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Welcome to The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR, the podcast that gives you an exclusive and unfiltered look behind the scenes of the Australian media landscape and public relations industry. It is the perfect podcast for those dreaming of a career in PR, are aspiring journalists or simply just obsessed with all things digital and traditional media.

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Beauty Business with Alex Fevola

In this week's episode of The Press Office, we are joined by Alex Fevola, who is the Founder & CEO of Runway Room, a proud mother of four daughters and now the best-selling author of Silver Linings. How she does it all is one of the many questions we had to ask her on the podcast, as well as all about how her relationship with the Australian media has evolved, why she started Runway Room and her go-to beauty products.


11 Jul 2022

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Corporate Communications with Martine Alpins

In this week's episode of The Press Office, we are joined by Martine Alpins, the National Media and Communications Manager for Coles Supermarkets and a long-term client of Kate & Co. PR. Martine has had an incredible journey to date, beginning her career as a lawyer before transitioning into broadcast journalism, and finally landing her current role as the communications lead for one of the biggest and most recognised brands in the country. Martine covers some interesting topics including sustainability at Coles and her keen interest in news and current affairs.  


27 Jun 2022

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Talent Management and TikTok with Lily Baker (LMB Management)

In this week's episode of The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR, we are joined by the very talented and ambitious Lily Baker who is the Founder and Director of leading talent management agency LMB Management and LMB Group. LMB looks after some of the country’s biggest influencers (think Rozalia Russian, Elliot Garnaut and Rebecca Harding) and we absolutely adored this chat because not only did we discuss how to find the perfect talent for a campaign, but Lily also gave some great insights into the platform of the moment - TikTok.


20 Jun 2022

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Broadcast Journalism with Michelle Stephenson

In this week’s episode of The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR, we are joined by the vivacious Michelle Stephenson - the National Drive Newsreader for Nova's Kate, Tim and Joel. a panellist on the Today Show and a podcaster for Diamantina Podcasts. Busy is an understatement and so is passionate about all things news, radio and journalism.


13 Jun 2022

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Food and Wine PR with Kara Monssen

During this week's episode of The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR, we are joined by the lovely Kara Monssen who is the Food and Wine Editor and a Digital Journalist for the Herald Sun. Now the hospitality industry has been one of many that has truly suffered during COVID, so it was really interesting catching up with Kara and understanding how her role evolved over the past two years, as well as looking forward to the future by discovering how exactly we can get coverage in her food pages. This episode is an absolute must listen for anyone in hospitality PR or those wanting to carve a career in journalism. 


6 Jun 2022

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Influencer Insights with Emma Hawkins

Learn the ins and outs of the influencer industry with one of our all-time favourite content creators, Emma Hawkins. Emma shares with host Marisa Jayne all about her life as an influencer, content creator, entrepreneur, designer and super mum. Make sure you like and subscribe to support the show! 


30 May 2022

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Reaching Radio with Sacha French

On this week’s episode of The Press Office, host Marisa Jayne chats to the Content Manager of 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed and Erin, Sacha French. Sacha fell in love with radio as a member of the street team and has been a part of the medium ever since, working on various stations and with the talent we all know and love, like Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek. Sacha shares with us how you can get your foot in the door of a major radio network and how to get your brands and products placed on radio shows. 


23 May 2022

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Styling Stars with Donny Galella

Fashion is well and truly in the air following last week’s Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. While we lust away at all of the looks, what better time than now to chat with fashion stylist extraordinaire and a dear friend of the agency Donny Galella on The Press Office. Donny shares with us how he got into styling (trust us, it is such an interesting origin story!) some of his career highlights and of course, how he best works with PRs.


16 May 2022

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PR Agency Life with Kate Keane

Welcome back to Season Two of The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR, launching with none other than the Founder and Director of the agency, Kate Keane. If you are someone who has dreamt of a career in PR, this is the episode for you as Kate shares her career highlights, her trajectory to building her own agency and what truly makes a great publicist.


9 May 2022

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Freelancing, Sustainability and Fashion with Bianca O‘Neill

Today marks the final episode of Season One of The Press Office with Kate & Co. PR and we couldn’t be more thankful for the support since we launched earlier this year. In this week's episode, host Marisa Jayne chats to Bianca O’Neill, a freelance journalist who writes for the likes of Rolling Stone, Fashion Journal, Broadsheet and Refinery 29. The pair chat all about what it is really like as a freelance journalist, advice for those wanting to pursue a career as a journalist and they dive into one of Bianca’s passions - sustainability, especially within the fashion industry.  As always, if you enjoy this episode, please like and share! We can’t wait to be back again next year, bigger and better than before.


13 Dec 2021

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