay form when she was on the podcast, Episode 20: How To Be Like Marmite In A Non-Native Tongue and “A Night Out In Spain When You Don’t Speak Spanish”, and Kay brought the fire. And today was no different. If you’ve been wanting to build a business that’s true to who you are and still travel like a BOSS… Then watch the show.Make sure you subscribe to the show by liking the FB Page or joining the FB Community! Never miss an episode live again!Enjoy!!Show Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E2FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


18 Jul 2017

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Things You'll Need To Consider When Travelling as a Podcaster and "Drinking In Laos" with Jeremy Enns

What up dudes and dudettes! Today I have my friend Jeremy Enns on the VERY FIRST episode of the new TMD Show where we’ll be diving into our experiences with travelling for the first time, plus some things you’ll need to consider when travelling as a podcaster.Jeremy Enns is the Storyteller In Chief of Ascetic Productions, a podcast consulting, production, and education company. For as long as he can remember, Jeremy has been drawn towards helping others hone and share their unique stories, allowing them to forge authentic connections with their audiences through those stories. He is an absolute podcast fiend, once spending a full year of his life listening to an average of over 50 hours of podcasts per week. Jeremy’s love of podcasts is only challenged by his love of ice cream, and Star Wars – paired together if possible.That’s a lot of podcasts man!I hope you guys enjoy this episode, especially now that it’s in video (LIVE!) and audio only format… Haven’t forgot about my podcast listeners.If you wanna tune in live for the next episode make sure you like the FB Page or are in the FB Community for get notifications and participate in the show as it’s going down!Enjoy!*fist bump*
Show Note: https://TMDshow.com/S1E1FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


12 Jul 2017

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Season 1 Intro

This is the season intro for Season 1 of the new and improved TMD Show. We're now an FB live show with the audio being taken for this podcast. Make sure you tune in live over at http://facebook.com/ThatMarketingDude so you can ask LBT and his co-hosts Q's LIVE on air.


4 Jul 2017

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TMD 034 : The Importance of Automating Content Creation and Publishing and "Fleeing Kuwait" with Hani Mourra

In today's episode, I have Hani Mourra, the creator of the the beautiful podcast player you see on the show notes page, on the show to talk about the importance of automating content creation and automating publishing. Which as a digital nomad, is EXTREMELY important!I LOVE the podcast plugin that Hani has created!Hani is called "The Willy Wonka of Automation" by people who know him and I can certainly see why... This is his jam.And in today's episode we clearly see it.If you're be thinking about diving into doing more automation for your business, whether it's for the reason of doing more travelling or not, then you want to tune in. We talk about a few different types of automation that you can do and WHY you want to be doing it too.IT'S POWERFUL STUFF!Enjoy the episode Dudes and Dudettes!*fist bump*Show Notes: https://TMDshow.com/34FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


12 May 2017

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TMD 033 : Getting Your Finances In Line and "Chasing Tiger Sharks In The Bahamas" with Kelly Christian

In today's episode, I have Kelly Christian on the show to talk about how to get your finances in line because let's be honest... How many of us keep proper track of our finances when we're travelling? Not many of us right?This is why I brought Kelly on the show! I asked Kelly for a quick bio and here's what she said:"I am a registered professional bookkeeper, trained in bookkeeping 20 years ago during my time at UVIC and Camosun College in Victoria, BC (it seems like just yesterday….).I am one of those financial “geeks” who actually like to find out the new tax rules each year and hunt through financial websites so I can learn new things every day. I know what you’re thinking, she must be nuts. I sometimes think that myself and my sons sure love to tell me what a nerd I am…"I've gotten to know Kelly a little bit through a little community I'm a part of, Screw The Nine To Five, and she's an awesome chick. She's a Canadian tax account but the things we talk about today are just some little tips and tricks on how you can get your finances under control so when the tax man does come a knocking... You'll be prepared!Enjoy this episode Dudes and Dudettes!*fist bump*Show notes: https://TMDshow.com/33FB Community: http://DudeBrood.com


8 May 2017

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