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A coffee shop owner has conversations covering many topics with the customers in his shop. Recorded live at Atomix in Chicago

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Epsiode 32: Dan Lawrence

Dan & Dan host a morning show together.  They discuss Dan's love of professional wrestling and Dan's career as a professional wrestler.  They also discuss some of the other thing's Dan does around town as well as just how good Jesse Ventura was at making bad guys look good.  He is a former Heavy Weight Champion and I can't wait to boo him at the next show.AAW Wrestling EventsDan's Twitter


6 Oct 2014

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Episode 31: Lisa Muscato

Dan and Lisa sit and have coffee and a chat.  Topics covered include Ani DeFranco starting a religion, living in a Manhattan style apartment building in the Ukrainian Village, Americore and going into business with a guy who has stalked you since high school.Paperish MessPaperish Mess FBPaperish Mess Twitter


29 Sep 2014

Rank #2

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Episode 30: Matt Roan

Matt and Dan sit together and discuss the greatest band you probably have never heard of. No, not the The Fancy Lads, P1xel and The Chronic Network.  We also discuss Dan's complete inability to predict lucrative careers and Matt's plethora of upcoming projects.  To know Matt is to know an awesome dude, to not know Matt is an opportunity wasted.  Seriously, I kinda hate overly positive people, but his guy is unhate-able Matt's WebsiteMatt's InstagramMatt's TwitterP1xel and The Chronic NetworkFancy Lads by Charles Dickens


22 Sep 2014

Rank #3

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Episode 29: Elisse La Rouche

Dan and Elisse sit and chat like old Canadian friends.  Topics discussed include NOFX, gaining access to the Cadbury lines of chocolates just how far I have come in this world. If your wondering when this podcast jumped the shark, it's this episode. Elisse's InstagramSublime's 40oz to Freedom


15 Sep 2014

Rank #4

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Episode 28: Nick Talwar

Dan and Nick sit down and discuss growing up in the Pacific Northwest, screw ups at Ellis Island, developing apps and a bit of geography tossed in as well.Nick's TwitterKeepsake (The app)Keepsake's TwitterKeepsake's Instagram


7 Sep 2014

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Episode 27: Nithin Kalvakota

Dan and Nithin discuss being in a hard working band in Dayton, finding cheap rent in New York City after 9/11 and what bands have a better second album than their first.Nithin's FBNithin's Band (Marnie Stern)Nithin's Other Band (Radar Eyes)Blind Melon's SOUP


10 Aug 2014

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Episode 26: Patrick

Dan and Patrick discuss the best and worst snacks for a movie theater, is Ann Arbor, Detroit's Naperville and getting married in a theme park.


4 Aug 2014

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Episode 25: Jessica Hyatt

Jessica and Dan sit and discuss being a bad-ass at a Christian College, how Chicago is a nice town to be under-employed and how not to find her on the internet.Google Jessica HyattJessica Hyatt's WebsiteJessica Hyatt's FB


28 Jul 2014

Rank #8

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Episode 24: Camela Jean

Camela and Dan sit and catch up after working for years at another establishment together.  They discuss the state of bungalows in Berwyn, she tells her modern day West Side Story of eloping and she finally explains to Dan just how and why there is a List a estate sales and how that affects her vintage clothing business Revival A GO-GO. Revival A GO-GO FBRevival A GO-GO InstagramIt's A Pity Rescue


21 Jul 2014

Rank #9

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Episode 23: Jim Terry

Dan and Jim sit together and getting one word degrees, becoming an overnight success in just over 10 years and just how far Pilsen is from the rest of the known world.Jim Terry's WebsiteHis TwitterHis FBSundowner's on Dark Horse


13 Jul 2014

Rank #10