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Audio reports from the Diagnostic Network – https://diag.net – DN Interactive – where we're reaching out to you with updates about topical items that relate to the vehicles of the twenty-first century and insights about one of the fastest moving technologies in the history of humans – and the collaborative knowledge that we join to leverage, celebrate and elevate through our 24/7 connectedness to advance service and repair of today’s, and tomorrow’s vehicles.

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DN Partner Profiles: Mark Warren - Worldpac Training Institute (WTI)

In addition to a DN Partner Profile with one of the WTI training leaders, Mark Warren, in this segment, we are joined by DN members Chris Martino, a Technical Support Specialist from Autologic and Keith Perkins, a diagnostic specialist from L1 Automotive Diagnostics & Programming with a look at circuit testing tools and troubleshooting basics.  Please join us as we listen to what it's like developing and supervising a nationwide network of Worldpac training leaders along with some encouraging insights from Mark about the best of a new wave today’s incoming auto service professionals. We also learn about the increasing demand and hiring competition about employers outside the automotive trade who want our newly trained technicians and Mark’s view on why major companies seeking to hire away our new workers should be a wake-up call for our industry. Mark is an ASE Master & L1 certified technician trainer, a past contributing columnist for his “Driveability Corner” in MOTOR magazine, as well as past owner/operator of Mark’s Auto in Tucson, Ariz., founded in 1973.

30 Jul 2019

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DN Partner Profiles: Bernie Thompson & Neal Pederson – Automotive Test Solutions - ATS

DN Interactive guest Bernie Thompson, founding partner of Automotive Test Solutions "ATS" joins in this segment with a DN Partner Profile about his career roots from motorcycle and off-road racing, and into becoming one of the leading electronic tool innovators/manufacturers today. This segment also includes a brief DN Speedscan spotlight on another new member resource "Network Communications Diagnostic Information," as well as a helpful 'lessons learned' reminder from member Michael Christopherson in a recap of his notable post "I like Fried Chicken and Friend Bacon, But Not a Fried PCM."

13 Jun 2019

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DN Partner Profiles: Chris Chesney — Advance Auto Parts & the Carquest Technical Institute

DN Interactive guest Chris Chesney, Senior Director of Customer Training for Advance Auto Parts & the Carquest Technical Institute spotlights the margin of technology advancements that he envisions as defining “hands-on” success for the technician of 2020 and beyond. Specifically, he points to at least “three” technician learning curves the service industry has had to encounter and embrace in the past half century. Chesney explains that we are entering the third curve: Multiple systems of propulsion, microprocessor and network system integration, along with the plethora of “automated driver assist” systems that pre-stage advancement to the “Autonomous Car.”

14 May 2019

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DN Partner Profiles: Jorge Menchu & AES Wave

In one of a continuing series of DN spotlights on 21st-century technician careers, in this segment, we trace the adventurous journey ofAES Wave owner Jorge Menchu from his teenage curiosities in high school ‘Auto Shop,’ to his advancement to leader service industry technology pioneer and inventor. We learn where the industry has evolved, what Menchu considers the precise moment mechanics became genuine technicians -- as well as why he sees today’s industry challenges as opportunities for technicians to celebrate the solutions we achieve every day in our professions. Recorded on the trade show floor at the Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo in Overland Park Kansas on March 2nd, 2019.

25 Mar 2019

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the Car 2.0

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26 Feb 2019

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