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How to stay in the Feminine by Marie McCrystal Jones

How to stay in the feminine when your world has a challenge going down🌹❤️


2 Nov 2018

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What to do when she complains 😣

Is she really complaining or perhaps it’s a different message to the one you have been conditioned to hear?? Subscribe and share.


28 Nov 2018

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We are talking Food, Health, Inner Origin, Spirituality and Relationships with David Wolfe. David “Avocado” Wolfe is a Speaker, Author, Earth Activist & Peak Performance Coach. With 25+ years of dedicated experience and having hosted 3000 live health events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods, wild foods, juices and herbs. David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is the visionary founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity (www.ftpf.org) with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on Earth.


16 Jan 2019

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Go to the TEMPLE⛩⛩

We spend way too much time trying to work stuff out we should spend a lot more time on the inside of ourselves working ourselves out. That’s how you get great results.


16 Dec 2018

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How I built a $400m company

I just spoke today on LA talk Radio about entrepreneurs and how important it is to build a Kingdom not an empire. On how I built a $400m company in 3 years. The rise the fall and the rise. An empire is built around being successful for yourself and is ego based. A kingdom is to build it with a passion and a purpose for your family. Check it out its well worth the time to save you 25 years of learning.


22 Jan 2019

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The "Dance" in relationships

A relationship isnt fixed it movs and changes but he masculine and feminine must go through a "dance of closeness and connection, then distance. This is the Yin and Yang of a marriage and if you dont understand it then it will confuse you and cause problems.


5 Jun 2019

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Why people have Affairs

Why people have Affairs.


20 May 2019

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Why children misbehave and how to make them feel loved

We’re thinking about parenting completely the wrong way and it’s time to re-look at the two needs that all children have.


28 May 2019

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Date nights -- the right way

Don't do date nights? Your missing out on building a strong treasury, a bedroom on fire and a connection thats unbreakable. Doing them but not much seem to be happening when you do? You need to find out how to do them the right way. Listen and share thanks for being here.


19 Mar 2019

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The proven way to make money

You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to really  make a lot of money. Why? Use the time and tested way to make it super wealthy.


27 Apr 2019

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How the ego affects you

It affects us in every area of life and you need to know how to recognize it and minimizes the affects in your relationship with your money and with the results you’re getting in your life listen up for how to do that.


2 Jul 2019

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Rocket Man, Freddie Mercury and love.

What can we learn from Elton John and Freddie about love?


30 Sep 2019

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Stuck in a rut

Every relationship eventually gets to a point where it’s groundhog day and we are stuck in a rut. Good news is there’s a way to dig yourself out


27 Aug 2019

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Do you push love away?

We have a relationship with love itself.


9 Aug 2019

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How to stay motivated

Motivation is not pumping yourself up every day it’s setting your life up so it’s exciting and you feel motivated every day through habits and rituals


19 Jun 2019

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The CODE to live by🤙🙏❤️

If you want more than a shitty life then you need a guide, a way to live that’s a different road. A path less traveled.


26 Dec 2018

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Are you whingeing and complaining and not stepping up as you should as the king within the kingdom?


25 Jul 2019

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Why can’t we be loved?

Why do some relationships thrive and others fail?For some of us it’s easier to love others than let them love us and actually let it in.


17 Sep 2019

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Tell the truth and have an argument.

What the hell! How can telling the truth lead to an argument and is that a good thing?


26 Feb 2019

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Change your money mindset

If you stay in fear and keep thinking the same way you’ve been thinking, you cannot possibly get wealthy. Understand how to change your mindset and what you need to do. Check out www.jonesfeltpartnership.com for more.


9 Sep 2019

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