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Dekmantel Podcast 229 - Mall Grab

There is an effectiveness and simplicity to Mall Grab’s house musicthat very quickly made him a star. The artist from an Australian townmakes tracks as dusty as homeland, but imbued with feel good melodies,irresistible drums and smart samples that elevated them above puretools. This raw, instinctive, unfussy sound has found him on labelslike Looking For Trouble as well as the Steel City Discs label he runswith Jarred Kennedy and Jackson Fitzsimmons. Back in February hestepped out with an EP under his own name in a mission of“self-discovery” and it’s a journey the world continues to be closelytuned in to.His mix is a high octane selection of brilliantly physical sounds.From supersized house to throwback breakbeats, he slams it alltogether with a fist pumping efficiency that means two hours race byin a flash. It’s a fun mix, too, with old school rave flavours, sawtooth stabs and bumping kicks all brimming with the sort of life thatmakes Mall Grab such an appealing and accessible talent.


6 May 2019

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Dekmantel Podcast 175 - Silent Servant

Since the end of Sandwell District, Silent Servant has continued to be an influential presence in the techno world. The American’s Jealous God label defies convention and expectation with each release and his own avant guard productions remain utterly unique. Each one speaks to his roots—Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure—by fusing post punk and industrial with techno in chilling ways. His conceptual and sincere aesthetic carries over into his live sets, but also his DJ mixes. This latest one is special indeed: it is a mix of influences, in chronological order and “with only a few hiccups in dates” from 1972 to 2000 and all recorded on vinyl in one take. The resulting hour takes in plenty of those goth and alternative rock sounds, new wave, noise and experimental touchstones he grew up on in Los Angeles, but also seamlessly connects them to the techno that later influenced him so the likes of Kraftwerk, Neon, The Final Cut, Toddy Terry and Jeff Mills all make the cut. From stark and jerky rhythms early on to supple, strobe lit grooves in the second half, this is a personal mix that really tells the story of Silent Servant’s musical evolution.

1hr 9mins

23 Apr 2018

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Dekmantel Podcast 167 - Mano Le Tough

It’s people like Mano Le Tough who make DJing into an art form, as you can tell from the mix he has done for us ahead of our festival in São Paolo this weekend. The connection he makes with dance floors are always as deep as can be; with a real sense of melody, emotion and song like structure, he crafts sets that make a lasting impact on those who hear them. This has resulted in him being one of the busiest DJs on the circuit, on a par with deep house heroes Ame and Dixon, who he plays with regularly. As a producer, his smooth and mellifluous sounds land on labels like Permanent Vacation and more recently Pampa, which is a perfect fit for his curious sense of melody. This week’s mix is an hour of deep house that rumbles through a humid jungle, zones you out with hypnotic vocal tracks and encourages you to day dream amongst distant pads. Even when things turn more towards a techno groove later on, you still remain deeply entrenched in the groove, marching on through to a trippy climax that gently stirs you out of your hypnosis with a real celestial charm.

1hr 1min

26 Feb 2018

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Dekmantel Podcast 165 - Francis Inferno Orchestra

As long as Melbourne has had a house music scene, Francis Inferno Orchestra has been at the heart of it. Though now lives in Europe, the Australian’s sound is melody rich and tinged with disco dazzle when in the studio, while as a DJ he has an anything goes approach that turns up plenty of surprises. As well as co-running Superconcious Records, he releases on Let’s Play House and Drumpoet Community and has previously guessed on our Dekmantel Radio Show. For his mix, he goes sublimely slow and serene to start with. Beautiful ambient pads, twinkling keys and swooning strings encourage you to day dream before gently persuasive drums pick things up. From there, it’s an unpredictable ride full of twists and turns that one minute serves up acid, the next tribal drums, then hands in the air house. Before the end there is a return of ambient and even slow motion funk gets dropped. With spring just round the corner, this is a perfect mix to take us there.

1hr 34mins

12 Feb 2018

Rank #4

Most Popular Podcasts

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Dekmantel Podcast 128 - Dr. Rubinstein

Marina "Dr" Rubinstein comes at her DJing from the perspective of the dancer. She grew up loving to get down to techno back home in Israeli (though she is Russian born and Berlin based) and will always be a hardcore raver at heart. It means her sets are defined by a certain energetic dynamism that finds her calling on acid, 90s rave and pumping techno to get the floor sweating. She does so at key places like ://about blank and Berghain, and this summer will play Dekmantel Festival. Her adventurous spirit and quest for that “special feeling” on the dance floor characterises her mix for us. It is seventy minutes of grooves designed to make you move, from rugged techno to slippery electro via pulsing kick drums that burrow deep into the night. Contrasting dark with light, wild acid with more streamlined sounds and overtly physical tracks with those that are more cerebral, it makes for an arresting trip filled with special dance floor moments.

1hr 12mins

26 Jun 2017

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Dekmantel Podcast 104 - GE-OLOGY

As you will already know, we really appreciate proper selectors here at Dekmantel. The next man to step up to our series is a prime example of that: Brooklyn based DJ and visual artist GE-OLOGY has been writing musical stories with real beginnings, middles and ends since he first started collecting wax aged five. After a career in hop hop working with royalty like Jill Scott and Mos Def, a slightly new direction has seen him put out a select few house productions on revered labels like Sound Signature, whilst the records he plays reflect his genuine musical and instrumental playing skills. Proof of that comes across the two diverse hours he digs deep to serve up for us here. From boogie to disco, jazz funk to smooth soul, this is the sort of golden and heart warming selection that has people demanding IDs and scouring Discogs immediately. Right up there with our friends like Sadar Bahar and MCDE, this is a joyous soundtrack filled with moments you will not forget.


9 Jan 2017

Rank #6

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Dekmantel Podcast 184 - DâM-FunK

Every mix in our series is special for different reasons, but there’s no denying that a new one from DâM-FunK will always turn heads. The multi-talented American DJ, musician and vocalist is a one man funk machine who has spent his life distilling boogie, g-funk, electro and synth pop into his own modern take on the genre. The Stones Throw afficionado and Glydezone head honcho has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, is a prolific producer and collaborator with the likes of Snoop Dogg, and for ten years has hosted his own LA party Funkmosphere. Also, make sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed for his upcoming release ‘Architecture II’, dropping in August. This selection is very much like a night at one of those events: at nearly three and a half hours long, it touches on every facet of DâM-FunK’s sound from the opening and closing eighties synth-pop of Prefab Sprout to Jayda G’s recent tribal house cut ‘Sestra’s Cry’. Next to those, an impossibly diverse list of house and funk names includes Omar-S and Sylvia Striplin, 808 State and Barry White, Bas Noir and YES. As is always the way with DâM-FunK, each track is given the respect it deserves. The mixing is unfussy, often allowing tracks to end before slamming in the next one. Sometimes he moves the mix forwards, at others he takes a brave sidestep that would seem impossible on paper but that makes perfect sense in the context of this mix. All that means its likely you’ll keep on coming back to this timeless selection for many years to come.Mixed live in Ladera Heights (Los Angeles, California), via all original wax pressings owned by DāM-FunK.

3hr 22mins

25 Jun 2018

Rank #7

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Dekmantel Podcast 185 - Khidja

Khidja is a Romanian duo focussed on fusion. They met at high school in Germany and since then have soaked up sounds from all over the world, as well as from their Romanian homeland. From jazz to gypsy music, traditional instrumentation to techno, they skip between genres and generations with ease. Mixing up synths and cult instruments like the setar or ney, their organic soundscapes have come on labels like Hiven Discs and [Emotional] Especial and always add up to intoxicating and esoteric trips. Across the course of 90 minutes for us, they lay all that bare. It’s a punk minded session that journeys through sci-fi noise, freaky disco and no wave sounds with real intensity, building to dense peaks before dissipating and sinking down into a slithering groove. Bold and adventurous, Khidja explore the roots and peripheries of electronic music in brilliantly beguiling fashion.

1hr 30mins

2 Jul 2018

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Dekmantel Podcast 243 - Volvox

The last few years have seen Volvox rightfully come of age on the international scene. The self-styled “techno disciple” has been shaping and driving the Brooklyn underground ever since moving to NYC from Boston in 2011, but has been hosting events and laying down tough sets for more than a decade. A couple of residencies in that time have seen her push both an acid house sound and a harder techno outlook while she is now at home everywhere from De School to Berghain.In this searing 80 minute selection, Volvox tears through a range of electro sounds that race along with a high speed funk. Form punchy bass driven jams to visceral industrial and on to a sci-fi future, it’s a brilliantly widescreen but cohesive overview of a genre that is made for dancing.

1hr 8mins

12 Aug 2019

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Dekmantel Podcast 262 - Prins Thomas

Norway's Prins Thomas is a giant of an artist whose influence looms large over the whole of the Scandi-scene. The space-disco king has a sound that draws on electro, krautrock, psychedelia and prog in melodically majestic ways and has given rise to a wealth of fully realised studio albums and classy dance floor singles, mostly on Smalltown Supersound. His latest record, 2019's Ambitions, is one of his best: it found him strip things back and reinvent himself once more over the course of plenty of gently absorbing grooves and mindful moods.As a DJ he is just as well equipped to take you on real dance floor odysseys built on ever present grooves, but coloured with melodies from the celestial realms. And that is the case on his 90 minute podcast for us, which journeys through frosty northern tundras as well as twinkling night skies with equal elan. The ups and downs along the way are subtle ones, but together they create something perfectly escapist and somehow very suited to this time of year.

1hr 37mins

23 Dec 2019

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Dekmantel Podcast 095 - Kobosil

Kobosil is one of the new wave of artists to have emerged under the wing of Berghain. As well as being a resident at the club, the Berlin DJ and producer has also released on its in house labels Ostgut Ton and Unterton, as well as on fellow resident Marcel Dettmann’s own eponymous imprint. His dark, heavy sound also gave rise to a debut full length earlier this year, and with its clear focus on big linear drums and shadowy atmospheres, it proved he is here to stay. Now, the boss of his own RK label steps up to our series with a similarly impressive mix. Starting out in frazzled and dystopian fashion, the mix wastes little time in setting a high impact, high tempo techno agenda. Overdriven percussion and lurching synths, wild machine sounds and thumping drums are all hurried and forceful and encourage you to lean right into the grooves, head down, stomping away. It is a powerful and maximal one hour selection that cannot fail to get your attention.


7 Nov 2016

Rank #11

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Dekmantel Podcast 106 - Aurora Halal

The music Aurora Halal creates is informed by many different disciplines. She is a producer, but also a videographer and visual artist who has worked on films about modular synth godfather Morton Subotnick amongst others. She is also the force behind Brooklyn’s Mutual Dreaming party series as well as the Sustain-Release festival. In just a couple of years she has cooked up an expressive and experimental techno sound—solo and with the likes of Ital—on labels such as Lovers Rock and her own Mutal Dreaming Recordings. Oppressive and foggy, her distorted, imperfect sounds made up of heavy drums and scurrying synths have taken her to plenty of remarkable live gigs all over the world. Now she steps up to our mix series with equal aplomb.


26 Jan 2017

Rank #12

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Dekmantel Podcast 213 - Beta Librae

Beta Librae is the brightest star in the Libra constellation, but also one of the brightest stars in techno. Bailey Hoffman hails from New York City and arrived in 2015 pretty much with a fully formed and decidedly singular sound. Releasing albums and EPs on labels like Incienso and Allergy Season, she draws on ambient, downtempo, new age and house music to stir up weird atmospheres and slow motion grooves. Lots goes on between her lazy kicks, and it all serves to sink you into a cavernous and expansive world of beautiful melody and loose percussion.Over the course of ninety minutes, Hoffman’s wide sphere of influences are all exposed. There’s kaleidoscopic techno that traps you in a hall of mirrors as melodies refracted all around, ramshackle drums that are on the verge of collapse and murky house music that’s gritty and grimy. The transitions between these worlds are subtle, and for every passage of dark and dirty texture there are moments of light emitting beauty that keeps the whole thing moving. This is club music from a whole new perspective.

1hr 25mins

14 Jan 2019

Rank #13

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Dekmantel Podcast 224 - Tzusing

Chinese born Tzusing has spent time in Chicago, Singapore and Taiwan and “this condition of dislocation” is what informs his music. It is a brash mix of industrial textures, harsh broken techno and subversive pop, trap and rap that is all blurred into one borderless offering that mirrors his own personal intersections. That music has come on LIES since 2011 and has given rise to standout LP 東方不敗 in 2017 that lead to shows on Boiler Room, Dommune and at Berghain. He was quiet on the release front in 2018, but has started this year with a new split EP on Pan, and now offers us a musical catch up ahead of him playing at Dekmantel Festival later in the year. Over the course of seventy minutes he jumps around restlessly, but somehow his sounds remain united by shiny metallic surfaces whether he’s mixing in Asian pop, whirring computer sounds in meltdown or horror-core. To us, it sounds like a futuristic soundtrack to some hyper urban metropolis that’s on the brink of collapse, and it’s genuinely compelling.

1hr 10mins

1 Apr 2019

Rank #14

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Dekmantel Podcast 255 - Plaid

Plaid's techno is some of the most thoughtful out there, and the waythe British pair deliver it is often just as interesting. TakeEd Handley and Andy Turner's latest album, Polymer, which came with itsown interactive web environment and encouraged us to think about therole artificial substances play in our lives. Musically it wasa harder-edged mix of broken techno and heavy snares, but still offeredthe sort of technicality and emotion that has always stood the Warpduo apart.In their mix for us they put all their many years of know-how into atimeless selection of tense and engaging electronic sounds. It toucheson far-gazing and futuristic techno, melancholic ambient passages andonto scintillatingly melodic IDM and twisted jungle. It's a realrollercoaster from two jedis of the scene.

1hr 1min

4 Nov 2019

Rank #15

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Dekmantel Podcast 190 - Varg

Jonas Rönnberg is full of ideas. Since 2013 he’s turned out 15 albums and a handful of EPs that find the Swede forever cooking up moody techno landscapes. His atmospheres are heavy, and there is always a bleakness to his work; a darkness to his drones that is cannot fail to suck you in. Labels like Northern Electronics and Semantica have proved perfect homes for his longform sounds, and serious as his music can be, the man himself is also very playful: his latest release is a romance inspired album that rushes with the excitement of falling in love and soars with acoustic guitars and lush pianos. Over the course of an hour here he shows off many contrasting sounds and offers a real snapshot of his hyper-active mind. One moment you’re up against of wall of glitch, then pop vocals and heavenly pianos, then suspensory ambient that is as beautiful as the beats that follow are brutal. It’s an ambitiously freeform session that never lets you settle in one place and, despite—or maybe because of—the strangeness of it all, cannot fail to hook you in.


7 Aug 2018

Rank #16

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Dekmantel Podcast 098 - Lord Of The Isles

Lord Of The Isles is the alias of British born producer Neil McDonald. Since 2011 the man delivered a steady amount of quality releases on labels like Mule, Permanent Vacation, Phonica and Unthank. Having just released his debut album “In Waves” on the acclaimed Californian ESP Institute label, run by Lovefingers, his contribution to our series comes at the right time. For his mix, Lord Of The Isles comes up with an hour long live set consisting of own tracks, which gives us a coherent insight into his musical mind.


28 Nov 2016

Rank #17

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Dekmantel Podcast 210 - Daphni

There are a great deal of things you can say about Dan Snaith. His list of achievements would burnish any CV: a doctorate in mathematics under one arm, and some of the 21st century’s most celebrated electronica albums under the other. He manages to juggle festival headline slots across the world with the live iteration of Caribou, while slipping out timeless dancefloor burners and one of the last ever FabricLive CDs as Daphni. Oh, and he’s a super friendly guy too.That experience – and crowd-charming magnetism – can be heard all over today’s Dekmantel Podcast, a three-hour tour de force of Daphni in peak-time mode at the peak of summer. Recorded on Sunday of Dekmantel Festival 2018, in the middle of a humble-superstar-sandwich of Jamie XX / Floating Points, Snaith glides between rave stabs, strutting funk, stirring soul, global grooves and everything else under the (very warm) sun. Here’s to the next decade of Dan’s dominance!

3hr 5mins

24 Dec 2018

Rank #18

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Dekmantel Podcast 096 - Selvagem

Brazilian duo Selvagem is made up of Millos Kaiser and Trepanado. Their alias translates from Portuguese as “wild” and their collective output fits that word well: it is organic and from-the-jungle, littered with traditional instruments as well as weird synths, plus bird calls, naturalistic sounds and vocal chantings. As well as being colourful DJs and record collectors, the pair host their own much loved sunset parties and intimate club events in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janerio. Mostly they command the decks themselves, but guests like Optimo and Andy Blake have also stopped by. A genre-less approach informs their DJ style and finds the pair mixing up sounds from many worlds other than dance, including rock, soul and funk as well as house and techno and plenty of indescribable moods in between. All of this is laid bare in their podcast for us, which is a seventy five minute, sun-kissed trip though pan pipes and afro-disco, breezy house and kaleidoscopic grooves. One of the most erudite offerings in our series, this set really does invite you into a whole new musical realm.

1hr 15mins

14 Nov 2016

Rank #19

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Dekmantel Podcast 214 - Efdemin

Efdemin has all but perfected his deep, expertly reduced take on house and techno. The German artist has mastered his form over the course of numerous 12”s on various labels, including three albums on Dial Records. They are intricate, mind bending affairs that take you in on yourself and constantly explore new ground. His hybrid mix CD on his own Naïf imprint and Curle last year was another career high point, and recently he has turned himself towards experimental and microtonal composition with yet more fascinating results. February 2019 will see Ostgut Ton release New Atlantis, his latest album and one inspired by Francis Bacon’s unfinished 17th century novel of the same name. Promising to fuse his left-of-centre take on dance music with a new found passion for experimental sound art, it’s the latest chapter in a fascinating artistic story. His podcast for us is a decidedly club-focussed mix, featuring the sort of warped synths and underlapping grooves you would expect of the man. There are multi-layered tracks of percussion, sound design and stringy rhythms to start, then things slip into long, draw out passages of tunnel vision techno before the drums begin to hit harder to carry you home. At times playful, at others deadly serious, it sums up the career of Efdemin perfectly.

1hr 34mins

20 Jan 2019

Rank #20