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The Pacific Street Boys catch up over hot takes and cold beers.

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El Paso

A city in mourning, The Middles Open talk ElPasoStrong and how the community has been able to come together. Later in the episode, the boys talk NFL preseason Pat being unemployed, Quentin Tarantino and the legendary Danny Cruise.

1hr 9mins

9 Aug 2019

Rank #1

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Pleasant Surprise

Combat week and the boys have mixed martial artist, James Pleasant on the show. Some difficult questions are asked but the young fighter comes out victorious. Peter and Pat debate hottest older women in Hollywood while Anthony improves his google skills and Abel tries to stay composed with his 49ers in the big game.

2hr 14mins

22 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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Punching Señora Weaver

The boys talk about the good old days and how they used to throw down. Cowboys need a Christmas miracle. Peter believes he can chug a keg of Twisted Tea. Anthony continues to upgrade The TMO studios. Pat sees Star Wars, yet won’t reveal any spoilers. Abel brags about his golf game and believes he could have gone pro in a particular sport. LONG EPISODE to get you through the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The TMO Family. Shoutout to Amber and Lucas for always coming up big with surprises.

3hr 27mins

25 Dec 2019

Rank #3

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Twisted Pete

Peter attempts the world record, yet comes up short and the boys couldn’t be anymore disappointed. A bit of a downer to start the show, until the boys begin to discuss their nicknames and how they got them. The crew also talk about the holiday season what made it so special.

2hr 2mins

8 Jan 2020

Rank #4

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SalMo IV

Salvador Montes sits in studio and talks music with The Middles Open. Peter, Pat and Abel also chat MLB trade deadline, democratic debates, bars around town and of course tacos. So stop what you’re doing and enjoy another episode of TMO.

1hr 11mins

1 Aug 2019

Rank #5

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Master Z

The boys sit down with Jacob Zarate and talk music, Jacob instills confidence into the crew and fulfilled Anthony’s make wish of having a musician on the show. Pat is back and sounds better than ever. Peter and Abel eat strawberries and talk their usual smack. Wild two hours, awesome way to kick off music week... This is the Middles Open


5 Feb 2020

Rank #6

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Pat M.I.A.

Pat is out, but the show must go on. We go politics heavy and talk about the battle of I-10, hoops edition. Star Wars conspiracy, and Willie Nelson giving up weed. Kamala Harris gives up on her presidential run and NFL playoff picture.

2hr 1min

4 Dec 2019

Rank #7

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Johnny Guillen

El Paso’s own Johnny Guillen sits down with TMO boys and chats his big fight in Ruidoso on February 1st. The crew present Johnny with some nicknames, but does he accept? Pat trains to become the world’s best golfer, so the rest of the crew steps up their game and puts on a great show. #TheMiddlesOpen

3hr 35mins

29 Jan 2020

Rank #8

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Danny Cruise

A podcast for the ages, Danny Cruise pops in to the studio and talks with the guys about life. The man with all the knowledge in the world has fun and talks conspiracy theories, politics and Patrick’s love life. The boys crush 90 beers in four hours and barely make it out alive, enjoy.

3hr 56mins

13 Feb 2020

Rank #9

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Selena’s diss track

The boys watch the Presidents Cup while recording the show. Peter gets heated with Abel during boxing talk, Pat claims Selena is the hottest girl ever and Anthony calls for Jerry Jones head to be on a pike. #TheMiddlesOpen

1hr 48mins

12 Dec 2019

Rank #10

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TMO Studios

Pat’s a year older but still believes in fairy tales, (gnomes and evil owls). Peter learns to STFU while Anthony creates TMO studios. Abel continues to manage the nonexistent budget. Crazy show with lots of turns and surprises.

1hr 50mins

27 Nov 2019

Rank #11

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The Reunion

The boys are back together and talk about the high and lows of self quarantine.

1hr 23mins

23 Apr 2020

Rank #12

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Skeleton Crew

Quarantine sucks, but the show must go on. Anthony holds down the fort at the TMO studios while Abel is on the phone line. The struggles of quarantine are tough, so the boys share some of the adjustments during the pandemic period. The duo talk Tiger King/ Netflix shows, drive inn movies and where cinema could be heading in the near future. Dana White and the UFC plan on renting an island and hosting a weekly fight schedule during the pandemic, Anthony and Abel have a hot take.

2hr 29mins

10 Apr 2020

Rank #13

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Ay Ay

We try to keep things light and talk about our favorite moments when our eyes captured such beauty. Anthony’s brother is having a baby and we discuss. Peter speaks of his gambling struggles and we call out our fans and dare them to attempt the twisted tea challenge. New video is up on YouTube, so check it out.

1hr 54mins

14 Mar 2020

Rank #14

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Mando “The Monster” Medina

El Paso radio great, Mando Medina joins The Middles Open and teaches the boys a lesson on life. Medina explains some of the perks of radio and the amount of hard work one must put in. Story time with uncle Mando turns into the most entertaining three hours of talk radio, as the boys cover just about every hot topic of the borderland.

3hr 5mins

5 Mar 2020

Rank #15

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Tardy Party

Pat is running late and holds up the boys. Abel talks boxing which leads down a rabbit hole of many topics. It’s the usual fun time here on The Middles Open.

1hr 43mins

29 Feb 2020

Rank #16

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Birthday Gordos

It’s Anthony’s birthday and we do our best to celebrate the young man. Episode is full of food and banter along with a twisted relay challenge for the listeners. We dare you to try and beat us.

2hr 34mins

20 Feb 2020

Rank #17

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The High Council

Disney Plus might be the greatest streaming service ever. The Middles Open / The High Council discusses Star Wars and the saga that never ends. Peter challenges pat to a duel and Anthony might be the biggest hot wheels collector.


20 Nov 2019

Rank #18

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Impersonation Cycle

The crew is back from their hiatus and talk politics, black cats, football and some spooky places in the 915. To lighten the mood, impersonating our favorite characters gives us a good laugh and a weird ass commercial is discussed.

1hr 48mins

6 Nov 2019

Rank #19

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7th inning stench

Childhood memories, as the boys talk old times on the bus riding to school. Then they get in deep with 90s movies that had major influence on their lives. Lots of things are discussed while The Middles Open watch game 1 of the World Series.

1hr 36mins

23 Oct 2019

Rank #20