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The place for heart-centered parents looking for evidence-based parenting strategies and advice to raise compassionate, responsible, resilient kids.Bringing her diverse education and background helping children and families, Colleen Sims provides you with effective, positive parenting strategies backed by science. She shares her conversations with other experts and those making a difference in the lives of children and families.Join us over at https://epaftershow.com to continue the conversation!

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EP 005 What You Shouldn't Skip Over As A Parent

In this episode, I am talking about something that is often overlooked when we think about parenting...parenting with your values in mind. This episode is actually the first 2 out of 5 lessons on values in my Parenting By Design Membership. We are talking about... Identifying your values and defining what they mean for yourself and your child.  Resolving values that are in conflict with each other. Creating a plan to put values into action in your parenting based on your child's development, temperament, and learning style. Don't forget to grab the Values in Action guide at https://theempathicparent.com/values And join us for the aftershow at https://epaftershow.com


10 Sep 2018

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