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The National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) in its more than 33 years of existence has played a catalyst role in preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow.With more than 13,000 members representing all aspects of work in India, NHRDN is a lodestar of the Indian industry.And now, it continues its commitment to enhance HR capabilities with an all-new voice.Happy HRs is the new podcast from NHRDN in association with Timbre Media, a pioneer of corporate communications and internal podcasting. Together they bring new meaning and new relevance to ‘Happy HRs’ as we come to re-contextualise the concept of ‘work’ in the 21st century.

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17: Ep 016 - Unpacking High Potential Strategy with Marc Effron

Happy HRs Episode 16 is on Unpacking High Potential Strategy with Marc Effron - President of Talent Strategy Group & the Talent Management Guru. In a conversation with Nikita Doshi, he shares practices & ideas organizations can do to define, identify, differentiate & develop High Potential Talent. The podcast ends with a fun rapid-fire where he shares his interests & advice to talent management professionals.


8 May 2021

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16: Ep 015 - Catapult your Career with Gangapriya Chakraverti

Happy HRs Episode 15 is on catapulting your career with Gangapriya Chakraverti - India center head & Managing Director at Ford’s Global Business Services. In a conversation with Nikita Doshi, she shares her inspiring journey from being the only woman in her HR team in early 1990 to now being a business leader, the challenges she faced & how she navigated them. The podcast ends with a fun rapid-fire where she shares her multiple interests & passion.


9 Apr 2021

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15: Ep 014 - In Conversation with Mr. Madhu Raghunath, President & COO, Dealership Businesses TVS & Sons Ltd

Presenting the 14th Episode of NHRDN's exclusive podcast #HappyHRs!This #podcast features Mr. Madhu Raghunath, President & Chief Operating Officer, Dealership Businesses, Group Head – Human Resources and Organizational Capability, TVS Division, TVS & Sons Ltd, Chennai. (LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/madhu-raghunath-087b969 & Twitter - @madhuraghunath)Having successfully maneuvered the transition from the #HR function to a business leader, Madhu’s illustrious close to two-and-a-half-decade long career across #automobile and #FMCG sectors has several valuable takeaways.  During his chat with Nisha Kurup at NHRDN, he discusses his professional journey thus far and shares precious nuggets of learning for listeners to benefit from.


16 Mar 2021

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14: Ep 013 - In Conversation with Mr. Hemant Sachdev (Investor, Coach, Mentor & Strategist)

Tune into the 14th Episode of NHRDN's exclusive podcast #HappyHRsThis #podcast with Mr.Hemant Sachdev, Former JMD of Microsoft India, is a part of our “Becoming a strategic positioner” micro-series, intended to build the strategic & business orientation amongst #HR professionals.Hemant has over 3 decades of experience during which he has held a variety of leadership positions in Marketing and Business operations. currently wears multiple hats as Investor, Coach, Mentor, and Strategist being deeply involved with #start-ups in the #tech and consumer space.During his chat with Lionel Paul David Hon VP of NHRDN Chennai Chapter, he discusses his priorities for 2021, trends that will shape the #FutureofWork, and some advice for young professionals.


11 Jan 2021

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13: Ep 012 - Becoming a Strategic Positioner with Mr. Manoj Kohli (Country Head Soft Bank)

This episode is about building strategic & business orientation amongst the HR community. Manoj Kohli who is one of India’s most respected business leaders with over 4 decades of experience shares his mantras & tips on HR Professionals making the shift from Winning Hearts to Winning Markets. A leader who started his career in HR shares multiple learnings & examples from his inspiring career journey and his wishes for 2021 for HR. The podcast ends with a power-packed rapid-fire which you may not want to miss.


28 Dec 2020

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12: Ep 011 - In Conversation with Dr. Anthony Jorm & Prof Betty Kitchener

NHRDN is happy to present this special podcast as part of our ‘Mind Matters Week’.During this chat with Lionel Paul David, Hon VP of NHRDN Chennai Chapter, our guests Dr. Anthony Jorm (An Emeritus Professor at the University of Melbourne) and Betty Kitchener (Former CEO of MHFA Australia) share perspectives from their work and research over the last two decades covering the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, the looming mental health crisis, what organizations and HR professionals can do to improve the mental health of their workforce.


7 Oct 2020

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11: Ep 010 - In Conversation with S V Nathan Partner & Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India)

As we continue to profile the who’s who of Indian thought leadership on Happy HRs, In this episode, we speak with S V Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India.Alumni of the XLRI, Jamshedpur, and with over 3 decades of leadership experience, Nathan gets candid and shares nuggets of wisdom in this free-wheeling chat with Lionel Paul David, Hon VP of NHRDN Chennai Chapter.We are sure you will find inspiration from oodles of wisdom Nathan shares during this chat.


19 Sep 2020

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10: Ep 009 - Celebrating Diversity with Anuranjita Kumar (HR & Business Leader)

Listen to the 9th Episode of *Happy HRs* for a strong dose of *Learning Mojo* with *Anuranjita Kumar*, an HR & Business Leader with a refreshing new perspective on being inclusive - appreciate differences & enjoy diverse viewpoints. In conversation with Shweta Pathak. Anuranjita shares new ways of embracing diversity and building an inclusive workplace.Listen to podcasts at multiple channels


2 Sep 2020

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9: Ep 008 - Learning Mojo with Saurabh Kale (Talent & Leadership Development Flock & Zeta India)

Listen to the 8th Episode of 'Happy HRs' for a strong dose of 'Learning Mojo' with Saurabh Kale, a dynamic young HR Leader with a refreshing new perspective for HR professionals to stay abreast with all that's trending in the field of Learning & Development!Discover new ways of embracing technology and being agile in the HR role that's rapidly evolving in these unprecedented times.


19 Jul 2020

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8: Ep 007 - Leadership Development Nuggets with RR Nair (CEO Coach & Strategic HR Consultant)

Leadership Development is a top priority in organizations currently. In this podcast, Mr. R.R. Nair – CEO Coach & Strategic HR Consultant shares his lessons in Leadership Development from his extensive experience. Listen to this exclusive podcast to know the key trends in Virtual leadership Development, approaches to assess Leadership Potential & strategies to create a Coaching Culture. Learn from his wisdom in a byte-sized Rapid Fire format, which will enhance your capability as a leader or as an HR professional.


8 Jul 2020

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