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Learning Through Laughter

Ruth and Estelle believe you never stop learning- so that's just what they're doing! Join Philadelphia's newest, yet somehow oldest, comedy duo every Tuesday as they "learn through laughter" with a special guest.

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Let's All Go To The Lobby

Remember that old short movie that played before the feature film, with the dancing movie treats? Well, you're in for a real treat as we sit down with Madalyn St. John to talk about her process of writing, directing and producing her very own movie musical. Get out ya popcorn and a diet coke! 

1hr 2mins

15 May 2018

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Music Makes You Gain Control

Fredrica Dooley Brown and Elsebeth Birman join us to discuss the fascinating and healing world of the music and physical therapies. 


29 May 2018

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I Can't Believe I'm Not Butter

Voice over artist, oil painter, actor- there's nothing he can't do! Join us as we learn about the many facets of the velvet-voiced Andrew Criss.


1 May 2018

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My Tart Will Go On

He sings, he acts, he cooks! Connor McAndrews, our own "South Philly Barefoot Contessa", takes us on a theatrical culinary journey through the making of a decadent peanut butter tart. How easy is that?!


8 May 2018

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It Takes Two, Baby

From falling in love to releasing their brand new web-series, the delightful Frank Schierloh and Ben Deane sit down with us and share a glimpse into their beautiful partnership in life and art.


22 May 2018

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