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Inspire Creativity with Joe Longo. Joe is a Pennsylvania based Transformational & Spirituality Coach, yoga and meditation instructor, and creative photographic content creator. This is a podcast about creativity, spirituality, ascension, with a twist of group coaching and all kinds of techniques to create the life you want to live. There is no time like the present to activate your superpowers and start living your best life.

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Amanda White

This week I’m talking with Amanda White from Therapy For Women Center we talk about her practice and the use of social media and Instagram to get the message of mental health out to a large group of people using conscious content. Amanda E. White is a licensed professional counselor and yoga teacher. She specializes in working with women with eating disorders, substance use disorders and trauma and specifically how they overlap and intersect. She is in recovery from a substance use disorder as well as an eating disorder. She owns a private practice in Philadelphia, “Therapy for Women”. Amanda also leads yoga and mental health retreats, using the physical practice of yoga along with the power of group therapy to allow people to break free from patterns that are keeping them stuck. Follow Amanda on Instagram at @therapyforwomencenter


5 Dec 2019

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