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You want to live your best life? Don't we all!Join us here at MaxiChats as we educate, myth bust and share information on all things health and wellness.Your host, Maxine Schuiling (BSc CEM, MCB, current MSc Clinical Nutrition), is an evidence based health blogger over at Sugarfree Sundays. Each week she chats to interesting experts and shares her musings on a broad range of topics in the realm of physical and mental health.Diets, mindfulness, macros, weightlifting vs cardio... if you feel like internet is flooded with a confusing mess of 'health info', then this podcast is for you!We break things down into easily digestible bites, and leave you with practical pointers, with the aim of making sustainable wellness achievable (and fun!) for all.

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MC #19: Boundaries & Burnout with Amanda E White

“Boundaries are not something we set and forget. They are a continuous practice and process” - Amanda E White We chat to Amanda, therapist and owner of Therapy for Women about the importance of setting boundaries in our lives and how that can help prevent burn out. Do you feel like you’re spinning? Do you feel like you can’t switch off? Are you just downright drained? This episode chats about some practical and really helpful boundaries we can put in place in our lives to help us reach a healthier state. We also talk about self care, worrying, people pleasing, the constant need to be productive and much more. Follow along on Instagram: MaxiChats: @maxichats Amanda: @therapyforwomen


8 Aug 2019

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MC #14: Intuitive Eating with Alissa Rumsey

The term ‘intuitive eating’ has been loosely thrown around for the last couple of years, but it is often out of context and misunderstood. Does it really mean eating whatever I want, whenever I want and as much as I want? Can I do it wrong? What if I find myself unable to stop eating foods I've always perceived as being unhealthy… cakes, donuts, ice cream, pies…?  In this episode of MaxiChats we chat to non-diet dietician Alissa Rumsey about what exactly intuitive eating is, the principles around it and the context in which she uses it her practice. We explore the effects of dieting and why diets so often fail, how a non-diet approach may offer a solution, the importance of body acceptance in healing your relationship with food and weightloss goals in the midst of this. It is a super interesting episode and we hope that it answers any question you’ve ever had around the concept of intuitive eating. Relevant links: https://alissarumsey.com/haes/body-positive-instagram/ https://alissarumsey.com/category/intuitive-eating/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/ditchthedietsupport Follow Alissa on Instagram: @alissarumseyRD


23 May 2019

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MC #20: Metabolic Adaptations to Dieting with Eric Trexler

Starvation mode? Broken metabolism? What ACTUALLY happens, on a physiological level, when we diet? We dive deep into metabolic adaptation with Eric Trexler, PhD, Director of Education at Stronger by Science. Covering a broad range of adaptations that occur, we also look into what we can do to combat some of them. From the changes in leptin and cortisol all the way through to how to recover from the effects of extreme dieting This super informative episode episode that dispels many myths. Follow on Insta: Eric Trexler: @trexlerfitness Maxichats: @maxichats

1hr 22mins

22 Aug 2019

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MC #12: 5 Tips for Healthy Living

It can be tough! Staying motivated to continue with your healthy habits and taking care of yourself can become a challenge when life gets busy and rushed. And that is the thing, a healthy life means something completely different to each individual person. This is not referring to how to make yourself drink green juice and go on jogs when you're feeling tired. Sometimes the couch and a croissant IS the healthiest option. It is more about tips on how to continue to show up for yourself, and lead a lifestyle that is balanced and filled with self care through all of life's seasons. General guidelines that you can take and personalise to implement into your own life!


18 Apr 2019

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MC #21: A Month of Big Macs with Jordan Syatt

It is easy to over complicate things when you’re just starting out. Jordan keeps it simple and says it how it is. Having had quite an interesting health and fitness journey himself (deadlifting 4X his bodyweight, becoming a coach and now sharing all kinds of informative content online), he combines info with compassion, humour and refreshing clarity, and this makes him much loved by many. Add a salad, go for a walk, and be consistent. Seemingly obvious tips but just some of the valuable practical takeaways from this episode that is perfect for anyone wanting a broad overview and a balanced perspective. Follow on Instagram: MaxiChats: @maxichats Jordan Syatt: @syattfitness  Max: @sugarfreesundays


13 Feb 2020

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Season 2 is HEREEEE!

Season 2 of Maxichats health radio is HERE! Burning questions on health, wellness and nutrition are answered in interviews with experts in food science, sports science, biology and psychology, plus so much more.


29 Jan 2020

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MC #18: Non-Violent Communication with Oren Jay Sofer

In this episode we chat all about how to use a mindful approach to non-violent communication. It is SO insightful, and FULL of simple, practical things you can do in your own life starting right now to feel confident, focussed and constructive in your interpersonal interactions. Improving the way in which we both speak and listen during conversations can be one of the most nourishing things we do for ourselves! Connect on Instagram: Oren: @orenjaysofer MaxiChats: @maxichats


26 Jul 2019

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MC #13: Training Talk with Harry Ranson

In this training focused episode of MaxiChats we chat to Harry Ranson, online personal trainer at A Taste Of Fitness, and no nonsense coach. We discuss good weight lifting programming, principles of hypertrophy and where people often go wrong, as well which supplements are worth the cash and which should be ditched! We also touch on areas where women in particular often struggle when it comes to making progress in the gym, how to combat that, as well as lots of other training related topics.


2 May 2019

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MC #23 Muscle, marathons & more with Dr. Cody Haun

Volume, progressive overload, and understanding the mechanisms of what grows muscle is confusing. Throw broscience, women's health magazines and our new years resolutions of both running an ultra marathon and entering a powerlifting meet into the mix and you find yourself in bit of pickle. This podcast spans over a wide range of physiology and hypertrophy fundamentals, deals with some of the practical issues related to training stressors, and really helps you understand how adaptation occurs.

1hr 5mins

13 Mar 2020

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MC #22 Honing in on your head & habits with Joe O Brien

If only there were a guidebook to navigating the human experience. But there isn't. Our minds are complex things, and looking after your mental health encompasses a wide range of things. Many of these things are in fact linked, and this episode touches on a range of them. It's a lovely foundation from which to understand some of the components, deal practically with them, and help you set forth on some helpful paths as you optimise them. From stress vs anxiety, practical ways to deal with them, tips to set good goals, some of the science behind behaviour change all the way to mastering your habits, this episode is loaded with info and tips! 

1hr 10mins

26 Feb 2020

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