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We want to be able to help people progress in every aspect of their life and most importantly progress their mindset. We believe everything starts with a strong mind. We will be providing our listeners with stories on how we progressed our lives as well as techniques and practices we have used to strengthen and grow our mindsets. We also are going to bring on guests who are experts in their fields that will not only help our listeners progress but will also help us progress in new ways. We believe everyone can progress in life and we cannot wait to bring that to you! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support

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#4 Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships

In this episode, Dylan and Jared discuss what they think a healthy romantic relationship should look like based on their experience with past relationships and couples therapy. They understand most people have a hard time sustaining a relationship for a number of reasons. Jared and Dylan try to support you by providing steps you can take to achieve a healthy relationship as well as ways to reduce toxicity with your partner. Share this with anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship.Advice From A Married Man. (2:31)5 Love Languages. (3:42) Should Your Significant Other Be Your Best Friend? (6:27)What Is The Proper Way To Communicate Something When You Are Upset? (9:45)You are Not Responsible For Your Significant Others Happiness. (15.20)Sharing Your Life With Your Significant Other. (16:12)Example Of Poor Communication In A Real Relationship. (20:02)How To Communicate Within A Relationship. (26:39)What Is The Proper Relationship Template?(28:15)Honey-Moon Stage. (30:10)How To Find Time With Your Partner When You Have A Kid Or Family. (33:50)The Sex-Life. (39:30)Why Your Sexual Needs Are Not Being Met. (40:00)Does Intimacy Keep Relationships Going? (43:30)Follow us on Instagram:Jared: https://bit.ly/35byPZ3Dylan:https://bit.ly/35eVi7HState of Progression:https://bit.ly/2NW9Q6rWatch this podcast live on Youtube: https://bit.ly/2DawKAv--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support


24 Nov 2019

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#3 The Art Of Effective Communication

In this Podcast Jared and Dylan talk about how to become an effective communicator, build relationships through networking, and how to lead a team successfully. You also will get a glimpse of where Jared and Dylan came from.Jared's Introduction (1:23)Dylan's Introduction (3:50)Most important thing with communication (7:40)Kiss vs Kill (10:58)Communication Threading (13:17)Reading Body Language (18:15)Complimenting People (22:08)How important networking is important for your future (23:00)Tips to help with interviewing (28:35)How Networking helps with Relationships and Friendships(28:24)How to be an effective leader (32:10)Follow us on Instagram:Jared: https://bit.ly/35byPZ3Dylan:https://bit.ly/35eVi7HState of Progression:https://bit.ly/2NW9Q6rWatch this podcast at: https://bit.ly/2NVRnqj--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support


17 Nov 2019

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#5 How To Lose Body Fat The Right Way With Jordan Syatt

In this episode,  Jared and Dylan talk about how Jordan Syatt lost 7 pounds in 30 days eating a Bic Mac every day. And in this podcast, Jordan shares why he made this documentary, and most importantly, what he wants people to take away from it.  We also discussed tactics for staying in shape while traveling or just really busy, because as Gary Vaynerchuk’s strength and nutrition coach, Jordan knows a thing or two about helping busy, on-the-go people reach their fitness goals. Not only that, but Jordan speaks on how to overcome binge eating, what to do if you feel you are bing judged in the gym, and how to use the weight scale to your advantage. Enjoy!Introducing our Guest. (0:25)Did Jordan know his fitness journey would be such a huge success in his life? (1:29)Why did Jordan eat a Big Mac a day for 30 days straight?(5:51)How can you eat the foods you love? (8:04)Why You can eat the foods you love. (12:32Does coffee make you dehydrated?(13:30)How much backlash did Jordan get from the Big Mac challenge? (18:31)Best advice to those who binged ate on Thanksgiving. (21:21)The process of overcoming the mental block of going to the gym. (23:43)The first thing to do when you first want to get into eating healthy (26:33)The steps Jared takes with his clients.(28:05)How important is sleep?(29:06)What is a caloric deficit? (31:27)Do you have to eat in a caloric deficit everyday? (32:00)How should people utilize the scale?(36:17)How can a person the knows nothing about the fitness world track their calories? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YwoqxaxMbQ (39:48)How to get motivated. (42:17)What motivation stems from. (43:32)What advice, knowing that Jordan trained Gary Vee, would Jordan give for those who do not have time for Fitness.(44:44)Fitness myths that bring Jordan’s gears.(49:58)Does lifting weights make you bulky?(50:43)Where you can find Jordan. (54:31)Follow us on Instagram:Jared: https://bit.ly/35byPZ3 Dylan:https://bit.ly/35eVi7H State of Progression:https://bit.ly/2NW9Q6r Watch this podcast live on Youtube: https://youtu.be/JAjTiNHKdrw--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support


1 Dec 2019

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#10 How To Deal With Difficult People

In this episode Jared and Jordie talk about how to deal with rude people that you encounter in your life.  Kill them with kindness. (2:05)  Harvard study showing people’s true colors.(6:40)  Why do you think people bully others?(8:00)  Nice people finis last.(9:55)  One time Jared had to deal with a rude person.(12:38)  You never know what someone is going through.(21:09)  Are you smarter then a 5th grader(23:50)  This episode is brought to you by: KimeraKoffee. Use the discount code: “Jaymanfit” at: https://bit.ly/35jgJUt to get 15% Off of any purchase. Follow Jared on Instagram: https://bit.ly/35byPZ3 Podcast on Youtube:https://youtu.be/PgHQfYLAFSc --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support


8 Jan 2020

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#9 Why Most New Years Resolutions Fail & How To Succeed

In this episode Jared and Jordie talk about their New Years Resolutions and they speak on why people fail their own New Years Resolutions. Number one New Years resolution (2:45) Why do people fail their New Years Resolutions (3:11) Jareds First New Years Resolution (8:22) Jordies First New Year Resolution(10:58) How Jared is going to grow his instagram (16:50) What Jordie wants to finally do! (17:44) Let Jordies Resolution help your business.(20:30) Don’t get lost in the past.(22:00) Jordies Accomplishments.(23:13) Jareds Accomplishments.(25:13) This episode is brought to you by: KimeraKoffee. Use the discount code: “Jaymanfit” at: https://bit.ly/35jgJUt to get 15% Off of any purchase. Follow Jared on Instagram: https://bit.ly/35byPZ3 Podcast on Youtube:https://youtu.be/CxI4zdnCLM0 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wearethesibs/support


1 Jan 2020

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