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Generations Cafe is all about genealogy and family history. Discovering your family history should be enjoyable! Each episode will show you more about doing genealogy without the frustration. Host Amy Johnson Crow has been involved in family history for most of her life and is a noted researcher, blogger, author, and educator. She firmly believes that it is possible to do good genealogy research and enjoy the process. This isn't a stuffy or dry lecture. It's a conversation to help you explore the most exciting history of all: yours! Grab a cuppa, pull up a chair, and let's explore family history together.

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047 - How to Analyze Your Genealogy Research

When you're doing genealogy research, it's natural to start searching for more records when you want to answer a question. But what if the answer you're looking for has been in your notes all along? In this episode, you'll learn why you need to analyze what you already have (and why this is the second step in the WANDER research method). You'll also learn why analyzing is more than just re-reading your notes and how you can do this more effectively. You can find the show notes for this episode at AmyJohnsonCrow.com/47.


7 May 2020

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