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A hunting and fishing blog, to go along with the "My Hunt Camp" podcast.

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My Hunt Camp # 4 - it's about time

Well it's finally here, episode 4 of the My Hunt Camp podcast. I have a news stories on MNR funding, the Model 70 rifle, Eric Clapton, and more. There is also a great hunt camp practical joke, tips, and a easy recipe. So pull up a chair and come on in to My Hunt Camp. You can download this episode or listen to it here:

8 Jan 2008

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Episode 3 of My Hunt Camp - ice fishing primer

Well I have made it to #3. We will talk about hunting safety, you know, those no no's that we learn on day one. Let's do better as a group. And we will talk ice fishing preparation and safety. And I have a link to a great hunting site with a free ballistic program. So come on in and pull up a seat.Download the show or listen here:

4 Dec 2007

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Episode 2 of My Hunt Camp

Well here it is, episode 2 of the My Hunt Camp podcast. It's got a great tip for new hunters, a product review, and a great recipe that is quick and easy with very little clean up. The food for thought question is, "how do you hang your deer, head up or down?" I'm still working on the sound quality and delivery, and hope there is some improvment. So pull up a seat and have a listen.DaveDownload or listen here:

26 Nov 2007

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Well, I have finished recording my first podcast. Wow it was tougher than I thought it would be. When it came time to put all of those thoughts out, I couldn't say them as fast as I wanted. So there are to many ummm's. My hats off to people who talk on air all the time. But I will work on it, and promise that the shows will get much better. So enjoy show #1 and let me know what you think, in the comments here, or at myhuntcamp@gmail.com.DaveDownload this show, or listen here:

21 Nov 2007

Rank #4

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