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GrassRoots - Women's Rugby from the Roots Up

In the only podcast solely dedicated to the grassroots women's game, Jodie, Matt, Lou, Mollie and Laura take a bi-monthly stroll through the chaos, joy and intrigue of club-level rugby. We celebrate the characters in the game, the essence and culture of rugby and shine a spotlight on the teams playing in various leagues around the country.Our very own legend Cherie (ChezSez) gives listeners a unique insight into her life in the sport and the mayhem of 70% off hour at Aldi.We will bring interviews from other clubs, ideas and general rugby love from the Grass Roots game. No prem, no International, just rugby as we all know and love. In the mud, in the bar, with your mates.Expect chat, regular sections, laughs and analysis. We will also tackle some of the more difficult subjects.Overall this is an extension of the rugby clubhouse where we share stories, ideas and facts from the fastest growing sport in the UK.Definitely not one for the car on the school run........

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Episode 21 - Equipment, returning from injury, Bridgnorth and Yeovil and Jodie has a problem

Welcome to episode 21 of GrassRoots - this is definitely not one for the car on the school run......We discuss whether equipment should be adapted for the women's game, returning from injuries and ChezSez gets stuck in her End of Season dress.Jodie gets compared to a popular children's board game, we meet Tia from Yeovil Women and Carly from Bridgnorth Ladies.All in all this is a jam packed and fairly fruity episode!Don't forget to leave us a review / rating on Apple / Spotify.Also if you are interested in our mini festival in Exeter get your tickets and this new episode here:www.linktr.ee/grassrootsrugbypodFollow us on Twitter: @gr_rugbypodInsta: @grassrootsrugbypodTo get in touch / be featured: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comFor women's fit kit: fergus@halbro.comBuy us a coffee: www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypod

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18 Jun 2022

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Episode 20 - The Day Our Team Fell Apart, East Dorset Dockers, Fiona Picks a Winner

Welcome to episode 20 of GrassRoots, the only podcasts solely dedicated to GrassRoots women’s rugby.In this crushing hangover of a podcast episode we discuss End of Season Awards Dinners and how one of them ended in our team falling apart…..Katie and Joyce step in for Mollie and Dubs and we welcome Hez from East Dorset Dockers and hear all about their fabulous kit and the work that they are doing down on the south coast.Fiona Brunt joins us again to make an extremely challenging decision; who to give the free shorts to this time from the amazing www.halbro.com.Cherie has a spray tan and scares the life out of some doctors, and Lou opens a restaurant.Some rugby is also discussed!For more information about East Dorset Dockers, follow them:Insta: @eastdorsetdockersrfc_ladiesTwitter: @eddrfc4To follow the podcast:Twitter: @gr_rugbypodInsta: @grassrootsrugbypodTo email us: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comTo buy us a coffee: www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypodFor more information about Halbro: www.halbro.com / Fergus@halbro.com

1hr 57mins

12 May 2022

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Episode 19 - An actual ref, changing positions, more stupid injuries and how to approach training

This is episode 19 of GrassRoots, the only podcast solely dedicated to the grassroots women’s game.In this no-arms tackle of an episode, we talk to referee Fiona Brunt who is climbing the ranks both in the women and men’s game. Fiona gives us a brilliant insight into the reality of officiating and what it’s like when you’ve got 30 players all baying for your blood!Cherie misses a game due to User Error, Matt gets covid again and we discuss moving positions.In the next section of our building a team blueprint, we discuss training and how to make it effective.Jodie is back with Knock-on / Knock off and Josh has a very unfortunate injury.Please support the podcast by buying us a coffee. For just £4 you can help us cover our costs:www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypodTo get in touch: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comInsta: @grassrootsrugbypod Twitter: @gr_rugbypod

2hr 8mins

18 Apr 2022

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Episode 18 - Promotion & relegation, Accra Majestics and player recruitment

This is Episode 18 of GrassRoots –Women's Rugby from the roots up.As the end of the first full season during covid approaches an exciting crescendo, we discuss the emotional rollercoaster of promotion and relegation; what it means, how to navigate it and how it is not always the best, or the worst thing to happen to your team.We change codes to meet the brilliant Rachel Ankomah, Manager and player for the Accra Majestics Rugby League Team in Ghana, hear all about the sport in West Africa and discuss strange injuries.We continue our series of how to build a team, focusing on recruitment, and hear from an actual ref, Fiona Brunt who clarifies (!) some of the technical questions around tackling your own player.ChezSez visits a Yorkshire Dogging spot, Joyce pretends to retire and we discuss strange injuries.To follow the podcast on social media: Twitter: @gr_rugbypodInsta: @grassrootsrugbypodEmail: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comBuy us a coffee: www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypodTo follow the Accra Majestics:Twitter: @AccramajesticsInsta: @accramajesticsRLTo follow Rachel: Twitter: @rachelankomahRLInsta: @ankomahrachelrlTo contact Halbro: fergus@halbro.com / www.halbro.com

1hr 33mins

29 Mar 2022

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Episode 17 - Exeter Saracens, Shower Urinals, Getting Teenagers to play and Lou gets covid

Episode 16 part 2. Or episode 17 if you prefer. We welcome a guest host on the show – the hilarious Sarah from Exeter Saracens Ladies down in Devon.We discuss the challenges of keeping girls interested in rugby, the danger of showers in other clubs (a recurring theme), Jodie bamboozles us with Knock On, Knock off, and ChezSez introduces us to the mayhem of raising two girls.Joyce fills in for Mollie, Lou get covid and generally we intersect talking utter nonsense with some actual rugby chat.Thanks to Exeter Saracens for joining us – if you would like your team featured, please get in touch!Please don’t forget to rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts, and we’d love to hear your feedback.Also if your team want some brand new shorts, fitted to you with your club colours and logo, enter our competition: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JFTVK2CDon’t forget to follow us on Social Media:Twitter: @gr_rugbypodInstagram: @grassrootsrugbypodEmail: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comTo contact Halbro: fergus@halbro.com / www.halbro.com

1hr 24mins

16 Mar 2022

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Episode 16 - Victoria Rush, #IamEnough and No Woman, No Try

In celebration of the first ever feature-length documentary about Women’s Rugby, No Woman No Try, we welcome the inspiration behind it, Victoria Rush.Victoria gives us a fantastic walkthrough of her experience in rugby, the massive reaction to #IamEnough and the creation and realisation of No Woman No Try.Victoria talks passionately about empowerment, women’s sport, kit and imposter syndrome. Oh, and how to tackle the blazers in your committee to get stuff done!This is a brilliant interview, and a great insight into the woman behind it all.No Woman No Try is out on Amazon Prime on the 25th March.To follow Victoria: Twitter/insta: @victoriahrush@nowomannotryTo follow GrassRoots:Twitter: @gr_rugbyInsta: GrassrootsrugbypodTo enter our competition: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JFTVK2C


15 Mar 2022

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Episode 15 - Captaincy, Australia and Cherie helps a listener

Hello and welcome to episode 15 of GrassRoots, the only podcast aimed squarely at the women’s grassroots game.In episode 15 we discuss the trials and tribulations of captaincy with Katie and we welcome a guest all the way in New South Wales, Australia. In a fascinating interview we hear about women’s rugby down under, the challenges of playing in hot weather and learn that refs can be stupid there too.Cherie doesn’t fancy being a captain but gives some sound (!) advice to a listener with an all too common problem. We also announce our first competition winner in partnership with Halbro, look at how to balance the leadership group and Jodie bamboozles us all with knock on, knock off.If you’re interested in joining St. David’s RUFC ladies, they are having an open day on the 21st March at 7pm at St. David’s RUFC, SA62 6PB. Contact David Witchell: acwrfc2011@gmail.comTo register with Wooden Spoon: https://woodenspoon.org.uk/event/vetsfest2022/To vote for GrassRoots in the Sports Podcast Awards: www.sportspodcastawards.com/categories/13To ‘buy us a coffee’: ko.fi.com/grassrootsrugbypodInsta: @grassrootsrugbypodTwitter: @gr_rugbypodTo contact us: grassrootswomen@hotmail.com  

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3 Mar 2022

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Episode 14 - Valentine's Day, Bo'Ness and Chez' Dream Date

Welcome to Episode 14!We discuss the best rugby themed Valentine's Days, Part 2 of our Blueprint to setting up a Women's Rugby Team and Jodie introduces a new segment 'Knock On, or Knock Off'.We welcome Caroline from Bo'Ness in Scotland, Chez outlines a perfect day with Jamie Roberts and we look at the impact TikTok has on the Women's game!Don't forgot to vote for us for the Sports Podcast Awards: www.sportspodcastawards.com/categories/13To support us in our quest for better quality recording, just £4 can help up invest in the pod: www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypodFollow us on Twitter: @gr_rugbypodInsta: @grassrootsrugbypodTo get in touch: grassrootswomen@hotmail.com.

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13 Feb 2022

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Episode 13 - Rugby v your sex life. ChezSez's birthday, Taunton RUFC Ladies

This is Episode 13 of GrassRoots - Women's Rugby from the Roots UpIn a ridiculous juxtaposition from the more serious Episode 12, we discuss how rugby has an impact on our sex lives.Jodie puts in a request to the listeners to take her on a date, ChezSez stitches up Nik Joyce, talks us through her terrible birthday and we start a new section: How to start and grow a Women’s Team.Our special guest is Chris from Taunton RUFC Ladies (www.tauntonrfc.co.uk), he tells us about the great work they have been doing training with Chard RUFC Ladies and also introduces us to a very cunning referee!Don’t forget our #shitkit competition! Send us a picture of you or your team in rubbish kit, like the pod and also #TeamHalbro’s Facebook page to be in with a chance to win an amazing Halbro Stash Pack and a GrassRoots Hamper featuring items from our episodes!We are also fundraising to buy some better equipment to improve the podcast. Please ‘buy us a coffee (£4) at www.ko-fi.com/grassrootsrugbypod.Insta: @GrassrootsrugbypodTwitter: @gr_rugbypodEmail: grassrootswomen@hotmail.comwww.halbro.comfergus@halbro.com

1hr 46mins

31 Jan 2022

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Episode 12 - Part 2, Mental Health stories from within the game

In this special episode we hear stories from: Claire from Stafford LadiesJas, Ruth and Rosie from StourbridgeKesteven LadiesNik from CNRUFC. We discuss our experiences of mental health, how we can help others, how we cope with a busy life and rugby and what clubs do, and can do better to support people with mental illness. *****TRIGGER WARNING***** some of this content may be difficult for some to listen to. To contact GrassRoots: grassrootswomen@hotmail.com Insta: @grassrootsrugbypod Twitter: gr_rugbypod For the back collection: www.linktr.ee/grassrootsrugbypod www.halbro.com for all your kit requirements.

1hr 4mins

22 Jan 2022

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