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A real Hip Hop podcast hosted by Eclipxs & Mike where we bring real raw opinions on the state of Hip Hop while introducing you to under the radar artists and pushing the culture forward with thought provoking dialogue. Stay Rowdy!

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"What's Beef?"

With one more episode until our year end wrap up, we cover Ye's 'Free Larry Hoover Concert' with Drake as a special guest and what that could mean moving forward as well as the latest saga of the Travis Scott debacle and the latest new music releases this past week like Chomp 2 by Russ and Richer Than Ever by Rick Ross. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

1hr 39mins

14 Dec 2021

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"95 Hours"


1hr 39mins

8 Dec 2021

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"Keep My Spirit Alive"

We want to use this episode to send prayers to Young Dolph and his family as well as all the numerous other talented individuals we've lost in Hip Hop over the last few years. Bless their souls and send healing to our communities!

1hr 57mins

23 Nov 2021

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"Free Larry"

Part two of Ye’s iconic Drink Champs was released this past week with Larry Hoover Jr joining the fray and explaining the situation surrounding his father’s freedom which lead to a conversation about the current state of Chicago & what a pillar of hope & leadership would mean for the city. Ye also drops Donda(Deluxe) mere minutes before the recording of the pod which includes the highly anticipated Life of the Party collab featuring thelendary Andre 3000. In new music we had to dedicate a large portion of the pod covering An Evening With Silk Sonic & whether it lived up to its lofty expectations. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

1hr 42mins

16 Nov 2021

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Less than 3 months after the release of DONDA, Ye is back with an all-time classic interview on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs that possess all the controversary, brilliance, and laughs you expect from anything surrounding Ye. While Wu Tang: The American Saga ended its season last week, we received news that season 3 will be the shows final season. In new music this week, Saba dropped a new single Fearmonger which is the lead single from his next album Few Good Things which is on its way. Silk Sonic dropped yet another amazing single off the coming week’s long anticipated An Evening with Silk Sonic & Summer Walker released her sophomore album Still Over It which threw the ladies in a frenzy. As promised last week we also complete a ranking of the current crop of Chicago MCs. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

2hr 12mins

9 Nov 2021

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"Free Eclipxs'

We kick off this week with our "Free Eclipxs' campaign as he serves a 7 day Twitter ban. Following Wu Tang: The American Saga airing the season finale of season two, we recap the season as well as sharing a list of some of the most anticipated, rumored albums that never saw the light of day or was completely revamped due to unforeseen circumstances. As discussed in earlier episodes, Chicago's own Mick Jenkin released his 3rd studio album "Elephant In The Room" this past week which we review as well as new music from the likes of Ransom, Reason, etc. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

1hr 37mins

2 Nov 2021

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"Posse Cut"

As promised on last week’s episode, we both share some of our favorite posse cuts of all time and even rank the verses of some of the most iconic records like Wu Tang Clan’s “Triumph” & A$AP Rocky’s “1Train”. With one more episode of Wu-Tang: The American Saga left, we discuss episode 9 & how RZA’s decisions in regards to choosing a label relates to the Hip Hop & life in general in relation to patience when chasing a dream. New Music as well as the iconic Verzuz between KRS One & Big Daddy Kane is discussed. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

2hr 28mins

26 Oct 2021

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"Am I The Only One Still Care About Mixtapes"

With the release of Mac Miller's 2014 mixtape "Faces" hitting streaming services Thursday, we take a break from new music and instead take a trip down memory lane and recount some of our favorite mixtapes from our time growing up. The latest Wu Tang: The American Saga episode leads us to pose the question, If groups and the ability to have peers to rely on in a way that allows artist to learn and progress without having to carry the burden of a solo career prematurely a lost tool in Hip Hop? Young Thug dropped his second studio Album "Punk" while, Summer Walker and Adele dropped the lead singles for their high anticipated year end albums. Tune in to see what else we have in store!

2hr 18mins

19 Oct 2021

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With a Verzuz between the Legendary Hip Hop pioneers Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One announced for October 17, episode 7 sees us explaining the growing disconnect between the newer generation and the forefathers/foundation of Hip Hop as the interest for this iconic clash isn't drawing buzz amongst the youth as past battles. In new music this, Mick Jenkins has announced a release date for upcoming album "Elephant in the Room", Wayne drops a track from Tha Carter III sessions, Don Toliver released his follow up album to last years "Heaven or Hell', and so much much more. As always we cover the latest Wu-Tang: An American Saga Episode. Tune in to see what else we have in store for this episode!


12 Oct 2021

Rank #9

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After a week hiatus, we're back with a recap of the past two weeks of music as well as goals we have heading into our 25th year of life. It wouldn't be us if we didn't discuss the Wu-Tang: An American Saga latest episode and have a little Hip Hop discussion which this week happens to be about whether we believe Eminem to be overrated or underrated and his ideal Verzuz opponents. Tune In!

1hr 55mins

6 Oct 2021

Rank #10