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The drunk equestrian podcast

Long riders Luisa and Pete host a series of humorous, completely uncensored conversations with fellow equestrians over a few “quiet beers” as they ride west from Mongolia to Scotland. key topics are always the promotion of safe, ethnical riding and mental health benefits that come from the empathetic connection with horses. They alternate every week between a chat about their last two weeks adventures, and interviews with fellow horse folk around the world to inspire and educate listeners on all things equestrian. So go grab a bottle of wine, sit back by the fire, and join us for a laugh.

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Crazy solo female travel!

We chat we Liza, a horse trekking business owner in Bulgaria and her “work away” Nikki from the UK, and Dutch adventurer and STONE COLD gangster Hanna about her adventures hitching around the world.

1hr 15mins

24 Feb 2021

Rank #1

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The Drunk Equestrian Podcast “introductions and prequel”

Luisa and Pete chat with Nikki, a property investor from the UK who’s escaping lock down in Bulgaria. They have a few beers and chat about the vision for the podcast and introduce the hosts.


13 Feb 2021

Rank #2

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The drunk equestrian podcast (Trailer)

12 Feb 2021

Rank #3