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Asking Out Loud with The New School is a new edition of Cannes Lions Masterclasses. Over the course of this 15-episode podcast series, you’ll tease apart the questions, challenges and curiosities that make some of the world's most creative minds tick.Cannes Lions understands that sometimes the best answer is really a question, so we’ve partnered with New York’s most progressive university to bring these inquiries to the main stage. Here you are invited to challenge assumptions, break with the status quo, and uncover radically new ideas with today's most innovative thinkers.

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How Do You Raise The Next C-Suite?

What does it take to develop talent to become the next generation of business leaders? Karen Kaplan, the current Chairman and CEO of Hill Holiday, is certainly in a position to provide answers. She joined the company as a receptionist, to save money for law school. Three decades later, she’s had just about every job there is to have at an agency, gaining valuable insight into how to approach each business challenge with a fresh perspective. In this episode, Karen shares stories from her career with Melissa Rancourt and explore how she built an executive team of over half women, what it's like to be one of the few female agency chairmen in the country and more.


8 Aug 2018

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