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Tracks by or featuring Jingan Young. Playwright, journalist, producer, editor and recent PhD grad.

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Soho Bites Episode 4 - Melanie Williams and the World Ten Times Over (Wolf Rilla, 1963)

Episode 4 features Melanie Williams from the University of East Anglia. We discuss an underrated 1960s gem, Wolf Rilla's the World Ten Times Over (1963)which stars Sylvia Syms as a Soho nightclub hostess. The BFI describes it: "Though never criminalised, lesbianism was verboten on screen in the early 1960s. Wolf Rilla’s rich, acerbic feature quietly subverted prevailing censorship, hinting at British cinema’s first lesbian relationship. Nightclub hostesses Ginnie (June Ritchie) and Billa (Sylvia Syms) share a flat and an increasing despair at the men in their lives. Syms’ moving, melancholic performance cuts through the compromises to signal Billa’s love for the fragile Ginnie."The beautiful soundtrack of the film was composed by Edwin Astley.Read more on the wonderful 1960s British Cinema Project: https://60sbritishcinema.wordpress.com/Melanie Williams can be found @BritFilmMelaniePlease remember to subscribe and follow on twitter @sohoonscreen


18 Feb 2019

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