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Let's get REAL about parenting and kids. Let's talk boundaries, positive discipline (that works), AM and PM, food, homework, the list goes on and on. Let's do this. Let's laugh, vent and talk about all things parenting. Let's get REAL.

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Just Listen Already!!!!

Want your kids to listen? YES! Want them to listen without you yelling, negotiating, bribing? YES. Want your kids to just do their jobs with out all of the nonsense? YES! OK, This podcast is for you!


11 Dec 2019

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Holiday Hugs

If your kid is super affectionate and LOVES to hug everyone, COOL but a lot of kids DON'T or need some time to warm up first. This podcast will give you a kids perspective of hugging and also how to advocate for them so that you are a super hero in their eyes.


20 Nov 2019

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Too Many Toysssss!!!!

It's the holiday season and your house is beginning to fill up with toys. What do you do with it all? I have the answers for ya.


18 Dec 2019

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Shelf That Elf

I know many of you will be infuriated by my position on this. And, that’s ok. You might not agree but I can't STAND the Elf On The Shelf and his counterparts. Hang and and I'll tell you why. 


4 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Stop Making Your Kids Happy!

Do I have your attention now? Have I gone crazy pants? Have I gone to the Dark Side? NOPE. Give it a listen and see what ya think. Also, still battling the sniffles. Is it SUMMER yet????


22 Jan 2020

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Parenting Resolutions

It's that time of year, resolution time. I have 4 parenting ones that will start your year off right.


24 Dec 2019

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Holiday Hints:K.I.D.S.

The holidays are packed with events, dishes to be cooked, gifts to be bought, people that need seeing who perhaps you would rather not see and that can cause your children to be less than festive themselves. Here are some tips to keep your holidays happy. All that you have to do is keep K.I.D.S. in mind.


27 Nov 2019

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Is sharing ALWAYYYYSSS Caring?

Join me while I power though a head cold to bring you ideas about sharing. Check out the possibly new angles and check out a little cheese as I had a little fun with the sound effects. Is it the head cold? The meds? Or am I just a giant cheeseball??? You decide!


15 Jan 2020

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Take The Chore Out Of Chores

It’s  time. Time for what? Time to clear some stuff up about chores (which  from here on out  will be referred to as family jobs) and allowances. Are  they tied together? Can I take money away if my kid doesn’t listen? How  can my kid make money if I don’t pay them for family jobs? I got you. I’ll break it all down for ya.


9 Jan 2020

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Distance Learning Dilemmas

So I have been talking to lots of teachers and parents and I am gonna squish it all together to help come up with ways to get through the rest of school. Do Distance Learning  or not but let's keep those brains a workin'. 


29 Apr 2020

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Practice Makes Perfect

We talked about Stuck last week and this week it is Practice. This is another no yell, no fight way to teach your kids how to take care of their responsibilities. You will love this. 


22 Apr 2020

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The Superbness Of Stuck

What is STUCK? Well, STUCK is the best discipline technique you will ever use. No yelling and fighting but gets the job done and everyone feels better. NO JOKE. I use it all of the time and it's a fan fave. Listen and see why.


15 Apr 2020

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Sibling S#!T

Siblings have enough trouble getting along and now they are together 24/7. How can you survive this time and time going forward? I got you.


8 Apr 2020

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Boundary Breakdown

It can be hard to set boundaries but now that we are all home together forever it is more important then ever. You need to work. The kids have school. You all need to save a shred of sanity. 


1 Apr 2020

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We are in week one of lockdownish here in Philly and other parts of the country so figured we should continue talking about Coronapocalypse and what to do with the kids home. Should you have schedules or not? How do YOU work? We will talk about boundaries.  We got this guys, we WILL get through this together.


18 Mar 2020

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Corona Convos

Let's talk about how to talk about the Coronavirus with your little, middle and big kids. Also, how to deal with being home with them and what NOT to do.  Oh, and listen to me butcher a Lizzo song. Who doesn't wanna hear THAT? Oh, I do say "dumbass" so if you listen with your kids, beware. 


11 Mar 2020

Rank #16

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This Meanness Mess

I am so over meanness. I can't believe that we still have kids leaving other kids out, making other kids feel horrible. It blows my mind and what really gets me is that there are some grown-ups who don't do anything about it. They don't think it could be THEIR kid or they don't think it's a big deal or they don't know what to do. Let's talk about this because it's time the meanness STOPPED!!! 


26 Feb 2020

Rank #17

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What The Heck Is A Parenting Partner?

Ok, straight up, what IS a Parenting Partner?? Tune in to get the scoop on what a Parenting Partner is and does and what one (MEEEEE) can bring to your life and fam. Learn the ins and outs and why you need one. 


19 Feb 2020

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Change Your Life With Checklists!

It can be tough to get your kids to stay on track, do their jobs and well, chip in without bribes, yelling and negotiations. Let’s end that right here and now! Magic? Mayyybeee


12 Feb 2020

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What's Wrong With Weird?

I find it so weird that there are so many memes about being yourself and being you and be weird but when it comes down to our kids we want them to be, well normal. I mean we DON'T but we DO. Will others make fun of them if they are different? Will they not have friends? What will the teachers think? Let's talk about it and hear ME get weird with some sound effects and well everything really. 


5 Feb 2020

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