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Do you want to grow your enrolments, make more profit, and find the time in your business to focus on the things that you love?Join hosts Amanda Barr & Rebecca Liu-Brennan as they share the secrets of their Million Dollar Dance Studios. On this weekly podcast, you will get practical, actionable tips and how to grow the BUSINESS of your Dance Studio.

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Our 3C's Formula for Enrolling More Students

One of the first things that we work on with our clients is shifting their mindset to be accepting enrollments ALL YEAR round! In today's podcast, Amanda & Bec outline their 3C's method for enrolling more students 24/7/365 and how it has contributed to the growth of their studios.


11 Jul 2022

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Open Week Recap with Amanda & Nathan

Want to know the secret to how we had 360+ Trials in our studio in one week? Our 'DS Open Week' has been a huge success for us for the last 6-7 years and gives our studio a great midyear enrollment boost. In today's episode, Amanda & Nathan share all the tips and tricks on what makes their Open Week event so successful. 


4 Jul 2022

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How Strong Studio Values Helped us Grow from 130-500 Students w/ Morgan Randall

Want to know the secret to growing your student numbers by more than 300% in 2 years!?! There is obviously not just 1 little thing that we can do to get these kind of results, it's a lot of hard work and the execution of a lot of well made plans. Today's guest, Morgan Randall shares with us some of the tips and tricks to growing from 130 to 500 students, and how her unwavering belief in her studio values helped guide all of the things she has implemented along this journey.


27 Jun 2022

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Investing in Yourself as a Studio Owner

Do you ever feel like as a studio owner that you are always putting other people's needs above your own? It's a SUPER common theme that we uncover when talking to studio owners.  In today's episode, Amanda & Bec discuss how investing in themselves FIRST has made them better leaders, business people, mother's and a whole bunch more. If you are enjoying the Dance Principals United Podcast, we'd so appreciate a review on the show wherever you listen to your Podcasts!


19 Jun 2022

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The 6 Free and Easy Tech Tools Every Studio Must Have

What are the tech tools that you use every day in your studio? Join Bec and Nathan on today's episode as they talk about The 6 Free and Easy Tech Tools Every Studio Must Have. We know that lots of studio owners already use a lot of these tools - but are you using them to their full potential? Listen to today's episode to find out!


13 Jun 2022

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Marketing & Enrolment Masterclass w/ Bryce Conlan

We know that one thing all Dance Studio Owners are always chasing is new enrolments!  Today's special guest Bryce Conlan from Dance Motion Marketing specialises in just that! How does Bryce help his client CONTINUALLY help his clients enroll students all year around? Listen in to today's episode as Bryce and Bec talk about the must do items in your studio to book in those trials and CONVERT them to enrolments. Show Notes: danceprincipalsunited.com/25


5 Jun 2022

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Life Hacks for Busy Studio Owners

We all know that being a Dance Studio owner can be overwhelming and deplete our energy if we're not careful.  In today's episode, Amanda and Bec discuss some of the key life hacks that they implement on a regular basis to ensure that they are the best mum's, parnter's, friend's and everything else that they can be whilst also running huge businesses at the same time. So if you sometimes feel a bit burnt out as a studio owner, and want some tools to help, then this episode is for you!


29 May 2022

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Thinking Outside of the Box with Sara McSweeney

In this weeks Podcast, Amanda is joined by the Amazing Sara McSweeney from Diamond Gymnastics in Melbourne.  Sara has ‘broken the mould’ in her gym and has implemented new ways of thinking about classes and enrolments in parts of what most Gymnastics clubs and businesses do. The result? Happy staff, happy clients and FULL classes with huge waiting lists!! In the Podcast Sara talks about the ways that she has combined what has always worked in the Gymnastics world, with bold new ideas to make a very profitable business. Listen in for top tips on how you might be able to do similar in your studio.


24 May 2022

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How to Reconnect and Re-Enrol Past Students

Want to know the EASIEST way to enrol a new student in your Dance Studio? It's by tapping into one of the most valuable resources that all dance studios have, but rarely use...our list of past students! On today's podcast Amanda and Bec give their top tips for using that list to enrol loads of students back into your classes and boosting your profit! danceprincipalsunited.com/22


15 May 2022

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Facebook Ads Novice to Ninja with Ashleigh Bezzina

Have you tried Facebook and Instagram Ads and got either overwhelmed, or not got the results you wanted? Today's Podcast guest Ashleigh Bezzina from Ignition Performance Academy was having those exact same issues. On today's Podcast, Ashleigh lets us know how she learnt from scratch how to master Facebook Ads for her Studio. She started spending just a couple of hundred dollars on a messages campaign to 'learn the ropes'. And how after a few of those campaigns she had the confidence to invest big $$$ in a campaign...and get AMAZING results! www.danceprincipalsunited.com/21


8 May 2022

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