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Insights, ideas and inspiration from the world of Customer Experience in partnership with Clientship. With particular emphasis on people, brands and experiences which are 'superhero' like in their status. Either they define best in class or are pushing the boundaries for the next generation of customer experience. Series 1 features Employee Engagement, Citizen M and CXRockstar. Series 2 features Customer Journey Mapping, GDPR and CX in a pandemic.Series 3 features the CX World Games, Crisis Management, Recovery and UHNW CX.Series 4 features the Customer's Imagination, Customer Care, a wake up call to CX and Lego Serious Play.

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 1 Intro

Introduction to the Customer Experience Superheroes podcast series.A series inspiring CX Practioners to become CX Superheroes themselves.In the series we will share what the CX superpowers are, how to get them and how to spot them in others.As well as interviewing several CX professionals about their CX Superpower and catching up with some great branded expeirences too. Planned as a 6 part series, we hope it will deliver practical ideas to take from the podcast and action!The CX Superheroes podcast is in association with Clientship, international CX Specialists and presented by Clientship's CX Specialist, Christopher Brooks, 


20 Nov 2019

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 1 Episode 1 Employee Experience

Employees are the true CX Superheroes in any organisation. It is said look after your employees and they will look after your customers. But with only a reported 14% of employees fully engaged, something isn't working. In this episode we interview Employee Engagement expert Simon Gilbert who shares his ideas and frameworks for delivering successful engaged workforces. Simon talks about his time at Sony Mobile where he created an industry leading programme which inspired front line retail staff to take a challenger brand and make it stand out. He shares what he has learned and how has applied it to enable all organisations to create sector leading employee engagement with a new experience programme.As with every episode in this series, we will also identify the CX Superpowers needed to deliver awesome employee experience and become a complete CX Superhero. 


22 Nov 2019

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 1 Episode 2 Citizen M Hotels

There are a handful of brands out there which truly get Customer Experience. The typically disrupt markets and make customers reconsider what matters most to them. Citizen M, the boutique transformational hotel chain started in Amersterdam and has now conqured half the world. It's focus on affordable luxury is brought to life with a consistent brand style and a band of brand Ambassadors in every hotel, empowered to do it all. At Clientship we believe clients are CX Superheroes and their employees posses CX Superpowers which once unearthed bring the brand to life in a more meaningful way for it's customers. Citizen M ticks that box  with a thick marker pen!In this episode I walk through the hotel experience (in Glasgow) sharing observations which demonstrate how Citizen M has come to define the category. And earn Clientship's respect with it. 


3 Dec 2019

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 1 Episode 3 Meet the CXRockstar

In this episode we meet up with the CXRockstar James Dodkins; key note speaker, writer, broadcaster, guitar player and recently crowned No1 CX Influencer in the UK. Christopher Brooks (Clientship) speaks to James about the importance of 'Influence' in Customer Experience. James explains how he sees his role as one to help and inspire others by using a more accessible format; music and creativity. In a very open and honest interview James shares what he does, how he does it and why he loves doing what he does (so well). He provides several ideas and tips to help professionals thrive at customer experience and shares what he thinks will be the focus for the next decade. Leaving you in no doubt of his ability to influence and engage an audience. If you are a budding CX professional or want to learn the CX Superpower of Influence this is a podcast not to be missed.   


6 Jan 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 1 Episode 4 Value of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most recognised practices in customer experience. The ability to demonstrate the value of mapping is less often seen. Maps can be the catalyst to the savings and the gains made from customer experience. Understanding how to value them and create significance amongst the business is key. Having facilitated and designed over 200 journey maps with organisations, I bring expertise from many sectors and mapping scenarios. In this podcast we cover the following aspects of customer journey mapping:- How to value customer journey maps in business terms- Putting customers at the heart of mapping- What the organisation gains from 'CJM'- Explaining journey architectures, epics and why personsa matter- How to keep maps customer focussed and process lightWith future episodes covering journey map design and facilitating 'as is' and 'to be' mapping workshops. 


7 Feb 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 2 Episode 1 - Are there cultural differences in Customer Experience?

In this episode, we meet the first of our series 2 guests; Carlos Espinosa. With over 25 years practising customer experience in Europe and now in South America, Carlos has the requisite experience to discuss the cultural differences in customer experience across borders. In conversation with Clientship's Christopher Brooks (himself an international practitioner in CX), Carlos explains how the demographics of a country can have a bearing on both customer expectations and also the capacity of the infastructure to deliver. Carlos takes us on a journey of discovering citing consultancy examples to emphasise his points on cultural difference and similarity. As well as sharing tips and hints on CX which cab be adapted the world over. Carlos is so renowned in Mexico that he's now part of the Mexican Customer Experience movement which is establishing to recognise the specific CX requeirements of the country. 


10 Feb 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 2 Episode 2 CX in a Crisis

In this episode we showcase 10 organisational responses using customer/employee/community experience to make a difference in a crisis. From Amazon to Loius Vuitton, from Netflix to Pret we detail various endeavours and explore the value of them and to who. These are demonstrating the adaptable nature of strong CX programme management and will act as insipration, as well as idea sets to all.


23 Mar 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 2 Episode 3 - Customer data, permissions & consumer trust in CX

In this episode we deal with a topic often side stepped by CX professionals and practitioners - customer data. We speak to GDPR expert, financial services leader and all round 'one of the good guys', Simon Hinks. I, Christopher Brooks, talk about what responsibilities Customer Experience has when it comes to customers data. Do we ever think about the implied consent when we send out feedback surveys, or do teams map out the customer 'SAR' (subject access request) journey? Or do we assume the CRM, data and compliance team have it covered?Customer experience assumes alot when rolling out the 'wow' experiences, but we really need to make sure we've got the customer's permission first!Simon helps us understand the potential for getting it wrong and how costly that can be to a company in terms of fines but also a loss of customer trust. "If I can't trust you with my data, why will I trust you with anything else?.Anyone in CX shoudl listen to this and find out just how low down the agenda is your data permission considerations, compared to where it should be?Now in our second season, the CX Superheroes podcast series, sponsored by Clientship.


1 Apr 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 2 Episode 4 - Dr Marina Shapira explains the impact of Covid-19 on online consumer behaviour

This is a must hear episode if you are considering what and how to adjust your digital strategy in response to the current pandemic crisis. With the connection between digital behaviour and customer experience as close as any, keeping a watchful eye on changing online trends is critical.  Through data and digital Customer Experience is gradually becoming a more scientific based approach to business decision making. With more focus than ever before on the reliability of behavioural change outsmarting the less reliable sentiment measures of CX. Keeping close to the scientists to understand your next move in a crisis is a smart move.   In this episode, we catch up with a true CX Superhero in this space. Dr Marina Shapira PhD shares with us some of the latest findings into customer research behaviour online during the Covid-19 crisis. We hear how customers shopping habits have changed as a more primal survival instinct kicks in and affecting how we shop as well as what we buy. Marina discusses what is emerging in the studies commissioned with Quantum Metric, a leading specialist in this field.  Dr Shapira explains that a fuzzy combination of logic and emotion are driving a new definition of loyalty, and shares both her hypothesis and evidence to support why this is the case. A fascinating conversation with a true CX Superhero. 


20 Apr 2020

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Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 3 Episode 1 Customer Experience World Games

During lockdown in March 2020, the team at VoC platform solution Limetropy created a concept to bring the CX Community together to create better outcomes for charities, social causes and organisations needing to help their customers, employees, communities and society in general. The Customer Experience World Games 2020 was born. With over 140 players in 6 teams from over 30 countries around the world, the biggest hearted and smartest minds from the world's CX talent has gathered to help others in a crisis and show how CX can make a difference. In this episode Christopher Brooks, MD of Clientship CX meets Helen Burt, an organiser of the games to tell us more about the origination, the set up, what's been acheived so far and the impact it is having on the CX community.  


25 May 2020

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