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Educator Yarns with Jessica Staines

The Koori Curriculum Educator Community podcast series aims to build early childhood educators cultural confidence. Director of the Koori Curriculum Jessica Staines will interview and share the stories of practitioners around Australia who are exploring ways to embed Aboriginal perspectives in their curriculum, connect with their local Aboriginal community and develop their services Reconciliation Action Plan.

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S2 Ep5: Interview with Casey Goodman

On today’s episode of Educator Yarns, Jessica speaks with Casey Goodman, from Wurundjeri Land in Brunswick Melbourne. Casey discusses her journey as Aboriginal Program leader across several services where she has shared her own passions and ideas of how to respectfully and meaningfully embed Aboriginal perspectives. Casey generously shares some of the challenges and celebrations on bringing other staff on the same journey. Drawing heavily upon her belief in community, Casey details how she began to engage with local groups, and organisations while taking her time to build strong relationships. She reflects on her own journey and the journey of others as she learnt to understand and respect the different paces of her colleagues, recognising the importance of the collective community, whether it be with staff, children, families or the broader community.


2 May 2021

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S2 Ep4: Interview with Alix Hill

Today on Educator Yarns Jessica speaks with Alix Hill, early childhood educator on Wurundjeri Land in Sunbury Victoria. Alix reflects on the navigation of inbuilt fears, common misunderstandings and an eventual realisation of obligation which lead to the creation of her teams Reconciliation Action Plan. This began a journey of a deeper more truthful embedding of Aboriginal Perspectives into their service. From their first moment during their Certificate 3 through to the engagement of staff and community, Alix reflects on the navigation of inbuilt fears, common misunderstandings and an eventual realisation of obligation, they and the staff went through as they created their Reconciliation Action Plan, and began the journey of a deeper more truthful embedding of Aboriginal Perspectives into their service.


25 Apr 2021

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S2 Ep3: Interview with Sue Motley

Today’s guest on Educator Yarns is Sue Motley, Director of Armidale Community Preschool located on Anewan country in NSW’s New England Tableland. Sue shares with Jessica her extensive journey in embedding Aboriginal perspectives beginning with her visit and subsequent teacher exchange program with educators from Fitzroy Crossing in WA, along with her nature pedagogy network, Nature Play Conference and her discoveries on just how deeply country informs and connects us all.


18 Apr 2021

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S2 Ep2: Interview with Narelle Davis

On today’s episode of Educator Yarns, Jessica speaks with Narelle Davis, Director of Cooma North Preschool, on Ngarigo Land in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. Narelle talks about her journey and the insights learnt in connecting with the local community, the challenges and the rewards of persistence, genuine reflection and the importance of listening when seeking those connections.


11 Apr 2021

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S2 Ep1: Interview with Donna Morley

Today on educator Yarns Jessica speaks with Donna Morley and tackles the big question, how exactly do we tackle the big questions. Donnas deep respect for children comes through in this interview as she discusses the importance of being honest, and open when answering the questions of children. Not only to establish a relationship of respect but also to acknowledge the big world questions the children do have and do want answers to. She reflects on the agency of the child and how to begin conscious and open to the children queries not only allows them emotional space to move freely in their thoughts but also encourages other staff to do similar and move along the same journey. Donna is a wealth of knowledge and her understanding of Aboriginal history and its place in the classroom is both refreshing and enlightening and a big win for the child.


4 Apr 2021

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Ep 17. Interview with Kiya Watts

In this episode, I sit down and yarn with Kiya Watts, the artist behind ABC Playschool’s “Kiya” doll. Kiya Watts is a Menang, Gnudju, and Noongar artist residing in Albany. In this episode we dive into: Why the Kiya doll was an important addition to Playschool The importance of Cultural identity Kiya’s collaboration with House of Dizzy Kiya’s involvement in ‘Trading Blak’ How to support ‘Trading Blak’ How to find Aboriginal-owned businesses Jess and Kiya’s favourite Aboriginal fashion labels Supply Nation ‘We wear black on Wednesdays’ initiative When is it okay for a non-indigenous person to wear indigenous products? And more!


3 Aug 2020

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Ep 16. Special episode: Family Day Care educator’s panel including Caroline Douglas, Renata Stipanovic and Sarah Metcalfe

This episode is a special family day care educator's episode, where I'm talking to Caroline, Renata and Sarah, who are family day care educators scattered across Sydney, and the Northern Beaches in New South Wales. We have pulled together highlights from three separate interviews talking about how family day care educators can best include Aboriginal perspectives in their programme, and connect with their local Aboriginal community. As we recognise that family day care educators have a quite unique position. The way that we would approach this work in their setting is quite different to how we would to this for, for early learning educators that are working in a pre-school, or long daycare. We cover lots in this episode, so grab find a quiet spot, grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes! Links mentioned in this episode: Koori Curriculum: https://kooricurriculum.com/ Renata Stipanovic Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RENATAS.FDC/                  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/renatas_familydaycare/?hl=af Sutherland Shire Council’s website at: https://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Community/Childcare/Family-Day-Care/FamilyDay-CareEducators/Sylvania-Renata  


21 Jul 2020

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Ep 15. Our top 30 tips in 30 days Challenge

We are currently offering a free series on kooricurriculum.com called “Our top 30 tips in 30 days” and today I am sharing our favourite 5 for those who are looking for a little sneak peek into the series. In this episode I dive into: Tip 1: Just Start Tip 2: Reflect on your why Tip 3: Plan Tip 4: Take things slow Tip 5: Be realistic To join this free series and hear all 30 tips, visit our website and search for “top tips.” Links mentioned in this episode: Koori Curriculum: https://kooricurriculum.com/


6 Jul 2020

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Ep 14. Our top tips for NAIDOC week

As we start to approach July, our inbox normally gets flooded by educators who enthusiastically starting to plan and programme for their NAIDOC experiences and activities. We thought to make things easier we would put together some of our top tips for NAIDOC Week to get everyone started on the right path. Now, as many of you may know, NAIDOC Week historically is from the first Sunday in July to the second Sunday in July. It's the first full week of July is where NAIDOC usually occurs. However, due to the current pandemic, NAIDOC has been moved to later in the year when hopefully community gatherings will be back taking place. Nonetheless, there's no reason that you can't be using this time to reflect and review and consider how you are embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your programme. Links mentioned in this episode: Koori Curriculum: https://kooricurriculum.com/ NAIDOC: https://www.naidoc.org.au/get-involved/2020-theme


6 Jul 2020

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Ep 13. Interview with Tanika Davis

Tanika is a Mother, Wife and Business owner with so much to offer. She has a background in Indigenous Health Promotion, event management and community program delivery but her business is her everything.  The ‘I Am, Movement’ was founded after the diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder with her now almost 4-year-old son Slade. The Movement allows other families to feel culturally safe with the resources she has developed in conjunction with Indigenous Artists around NSW. This is just the start for the Movement :) Links mentioned in this episode: Koori Curriculum: https://kooricurriculum.com/ The I Am, Movement: https://theiammovement.com.au/


18 Jun 2020

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