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The evolution of destination marketing - Chuck Davison

Marketing a region, whether it's a county or other collection of cities comes with a unique set of challenges in both brand architecture and the role destination marketing. In brand architecture it's ensuring you create a common place identity while still allowing individual communities within to have their own unique identity. In destination marketing it's about evolving beyond simply promoting an area to actively managing and advocating for your local community. In today's episode we're joined but Chuck Davison of Visit SLO CAL to talk about just that.


25 May 2021

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What is a place brand - Clare Dewhirst of City Nation Place

What exactly is a place brand? When done right it is not just about marketing or tourism but rather a clear definition of values that can be used as a filter for policy, strategy and decision making. This focus helps communities both manage growth and attract businesses, residents and visitors that share those values. In this episode of Eyes on the Street we speak to Clare Dewhirst of City Nation Place to discuss how place branding has evolved, challenges and opportunities place brands face coming out of COVID and the upcoming City Nation Place Americas conference.


17 May 2021

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How school ratings impact our communities - with Tom Brown

Schools are one of the most important aspects of a city and greatly impact its economic development efforts. The problem is, simply put, school ratings are biased. Most school ratings focus on test scores which data shows are driven by parents income not the quality of the school. When school ratings are not truly rating the school's performance it can have serious impacts on a community. It perpetuates sprawl, robs parents of time with their children, robs children of valuable diversity experiences, impacts real estate prices, tax revenues and can undercut a city's entire economic development efforts. In today's episode we're joined by Tom Brown, founder of School Sparrow, to discuss just that.


12 May 2021

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Where fiscal and identity overlap - with Chuck Marohn

What makes a successful community? While there are many definitions and metrics, I'd argue a successful community is one that is both fiscally resilient and has a strong identity of who they are and who they are not - all while providing real opportunity (and not just the veneer of opportunity as today's guest points out). In today's episode, we're joined by Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns to discuss just that. 


4 May 2021

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Quantitative and qualitative research - with Adam Probolsky

From statistically valid surveys to focus groups and conversations, what are the roles of both quantitative and qualitative research? What role does equity play in each? Ryan Short and Brisa Byford of CivicBrand are joined by Adam Probolsky of Probolsky Research to discuss engagement and research in community branding and destination marketing projects. 


12 Feb 2021

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The role of a city's history - with James Kunke

In today's episode we sit down with James Kunke, the Community Relations & Tourism Director, with the City of Lewisville, TX to discuss the role of history in shaping a community's identity. From the International Pop Festival in 1969 to the city's history as a farming community we discuss ways your history can shape your community in the future.


18 Aug 2020

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Divisiveness and local economies - with Sarah O'Brien

We all know how political differences can pull us apart but those same differences could be exactly what our communities need. In today's episode we speak with Sarah O'Brien of Collaborative Development Collective about political divisiveness and local economies. 


5 Aug 2020

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Civic pride (Part 2) - with CivicBrand team

As a follow-up to the previous episode the CivicBrand team (Kinsey Stewart, Brisa Byford, Colin Coolidge, and Ryan Short) discuss ways that cities can foster civic pride.


21 Jul 2020

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Civic pride (Part 1) - with Jeff Siegler of Revitalize, or Die

Jeff Siegler of Revitalize, or Die sat down with CivicBrand founder Ryan Short at the recent Texas Downtowns Conference. They discuss civic pride and how place shapes us. 


7 Jul 2020

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Living the brand - with Jason Thorne

Branding, while something we're all aware of is something that is so misunderstood. A brand is a promise that has to be lived up to every day. It is built through a series of consistent and ongoing cumulative experiences. Skeptics of branding think it is just a logo, tagline or lipstick on a pig -  unfortunately they are right in far too many cases. Very few approach branding the right way and develop a system and structure that allows them to truly live the brand. In today's episode we'll be talking with Jason Thorne with the City of Hamilton, ON about real and practical ways that cities can identify, implement and live their brand on a daily basis. 


13 Jun 2020

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