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A podcast where the average movie fanatic and show aficionado can meet an amusing panel of like minded podcasters. Including a panel member who has escaped from under his rock and is exploring the world of cinema. Each week we'll discuss the latest movie news and rumors while focusing on a specific genre revolving around our selected movie review of the week.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Scream at the Screens Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Scream at the Screens returns with a new episode reviewing the summer’s first blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Entertainment news this week focuses on trailers for the remaining 2017 movie lineup, including Spider-man, The Mummy and Blade Runner 2049. We also visit the upcoming reboots and the characters involved in reestablishing Universal Monster Movie Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 received positive reviews and made a ton of money but didn’t quite have the same draw of the first installment. However, this allowed exploration of other characters while giving indulgent screen time to adorable baby Groot. In conclusion, another win for Marvel and Disney and another step towards the Avengers: Infinity War. Join us next week, or maybe even this week, as we cover King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Finally, the AstroPanda Crew will be attending the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio this weekend (May 26th – 28th). Join us for some fun at Booths 106 and 108. We have shirts, Funko Goodies, buttons and much more. For tickets and other information please visit alamocitycomiccon.com. Links: The Mummy Trailer: Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Alamo City Comic Con News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://incompetech.com/ The post Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review appeared first on AstroPanda.

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23 May 2017

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The Kong: Skull Island Review

The Kong: Skull Island Review This week on Scream at the Screens, we review Kong: Skull Island, discuss family friendly trailers and other movie news. Robert Downey Jr. will play the lead role in a remake of Doctor Dolittle. While Mulan live action is promised to be a “girly martial arts extravaganza…”. Pixar released a trailer for its latest Movie Coco, and the Despicable Me 3 trailer better explains the plot. Kong: Skull Island had a successful opening weekend and strong reviews. It establishes Kong in preparation for his role in the expanded MonsterVerse where he will meet Godzilla. It was a well-done CGI mega monster movie and is worth watching on the big screen or renting once it’s available. Join us next week for our review of Life as chosen by our Twitter pole. If you plan to be at the Fan Expo Dallas be sure to look for our AstroPanda Shop booth and let us know you’re a listener. Links: //fanexpodallas.com News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (//creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: //incompetech.com/ The post The Kong: Skull Island Review appeared first on AstroPanda.


28 Mar 2017

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The Logan Movie Review

The Logan Movie Review Scream at the Screens is back again with a review for the long awaited movie Logan plus a bonus review of John Wick Chapter 2. In trailers, Life finally shows why their small alien is so terrifying, while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, revealed some new characters. Alien Covenant provided an action packed trailer, revealing an aggressive Xenomorph reminiscent of Aliens. Both Logan and John Wick Chapter 2, prove how successful R- rated movies can be, earning both high ratings and box office returns. Logan is a Swan song for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that doesn’t quite meet some hardcore fan standards. However, any movie that has a tween girl attacking like a deadly spider monkey is sure to please fans. John Wick wins by picking up right from the first movie and not stopping till the credits roll. It’s a non-stop murder fest that will satisfy any action movie fan. Next week the review will be for Kong Skull Island. We will need help deciding between Life and Power Rangers on our Twitter Poll @ScreamatScreens.  March 31 – April 2 will be at Fan Expo Dallas. Look for the AstroPanda Shop, tell us you’re podcast listener and earn some AstroPanda Productions swag. References: News Theme 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (//creativecommons.org/licenses/…) Artist: //audionautix.com/ The post The Logan Movie Review appeared first on AstroPanda.

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14 Mar 2017

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The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie Review On Scream at the Screens this week we cover the highly anticipated The Lego Batman Movie and an exciting segment of entertainment news. Fans have collectively swooned to see a featurette for the Avengers: Infinity War. We were also reminded of how funny Chris Hemsworth is in his latest Thor living as a regular human clip. We discussed the rumors of Ben Affleck wanting out of Batman, what is Red Nose Day, what it will bring this year and how the untitled Han Solo film released a cast photo earlier this week. There were some stupid decisions made this week too; such as the second episode of The Walking dead and Paramount’s decision to cut Friday the 13th. AstroPanda Productions News Loads of AstroPanda Productions news this week. Check out all of our podcasts at the AstroPanda Productions website. We say welcome to Still Human Podcast joining our show lineup. Listen to their podcast here. Also, we will be at Fan Expo Dallas 31 March – 2 April 2017, if you have a podcast and would like join our team or just want to meet us and buy some Funko Pops! please stop by. They have amazing guests lined up this year too, check out everything at Fan Expo Dallas today. Lookout for the new and improved AstroPanda Productions website coming late March 2017. The Lego Batman Movie review was low on gripes and high on praises. Critics and box office totals seem to agree. We discuss the amazing cast, the great one-liners and the plethora of Batman Easter eggs. This movie is a must see. Join us for the second half of this episode where we cover John Wick 2 Links: Follow us on Twitter Avengers: Infinity War Featurette A Day in the Life of Thor Red Nose Day Han Solo Cast Photo The post The Lego Batman Movie Review appeared first on AstroPanda.


26 Feb 2017

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The Taboo Review, Trailers and More

The Taboo Review This week we review the new FX Series Taboo starring Tom Hardy. Then attempt to give our opinions on the TONS of “Big Game” Trailers. As for trailers / TV spots associated with “The Big Game” (we know we can’t say it…… the NFL owns the words), Logan gives us a small sample of Caliban the albino mutant and Laura running through the woods with what appears to be classmates, maybe other mutants, we will know soon. The Life Big Game Spot trailer didn’t provide much, but the extended one found online gives us hope. This movie may have some of the best elements of classic alien horror movies like The Thing and Alien. The 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie has a wonderfully dark villain and brings back Orlando Bloom, who seems to have had added more value in previous sequels then his lovely co-actress. We briefly discuss other less exciting sequels (*cough* Fate of the Furious) until we arrive at the sequel everyone is looking forward to, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. A recent article from The Hollywood Reporter states “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has tested higher than any Marvel Studios movie in the company’s nine-year history.” The test audience gave it a perfect score of 100%. We end entertainment news with a teaser of our upcoming special two-part edition of Scream at the Screens where we review both The Lego Batman Movie and John Wick: Chapter 2, tune in next week for those reviews. The episode ends with our review of Taboo and an interesting discussion about pyramids that you’ll want to check out. This episode was awesome and we had a great time recording, thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time. Entertainment News: 00:50 Taboo Review: 32:20 Links: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/guardians-galaxy-vol-2-scores-extremely-rare-100-test-screening-974277 Follow us on Twitter @ScreamatScreens The post The Taboo Review, Trailers and More appeared first on AstroPanda.

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12 Feb 2017

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The Young Pope Review

This episode we review the HBO Series The Young Pope, charged with content geared towards jump starting your Vatican City experience. In entertainment news, we discuss the newly titled “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, The Han Solo movie and the Oscars. Then follow up with a brief overview of the extensive Disney live action and remake line up.Follow us on Twitter @screamatscreens.. Entertainment News The release of the Star Wars Title has led to a plethora of extensive fan theories. The same can be said for the yet titled Han Solo movie, as the confirmed cast member list slowly grows. Award season is upon us and unsurprisingly the musical “La La Land” is leading the rest with 14 nominations. We think they’re a shoe in for best picture, but request our Twitter followers to vote on who they think will win. We end entertainment news with covering the ever-expanding Disney classic remake line up, which seems to have no end in sight. Live Action Disney Movies / Remakes The Young Pope Review Moving on to the topic of this episode, we introduce The Young Pope, an Italian produced show that HBO merely bought the rights to distribute. It is created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino and chronicles the arrival of 40 something American pope Lenny Belardo Pope Pius XIII. Paolo has a very unique and specific style that’s very effective in presenting the story. He began writing the series 4 years ago where he was forced to predict future political climates around the globe. Paolo Sorrentino Interview The cast is an incredible mix of American and Italian actors, very prolific and popular in their native market. It is a delight to watch all these talented artists portray their interpretation of the conflict with what is considered Godly and what they think needs to be done in the best interest of the church. In fact, the whole theme of the show is best explained by Jude Law, he states “The story is about faith and doubt” and “Questions faith, faith in ourselves, faith in other people, faith in a system.” HBO Behind the Scenes Not only is the show effective at showing the kind of conflict expected from the highest church in Catholicism but the details involved makes the viewer want to further question and investigate. True to form, we did our own research during the writing process and came across 5 interesting facts we wanted to share. Movies That Get Too Much Hate We follow up the review with a new section we will call Movies That Get Too Much Hate. Since we are obvious movie fanatics we each have collections of movies we can’t comprehend that others would dislike. For this week it’s Constantine (2005) and Dracula Untold (2014). Contact us on Twitter @screamatscreens and tell movies you would have chosen. Links and References: HBO Behind the Scenes Paolo Sorrentino Interview Scream at the Screens Website Follow us on Twitter @ScreamatScreens The post The Young Pope Review appeared first on AstroPanda.

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31 Jan 2017

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe Review

This Week in Entertainment News Before we get to the Autopsy of Jane Doe Review we start off this episode of SATS by discussing an awesome new trailer for “Logan” just hours before recording. This movie will earn its R-rating without looking like they were trying too hard. Follow us on Twitter @screamatscreens.. The latest trailer for “The Power Rangers” was also released and it thankfully seemes to have all the nostalgia with only half the cheese. There was also some released info and spoilers for some highly anticipated shows and Movies. – It’s been verified that “Jurassic World 2” will have Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and no heels. – The HBO Deadwood movie has been given the go ahead after years of promises and anticipation. – Zoe Kravitz is happy to discuss how her role in the next couple of “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” movies will be fairly significant. Though it’s still not sure who will play Dumbledore, but we have our choices. Look us up on @ScreamatScreens to let us know if you agree. We’ve given in to the “Game of Thrones” predictions and over indulged on leaked photos and fan theories. There is a limited amount of soft spoilers but if your craving more in depth ones visit one of the following Youtube or Reddit pages. – The Last Harpy on Youtube – ALT Shift X on Youtube – Free Folk on Reddit, There has also been news that everyone’s favorite GOT character, Peter Dinklage, will be staring in the Avengers: Infinity war movies. Though his role still remains a mystery. The Autopsy of Jane Doe Review Just to lay this out there, this movie has excellent delivery of nail-biting, face hiding tension and horror, completely unexpected from a straight to streaming movie. Directed by the man responsible for “The Troll Hunter”, André Øvredal. This too is a low budget movie with high praises, earning a certified Fresh 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.9 on IMDB. This Movie was privately funded so there’s no known Budget but it’s expected to be 1-2 Million. Brian Cox, the father in the two person father and son lead roles, gives an excellent performance that enhances the sincerity of the movie. Emile Hirsh and the body/Jane Doe (Olwen Kelly), are the other two leads and they both give great performances, even if one is just focusing on staying still for hours. The movie is a clever mix of wondering what is an illusion and what is real all while scaring the bejeezus out of the viewers. It’s a movie definitely worth renting from iTunes or Amazon Prime to watch with the lights off. Join us next week where we’ll be discussing the first three episodes of the HBO original limited series “The Young Pope”. The post The Autopsy of Jane Doe Review appeared first on AstroPanda.

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21 Jan 2017

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2016 Revisited and the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

Welcome to the first 2017 episode of Scream at the Screens, an episode of 2016 reviews, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and what we’re looking forward to in 2017. This was SATS first year as a Podcast and we were fortunate enough to start of with a memorable and successful Rated-R comic book movie: “Deadpool”. The year gave us some great TV too with the epic 6th season of “Game of Thrones”, a sad yet oddly boring season of “The Walking Dead” and introducing us to “Stranger Things” and “Westworld”. As expected Disney ruled the box office and gave us our first look at “Doctor Strange” and the Awesome “Captain America Civil War”. They also proved they could make believable CGI live action animal focused movies. However, as great as the movies and TV were this year, it did not make up for all the great entertainers we’ve lost. Stars like Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, David Bowie Music legends like Prince and George Michael and last but not least Carrie Fisher and her adored mother Debbie Reynolds. Carrie’s death leaves fans wondering how her death will effect Star Wars or if they will just use CGI to bring her back like they did in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. Rogue One did as good as expected if not more and is well on its way to making 1 billion worldwide. It received warm reviews by critics and praise from fans. The movie has it flaws and strengths but overall it was an awesome success and received a solid 9 rating from us. The upcoming year has a highly anticipated line up of movies, which we try to cover a large portion of, or at least hope to touch on the obvious blockbusters. There are also some unexpected remakes such as a Friday the 13th, which details of that movie can be heard on one of our fellow Podcasts “Return to Camp Blood” Join us next week where we will cover a little known but well made horror movie “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” and hit us up on twitter to let us know what highlights we missed of 2016 or what we should be anticipating for 2017. The post 2016 Revisited and the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review appeared first on AstroPanda.

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14 Jan 2017

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Welcome to another episode of Scream at the Screens, where we will be covering the latest Disney princess masterpiece, Moana. But first to start off with a bit of entertainment news: As discussed before on SATS there is a “Justice League Dark” Animated movie, and now the release date is for February 201&. The trailer looks interesting and supports the theory, that much like Wolverine to X-men, Batman needs to appear in anything DC related. Last week we discussed how Chris Rock will be getting $40 Million from Netflix for two upcoming comedy specials and how much better it would be if they did the same for Dave Chappelle. Well good news is they are and not just two shows but three for $60 million. Another story in the news, which needed to be addressed, was how “Doctor Strange” has made more than the first “Iron Man”. This is a completely idiotic comparison since “Iron Man” has paved the way for the Marvel movies to come after. In What We’re Watching, we of course discuss he hottest show out right now, and no that’s not The Walking Dead, we’ll talk about that later; it’s “Westworld” on HBO. This week was another great episode leading up to what we can all hope will be an incredible finale. On “The Walking Dead” we are all still being dragged along on these filler episodes that should eventually have a purpose. However, it was great to see how well Maggie, Sasha and Jesus all work together. For the Main feature we covered the latest Disney animated release Moana. It’s a story of a young daughter of an ancient Polynesian chief who sets out on a journey to save her island. It’s filled with gorgeous visuals and great music and has an amazing cast. It hits the classic Disney formula, which is to be expected from the duo that wrote and directed, “The little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”, “Hercules” and other classic Disney movies. It currently holds a rating of 98% on rotten tomatoes and 8.5 on IMDB. It had a great opening weekend with almost $100 Million worldwide. Even Ricardo, who is clearly not a fan of the Disney Princess genre, admits the movie had much more good then bad in it. In What you Should be Watching, We cover the Netflix releases for December. Tiffany goes with what she feels to be a 90’s classic “Toys” With Robin Williams While Ricardo goes with “Beverly Hills Cop”. Not to mention several other classics coming to Netflix this month. The post Moana appeared first on AstroPanda.

7 Dec 2016

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Finally the “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” episode has arrived and the Harry Potter loving panel is all too happy to discuss it. Follow us on Twitter @screamatscreens.. But first entertainment news: “Kong: Skull Island” has released its 2nd much longer and detailed trailer that creates a confusing mix of reactions. From awe at the size of Kong, to the doubts that the story line wont be much better than the last. At least the cast looks great: The next trailer is surprisingly serious, which is not the norm for the SATS crew. “The Zookeepers Wife” is a movie based on the true story of the director of a Polish Zoo in Warsaw and his family who help 300 Jews escape the Ghettos during the Nazi invasion in 1939. An obvious tearjerker that looks worth the watch In non-trailer news, it has been announced that “Mortal Combat” will be having a reboot, which seems like a good thing considering how CGI and 3D have improved since the 1995 version. However, it would seem a director of commercials will be steering this ship and the 1995 producer will be involved. The only saving grace is that James Wong will also be one of the producers involved. Another article of interest is from the Hollywood Reporter discussing the rising pay for big names on TV. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/robert-de-niros-making-how-tv-is-becoming-an-atm-top-talent-947397. They list a variety of cast from Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead as well as the big Netflix shows. The pay checks of some of these actors/actresses is mind blowing. Including Chris Rock who will be getting pad $20 Million each for two comedy specials. Wish they would make a deal like that with Dave Chapelle, his SNL TWD skit was hilarious. Moving on to what were watching, Ricardo and Tiffany express their disappointment with “The Walking Dead” that seems to be pulling another season 2 of drawn out drama and filler episodes. However, fans have learned you can say “Slip my dick down your throat” on AMC, Awesome!!! Another TV mammoth “American Horror Story” has completed its 6 season. This season was an adrenaline filled hot mess. However, this season may have taken the cake for a good season that went out on a whimper instead of a roar. Now on to the main Attraction; the long awaiting release of “Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them” was well received this past weekend. It had a $75 Million opening Domestically, $143 Million World Wide for a $218 Million Total. That’s at least enough to cover the production cost of $180 million and secure the sequels. It didn’t hit the high notes in ratings, getting only 76% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.0 on IMDB but it was definitely magical. This review is from a pair of Harry Potter fanatics, therefore it comes across as critical, but there’s nothing but love as Ricardo and Tiffany discuss their biggest complaints that pale in comparison to their favorite parts. Some points might go a bit deep into the Harry Potter fandom but it’s useful information for those who are new to the J.K. Rowling Wizarding World. In What You Should be Watching, One of Tiffany’s favorite horror anthology movies, “Tales From The Dark Side” is now available on Netflix, and like many of these horror shorts from the 90’s, they are filled with budding big name actors. Ricardo covers two new to DVD releases on movies that have been reviewed on SATS before, “Kubo and the Two Strings” and “Wardogs”, both movies received good reviews. For next weeks review the Movie will be “Moana” and as it is a “kids” movie there will be a special guest, Noah. A 9 year old that has had so much movie knowledge pushed on him; he can now guess plot points better than most adults. He will join only for the actual movie review as the SATS crew already struggles to remain PG-13. The post Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them appeared first on AstroPanda.

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22 Nov 2016

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