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Clash Tips: A Clash of Clans Podcast

Clash of Clans podcast hosted by Tipdawg20. Discusses the meta of the game, strategy, and ideas to not only become a better player in the game but also have a great time doing so!

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S1 E10: Farming like a boss!

Tipdawg20 discusses strategic farming with fellow clashers, Orange and Sunny. What army comps are the most efficient to use? What is the best time of the day to farm? Should I use spells when farming? What does the concept of staying trophy net neutral mean? These questions and others are answered during this conversation. For more information on episodes and to keep up with the podcast follow me on twitter @Tipdawg20. You can also email with any thoughts or suggestions at ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com. Resources are listed below!💥 Comprehensive Farming Guide article - https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashOfClans/comments/ncpj1u/sunnys_comprehensive_farming_guide_easily_take/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf💥 Clash of Clans loot forecaster - www.clashofclansforecaster.com💥 Clash of Clans discord group to chat with Orange and Sunny about strategic farming! - https://discord.com/invite/Clashofclans💥 Sunny's discord tag: SunnyJD#2438💥 Orange's discord tag: Orange#0884

1hr 7mins

25 Jul 2021

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S1 E9: What the Macuahuitl?

Tipdawg20, CallMeTee, and Coal discuss this month's CWL, the new king skin, the current meta, and a host of other funny things that come up during conversation. Join this week's podcast as we make predictions and have fun with the going's on in Clash of Clans.Man at Arms Macuahuitl - Aztec Empire episode: https://youtu.be/DxI_ZcKtCl8Tee's update predictions spreadsheet: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/862111536771891220/862849613383729202/Predictions.png

1hr 3mins

11 Jul 2021

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S1 E8: Clash Worlds with Genghisclan

Ever wondered what it's like to compete at the highest level? Listen in as Genghisclan describes his experience competing in Clash Worlds as well as a host of other competitions. Want to compete at that level yourself? Learn how to take that next step and become a clasher who is good enough to win tournaments and maybe even cash prizes! Shout out to our awesome former clan Iron Wolves and its fearless leader Xena!Want to keep up with Clash Tips episodes? Follow me on Twitter @Tipdawg20. To email the show with thoughts and suggestions you can do so at ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com.


10 Jul 2021

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S1 E7: Edrags, Super Loons, and Dragon Riders! Oh my!!

Tipdawg20, Hizzle and CallMeTee discuss the good and the bad of the new Clash of Clans update in June of 2021. Follow the podcast on Twitter @Tipdawg20 or shoot me an email for any questions or feedback - ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com.

1hr 3mins

20 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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S1 E6: Do you even FC bro?

Tipdawg20 and CallMeTee continue their discussion on attack strategies and ways a player can become a better 3 star player. If you want to review specific topics within this episode time stamps are as follows: 1:45 - Remember that Clash is just a game! 5:30 - The Domino Effect - small differences and break points that can affect a huge part of your attacking game. 14:30 - Match the player to the attack rather than the attack to the player. 18:43 - Learning how to effectively FC. 42:24 - Learning by teaching and being willing to be taught. 57:52 - Using Bat Spells effectively. 1:09:21 - summary and final thoughts. Follow the podcast on Twitter @Tipdawg20 or shoot me an email ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com.

1hr 24mins

13 Jun 2021

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S1 E5: Attack Strategies with Tee

Ever looked at a base and thought “I have no idea where to even begin!” Well we have too! Hopefully this discussion on attack strategies will give you ideas and ultimately help you have more fun clashing. If you want to review specific topics within this episode time stamps are as follows: 9:00 - How to pick your army comp. 15:51 - What army comps are the easiest to learn and how to base ID. 33:55 - How to incorporate a Queen Walk, Queen Charge, or Warden Walk in your attack. 43:37 - Determining point of entry and troop pathing. 49:20 - Effective funneling. 1:01:48 - Dealing with the enemy Clan Castle. 1:12:04 - Choosing the right siege machine for your attack. Follow the podcast on Twitter @Tipdawg20 or shoot me an email ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com.

1hr 32mins

30 May 2021

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S1 E4: Farm War Alliance - what is it?

Ever matched up in clan wars against one of those clans with all their collectors on one side of their base and defenses stacked up on the other side? Seems like it's set up on purpose for an easy three star? Tipdawg20 gets into this different way of playing Clash with FWA leaders Rowdy and Toasty. What is it? How does it work? All those questions are answered and more!


16 May 2021

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S1 E3: Rush, Rush, Rush!!!

Strategic rushing? Is there such a thing? Tipdawg20 chats with CallMeTee and Hizzle about this ingenious idea as well as discussing the most recent Supercell update. For more info follow the podcast on Twitter @Tipdawg20 or contact us at ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com


3 May 2021

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S1 E2: League Play Mania with Mark and Axys from All Hail

Listen as Tipdawg20 chats with Mark and Axys about league play, Clash experiences, and funny memories during their time playing Clash. If you're interested in playing Clash at a higher level this is the episode for you!Find Mark on Twitter @AllHail_cocFind Axys on Twitter, Twitch and Youtube! @AxysGamerYou can follow the Clash Tips podcast @Tipdawg20Contact us at ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com


27 Apr 2021

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S1 E1: TownHall 14 is here!!

Tipdawg20 discusses TownHall 14 with fellow Clashers Xena, Hizzle, and Meg (Tipsgirl). Listen as they laugh and talk strategy about the current meta of the game.Follow Tipdawg20 on Twitter @Tipdawg20Email the show at ClashTipsPodcast@gmail.com

1hr 5mins

20 Apr 2021

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