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Putting Your Vision Into Action

As true leaders, we must always have a vision for what we want, where we're going, and where those that we're leadingn are going. This Leadership Podcast focuses on the purpose of vision and how to practically put vision into action.


1 Mar 2013

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How To Lead People

We are not in the Theology business... we are in the People business! Discipling people means developing people; and if you're going to develop people its going to get messy for sure. Join us as we hear from Ps. Jurgen on how to be an effective leader that builds, empowers, confronts, and praises others.


9 Aug 2017

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Leadership In The Wilderness

As leaders, God takes us through the wilderness so we learn to find water. It's in those wilderness moments where God teaches us, trains us, and strengthens our resolve.


22 Aug 2018

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Casting Vision

An amazing Q&A with Ps. Jurgen on vision, and how to ensure that the vision we are casting sticks.


26 Nov 2015

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C3 Americas Pastoral Leadership Panel

Ps. Jurgen sits down with five powerhouse leaders and pastors from the C3 Americas Movement. Ps. Jeff Kane from C3 Atlanta, Ps. Phil Buechler from C3 Long Island, Ps. Adam Smallcombe from C3 Silicon Valley, Ps. Jake Sweetman C3 Los Angeles, and Ps. Josh Kelsey from C3 Brooklyn each share on the most important part of church leadership.


16 Mar 2016

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Leading When It Seems Impossible

As leaders, if we are willing to do the difficult, God will do the impossible. What are you asking God for that is bigger than what you can think or imagine?


28 Mar 2018

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Leadership Is Messy

Never be afraid that, at times, leadership gets messy. In this message from Ps. Jurgen, he discusses how to take the busyness, clutter, and life-changes and divert it into momentum and increase.


22 Nov 2017

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Devotion as a Leader

When everything seems to be against us as a leader, we must hold fast to the truth that God is a breakthrough God! Faith sees differently; it looks beyond the hopelessness of our situation. Sometimes we need to put the naysayers outside and only surround ourselves with the voice of God and those that speak in faith!


21 Feb 2018

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Multiplication in Leadership

Sometimes we get so focused on "leadership" and being a "leader", that we zoom past and forget that God first recognizes our "follower-ship" and then makes us a leader! Our goal is not to build followers, but instead to turn followers into leaders.


10 May 2017

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Q&A with Cannon J John

Canon J John shares around his start and experiences in ministry. Don't miss this awesome Q&A!


24 Feb 2016

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How A Leader Depends On God

Sometimes as leaders we can get caught up in doing things in our own strength, and completely lose sight of our dependence on God. In this message, Ps. Jurgen unpacks a myriad of points that we can use to align ourselves back with God and his plan for our life.


1 May 2019

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The Two Signs

We are never meant to live under what God has called us to rule over! In this podcast, Ps. Jurgen shows us how to activate the power of God in our lives and how we as leaders must learn to rule over the natural as well as the supernatural.


17 Jul 2017

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Small Things Have Big Impacts

The word of God often comes through small things, and in those whispers is where God speaks! Everything rises and falls on the consistency of the small things we do in our lives.


1 Jun 2019

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Church Leadership w/ guest Ps. Peter Mortlock

Church Leadership with guest Ps. Peter Mortlock

1hr 3mins

1 Dec 2012

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The Difference between Kingdom and Culture

Not thinking big enough is one of the main hindrances to the Kingdom of God. As leaders we must always resist being small-minded as well as carrying honor with us wherever we go!


26 Apr 2017

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This Is Who We Are (The C3 Culture)

Culture defines us. Culture marks us. Culture is what sets us apart. 


20 Dec 2017

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Reverse Propulsion

Every shepherd leads, but not every leader shepherds! Pulling from the story of Simon Peter, Ps. Jurgen talks about how Jesus was able to rebuke Simon in the harshest way but still Simon followed. This shows not only Simon's ability to take a rebuke, learn from it, and move on, but also how Jesus didnt' worry about someone's feelings in the midst of a teaching moment! Discipling others can sometimes feel like we're movingn backward, but if we lead and guide in love, you can only go up from there!


10 Jan 2018

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Confrontation & Discrimination Pt. 1

As a leader we're always going to come up against aspects of leadership that aren't always the easiest to do, and confrontation is one of them. Listen in as Ps. Jurgen and Ps. James discuss the finer points of confrontation and how to do it successfully.


2 May 2013

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Leadership and Problem-Solving

Leadership is always problem-solving. Sometimes we as leaders can become frustrated with "problems" when in fact they are there to strengthen us! The balance of faith is wisdom, and the balance of wisdom is faith.


8 Mar 2017

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Original Intent to Lead

As a christian leader, our intent should always be people. While we will always need to develop systems and structures, our original intent of being a leader always will be about growing and developing people.


5 Jul 2019

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