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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body.Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!

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Human Design for your Cosmic Body

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a human design reading? Now you can! In this podcast, with Erin Claire Jones, we did things a little differently. You get to observe her reading my Human Design chart as I asked a million questions! Also, as always, I was very open and candid about everything as I know a lot of people wonder the same things. People often ask me if they should get a Human Design reading or Astrology reading. My answer is always the same. It is not something you can compare, you must learn from all tools as they each provide their own special gift to help you on your journey. In this episode you will learn what Human Design is and how it’s a valuable tool to help you understand your energetic DNA so that you can move through life with more ease. You will learn that our bodies are all built differently so the way we take in the world and relate to it is all so unique. You will also learn: -The different energy types -All sides of being a projector! -Why finding the right environment based on your HD is so important -How astrology and human design work together -The different digestion aspects of your HD profile -Erin’s story of how she got into HD -And so much more! Bonus! Erin is offering 10% off your Blueprint which is a personalized guide to your unique design: erinclairejones.com/blueprint Use code DANIELLE for 10% off To look up your human design: erinclairejones.com/lookup To book an individual session with Erin: erinclairejones.com/individual Erin’s Instagram: instagram.com/erinclairejones


15 May 2020

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Part 2 - Quantum Healing with Lyndsay Diamond

On episode 6 of Comic Body Danielle continues with her healing journey and introduces her medical Intuitive who had a significant impact on her healing. Lyndsay Diamond is channeler, quantum healer, and medical intuitive who talks to us about the body from a quantum perspective and teaches us how she helped move the Lyme out of Danielle’s energy body so that her body and immune system could come back into balance and heal itself. Please note: Danielle is not a medical Dr. She is sharing her experience and in no way telling you what to do. She is offering an alternative perspective after western medicine was not helping. Please also understand that it’s important to continue supporting your body in the physical realm as well as energetic realm.

1hr 40mins

18 Oct 2019

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Understanding Your Saturn Return

You've all heard about it (well most of you!) and if you haven't you need to know! Find out what really happens between the ages of 28-30 and 58-60. This is a real cycle that every human goes through and Danielle breaks it down for you in terms that are easy to understand and in ways that can be applied to your life. She answers your questions, debunks myths, and as a bonus she takes you on a journey through Saturn in every house. Listen until the end! You won't want to miss this one!


11 May 2019

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Dressing for Self Love

From wardrobe to wellness, feeding yourself from the inside out! This is a fun and inspiring chat!! In episode 11 of Cosmic Body Podcast Bree Jacoby Founder and CEO of Bree Jacoby Inc shares her adventures as a female entrepreneur and boss as well as a behind the scenes look on how to dress for self love, your body type, your lifestyle, and how to do a real closet edit which really means how to edit old energy in your life! Listen to what she says about being “her” today and stepping into that vibration of self love! In this episode we talk about: -How there is nothing wrong with your body you’re just wearing the wrong things -Dressing for your divine feminine essence and what that means -Step by step tips to edit your closet -How to embrace your body no matter what season you’re in -Self-love rituals especially in the time of Quarantine -Tips on being a powerful entrepreneur -And more! Disclaimer: You can wear whatever the heck you want. There are no rules! However, this is here if you want to reconnect with your body and embrace it rather than hide from it which I know a lot of people do. Ps- if you want to wear baggy clothes all day every day, you do you. I love and honor everyone's uniqueness- this is only a guide! Gift! Bree has offered $100 off to my audience for anyone who wants to start working with her. Copy and paste this link to get started! http://www.breejacoby.com/?r=danielle


8 May 2020

Rank #4

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How to Navigate a Dark Night of the Soul

Join Danielle as she helps you navigate a dark night of the soul. What that is. How to move through it and what your soul is asking of you when you experience this vibrational change.


28 Aug 2019

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My Health Crisis Revealed - Part 1

On this episode of cosmic body podcast Danielle shares her health crisis in a way that she’s NEVER shared before. She will also tell you why she kept it a secret, how to trust the process, how to listen to your body, what diagnosis she got that she’s never shared before and so much more! This is the FIRST time Danielle is speaking publicly about this in the hopes she can help you through your health and life journey with a new set of eyes and ears.

1hr 21mins

9 Oct 2019

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Eating Disorders & Your Gift of Emotions

This podcast is for anyone struggling with any addiction, not only an eating disorder. In this episode, Danielle Paige takes you on her intimate journey nearly 20 years ago when she struggled with an eating disorder and how she healed it and never looked back! As always Danielle is raw, candid, and talks about the uncomfortable emotions so that you can feel more comfortable with yours!

1hr 2mins

13 Dec 2019

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis + Your Authentic Self

In this episode, Danielle interviews Jeroen de Wit who is a QHHT professional and they talk about all things quantum healing hypnosis as well as connecting to your truth no matter what it looks like to other people! This is a juicy episode where neither holds back! And yes, we talk about aliens and Danielle will have more coming on that too!! Tune in to hear what happens to your soul when you go back (and forth) through time! https://www.jeroenqhht.com


12 Mar 2020

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Amp coil: Healing with Sound & PEMF in a time of Viruses.

In this episode Danielle interviews Freddie Kimmel who is part of the Amp Coil leadership team and together they dive deeper into how sound frequency and PEMF are life changing tools to help your body clear out microbes, metals, and toxins and maintain optimal health and a strong immune system in this day and age - especially while living with the complexity of 5G, chemtrails, and a world of gmo’s. This episode is packed with so much information that will help your cosmic body you may even have to listen to it twice! We suggest you do!! *This is a tool that delivers gentle reminders to the body helping it remember it’s unlimited capacity to heal itself. You can connect with Freddie at www.freddiesetgo.com & www.ampcoil.com

1hr 42mins

23 Mar 2020

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Let’s Talk Aliens!

Aliens and tigers and bears, oh my! It’s here! In this solo episode I talk about something controversial (shocker!) which was hard for me to do and you will find out why. I talk about my personal experiences with aliens and I do so because we need to make these conversations more mainstream. Eventually people will laugh that we as a human race did not know more about all the life forms. Again welcome to 2020 we need to start having these conversations NOW! In this episode I talk about: -Why this conversation needs to be shared to shift the paradigm on earth. -How our physical cosmic body feels the dimensional shifts happening. -The different kinds of dreams. -How Egypt woke me up to another level of consciousness and what I saw in the pyramids. -Why a blog I found validated my experience. -Why our soul is from so many places -Why you’re creativity comes from other realms. -Why everything you create is actually real and this is a dream. Follow along on IG!@iamdaniellepaige https://daniellepaige.com/


29 Apr 2020

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