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Horticulture is for when individual plants need individual attention, and some of us need more help than others! Plants are food, clothing, shelter, air, and medicine just to start off the list, and whether you want to beautifiy our surroundings or help conserve natural resources plants can make a difference with our help. Curious to find new plants for your situation? Want help in saving your favorite plant? Or just want to hear how plants have changed our lives, this is podcast for you. Join horticultural consultant Lance Roberson, along with his friends Pat Sirois and Stephanie Gilbert as we help Pat grow his first plant, answer all the questions Stephanie could ever ask, and tell our stories with plants! Have a question? Need help with a problem? We want to help! Let's grow!

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Prices are up, and with plants we know most of the reasons why this is happening. From historical  pricing to the cost of energy, a lot goes into growing plants! Join comedian  Pat Sirois and horticulturist Lance Roberson as we discuss what's happening in the world of buying and growing plants!


28 Jun 2022

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Sun vs shade

That nuclear fire in the sky we call the sun makes a lot of difference to plants down here in our garden and greenhouses. From full sun to total shade and everything in between comedian Pat Siroi  and horticulturist Lance Roberson discuss what and why many plants need their niche growing space to do their best. 


5 Jun 2022

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Is it a fruit or a vegetable?

In this episode join comedian Pat Sirois and horticulturist Lance Roberson as we discuss what makes a fruit, what parts of the plant we eat as vegetables, and few that for some reason we think of being on the wrong side of the grocery store.


30 May 2022

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Survival with Plants

Even if you are good at plants what happens when life goes bad? A solar flare, a zombie invasion, insert your own apocalyptic scenario.  After the dust settles, it's just you and plants. Could you survive?Join comedian Pat Sirois and horticulturist Lance Roberson as we talk about what we would do to make it in a world run by no one with only plants and gumption to get you through another year!


19 May 2022

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Earth day!

Earth day is a holiday that encompasses so much, from planting trees, to conserving energy consumption, to mining rare earth minerals, and of course we can't forget the dolphins!  Join comedian Pat Sirois and horticulturalist Lance Roberson as we meander through a few things we are thinking about this Earth day! 


24 Apr 2022

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Wildflowers for Moontowers

This week Pat Sirois and Lance Roberson are glad to have friends in town for Moontower and Wildflowers that have both peaked and invaded Austin, Texas!  Join us as we talk about a few of our plant favorites kicking off the beginning of 2022's  northern hemisphere wildflower season while everyone here!


18 Apr 2022

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The Peanut Man

Biofuel,  root beer, and auto parts among hundreds of other items made just from peanuts, and he did it 100 years ago?  Along with plethora of products needed by some of the poorest people in the US, through education and DIY processes he often gave the public for free, the peanut man made more attainable than anyone else in his time.Join Pat and Lance this week as we discuss another great American plant need, George Washington Carver!Want us to talk about your favorite plant need? Just have a question for ours, find Good at Plants, Bad at Life Podcast on social media!


2 Apr 2022

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Companion: DC Cherry Blossom Festival

We've been told that sometimes plants have to be shown in a visual medium, so we made this episode as a companion to PLance's video on YouTube showing this year's Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Do you know of a plant related festival or event that you want to know more about? Let us know on social media and you may just see us in your local environment.Video link - https://youtu.be/ArJ_xeY3TOQBloom Watchhttps://www.nps.gov/subjects/cherryblossom/bloom-watch.htm


2 Apr 2022

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Lichens, and Fungus, and Mold, OH My!

This week comedian Pat Siroi  and Lance Roberson talk about all those things that some people still think are plants, but the are closer to us than the plants! What are those things growing on your trees, in your grass and all over the world, join Good at Plants, Bad at Life as we talk about these strange and common life forms.


2 Apr 2022

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I spy spring flowers!

Are you looking for a sign from the plants that it is spring. Are you ready to plant and don't trust the local TV weatherman that winter is finally over? Today we want to discuss with you plants that are some of the earliest flowering plants that you may notice in your area, and how they may be the signal that spring is upon you! Join our hosts Pat Sirois and Lance Roberson as we talk about what plants we are looking for as we travel around to show us spring is in the air.Want to show us your amazing flowers! Has your garden awakened for spring ? Find us on social media at Good at Plants Bad at Life to brag about being out of the cold and into the plants!


9 Mar 2022

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