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Psychic Mediums & Healers, Lee Van Zyl & Lee Ann LaRocca, co-founders of the Montclair Metaphysical & Healing Center are the presenters of this podcast covering all metaphysical topics from animal communication, vibrational healing to exorcisms. All podcasts will be informative, educational and empowering.

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Are you Psychic?

This podcast will give you a brief overview of what it means to develop your psychic abilities. How to tell if you are psychic.


16 Aug 2011

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Episode 6 - Ancestral Healing - A Public Event

Lee Ann LaRocca & Lee Van Zyl discuss their new public healing event - Ancestral Healing. They discuss the purpose of it and the process. Very often we carry karmic ties through the generations that one person can make amends for in this lifetime and break the cycle, whether it be disease or just plain "bad luck".


15 Sep 2010

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Episode 5 - Pet Communication

In this episode, I speak with renowned animal communicator, Lee Ann LaRocca, co-founder of the Montclair Metaphysical & Healing Center, in New Jersey. Lee Ann offers a course in animal communication as part of the curriculum of the Montclair School for Psychic & Mediumship Development. She talks about how pets communicate, the importance thereof and what one can expect from this course.


10 Sep 2010

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Episode 4 - Opening and Closing your Energy Field as well as Protection

During this episode, you will be taught the technique to open up your psychic centers before you conduct a reading or a healing. You will be taught to ground yourself and to turn yourself into a pillar of light. After that you are taught how to cut the energy and to close yourself down. Once you are closed down, you will be taught how to put yourself into a spiritual bubble of protection.This is a practical podcast that can be used by everyone, not only lightworkers or psychics and mediums.


1 Sep 2010

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Episode 2

Montclair Metaphysical 3/7/10 - Today we meet with Lee Van Zyl and Lee Ann LaRocca. Lee and Lee Ann discuss their healing center, their training, some of the modalities that they cover at their center, and upcoming workshops and healings.


7 Mar 2010

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