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Paid and Presented by OFX. Where the world’s moving is a podcast series that explores our fast-moving, ever-changing world, and how technological and social shifts are helping to bring us closer together, enabling collaboration, contribution, and human progress. A BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production.

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Ep #3: The rise of purpose-driven businesses with Patagonia's Vincent Stanley

Since it was founded in 1973, outdoor clothing company Patagonia has been an inspiration to a generation of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. Its Director of Philosophy, Vincent Stanley, shares how an initial sense of corporate responsibility has broadened into a wider one.


17 Sep 2018

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Ep #8: The move towards community-based entrepreneurship with Who Gives A Crap CEO Simon Griffiths

To many people, entrepreneurship means Silicon Valley and vast ambition, however that’s not the only path. There is a growing movement of community-based start-ups and initiatives aimed at tackling real world problems. Simon Griffiths, Co-Founder and CEO of Who Gives A Crap, shares in on the vital role of community in entrepreneurial and social ventures.


4 Nov 2018

Rank #2

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Ep #7: The future of transport and travel with Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos

Hypersonic travel, drone deliveries, flying taxis: what new transport methods will bring the world closer together? Andreas Raptopoulos, Founder and CEO of aerospace company Matternet, discusses some of the exciting innovations and big ideas that allow us a sneak peek into the future of transport, and how these will make us more global as citizens.


25 Oct 2018

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Ep #6: How new technology connects people, ideas and markets with Adventure Capital founder Stuart Richardson

The rise of new tools and technologies amplifies our ability to create new companies that connect ideas, people and markets instantaneously. Stuart Richardson, founder of venture capital firm Adventure Capital, discusses the new world of start ups and how they're reinventing the global economic infrastructure.


14 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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Ep #5: The move to fluid work-life with CloudPeeps CEO Kate Kendall

Taking their destiny into their own hands, digital nomads are finding they can control how, when and where they work. Kate Kendall, CEO of freelance platform CloudPeeps, discusses this new interconnectedness as a gateway not just to a new way of working, but to understanding each other more deeply.


2 Oct 2018

Rank #5