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A podcast discussing the ins and outs of James Bond. What he likes to drink, the clothing he wears, the women he meets and the villains he thwarts. All of this and more in this unique take from an Aficionado and featuring many other fun and unique guests. Hosted by Brian Levesque. Produced by Tim Guccione and featuring the voice talents of Richard Harris.

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The Lion Sells Tonight-The Amazon Purchase Of MGM

This week we are joined by our producer, Tim Guccione, host of the No Time To Bond podcast. We dive into our reactions about the news of the purchase of MGM Studios by Amazon and how a previous discussion about this exact topic made this make sense to us. We also discuss how it could affect the future of the Bond franchise going forward.  


29 May 2021

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Episode 2-Bond 25 Production Retrospective, Part 1

This week, we begin part one of a three part discussion of the Bond 25 (a.k.a. No Time To Die)'s production, beginning with the announcement at the famous home of Ian Fleming, Goldeneye, in Jamaica. We discuss the quality and content of the live announcement video, it's lack of a title and why it took so long to get to that point. Join us and make sure you pack your boat shoes and jeans!


17 May 2021

Rank #2

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Episode 1-The Whiskey's of James Bond

To kick things off, on our very first episode, Chris is joined by Tim Guccione of the No Time To Bond Podcast. They discuss the whiskey's of the James Bond series. They delve into the the brands, the cocktails and the amount of whiskey Bond drinks throughout the films and books, as well as speculate about the ones that aren't mentioned. Grab a double bourbon and join us for some smooth conversation. 


17 Apr 2021

Rank #3