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This is the superfeed from Loitering In Wonderland Studios 2018. Every podcast plus the audio from all videos. Each show is available in its own feed and also on YouTube under Loitering In Wonderland. Features episodes of LIW Movie Review, The Incredible Negative Man!, LIW Improv Theater, LIW The Twilight Zone Review, LIW The Walking Dead Review, LIW American Horror Story Review, LIW Westworld Review, LIW Tales From The Crypt Review, American’t, B-Movie Battle!, LIW+, Nic Cage Cast, NyQuil & Cocaine.

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732 - B-Movie Battle! 35 - Dead Dudes In The House (1989) Vs. Dead End Drive-In (1986)

An elderly-ghost-zombie-slasher film versus an Australian post-apocalyptic film where vicious gangs terrorize the land. (It's not Mad Max) It's Dead Dudes In The House from 1989 (Not 1991 like it says in the episode numerous times) VERSUS Dead End Drive-In from 1986. It's a shit-show off hosted by a shit show-off.


31 Dec 2018

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734 - LIW+ 30 - Full Movie Commentary 35B - Dead End Drive-In (1986)

What happens when you mix Mad Max with a plot that doesn't make a lick of sense? Dead End Drive-In. It tried so hard but didn't bother to write a plot that explained the plot.

1hr 31mins

30 Dec 2018

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733 - LIW+ 29 - Full Movie Commentary 35A - Dead Dudes In The House (1989)

I have a strange history with this movie that is explained in the BMB! 35 episode so go check that out. I've been burned several times by this 'film'. A movie that wasn't what I expected and I actually respect compared to similar genre films of the decade. It tried something new and failed but at least they tried. Anyway, watch as I do live commentary on this strange movie that couldn't decide on a title.

1hr 37mins

30 Dec 2018

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731 - B-Movie Battle! 34 - Nic Cage Cast 17 - Joe (2013) vs. Mandy (2018)

The ping pong balls chose Joe and for once didn't fuck me. Then I forgot I watched it and went to review Mandy. Thus was born the first versus of the NCC series. Which will win? Does it even matter?www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland Loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com Patreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudiosWe'd like to thank our Patreon demon:The Indy Sportscar Podcast


27 Dec 2018

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730 - LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 122 - Time Enough At Last Redux & Live Episode Commentary (TZ 408)

Queue this episode up with Netflix, starting at the 0 second mark. Watch it on silent with subtitled and listen as we make fun of the wife's decorating, how far on the spectrum the main character is and how he's a junkie for reading.www.LIWstudios patreon.com/loiteringinwonderlandstudiosWe'd like to thank our Patreon hero: The Indy Sportscar Podcast


16 Dec 2018

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729 - The Podcasts Podcast - 42 - Pinball Podcasts

We learned about pinball machines. Too much so, in fact. Plus, describing a pinball machine in great detail is a futile effort. Lesson learned.www.LIWstudios.com Youtube.com/Loiteringinwonderlandloiteringinwonderland@gmail.comPatreon.com/loiteringinwonderlandstudiosWe'd like to thank our Pinball Wizard: The Indy Sportscar PodcastStraight Down The Middle - 77: Halloween Special Monster Mash Remake LE Remake - 11.21.18 - 1hr https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sdtm-episode-77-halloween-special-monster-bash-remake/id1279821584?i=1000424355994&mt=2The Slam Tilt Podcast - 117: The Final Countdown - 11.20.18 - 1hr4m https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-117-the-final-countdown/id1134814365?i=1000424260899&mt=2Kaneda's Pinball Podcast - 277: "What Scares Me About Pinball" - 10.31.18 - 1hr3m https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-277-what-scares-me-about-pinball/id1073821815?i=1000422968246&mt=2

1hr 17mins

15 Dec 2018

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728 - LIW Westworld Review - 13 - Journey Into Night (201)

Finally getting around to season 2 of Westworld. In this episode we see a genecide, Lee's wiener and Phoenix discusses not needing nudity for a show. Seriously.www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.comPatreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudiosWe'd like to thank our Patreon hero: The Indy Sportscar Podcast


14 Dec 2018

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727 - LIW American Horror Story Review - 34 - The End (801)

The world ends and only attractive gay men survive. Plus everyone looks like a Matrix vampire or something. I will say this about season 8: Apocalypse... so far so good. Much, much better than the Freak Show season. Much.www.LIWstudios.com Youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderlandloiteringinwonderland@gmail.comPatreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudiosWe'd like to thank our Patreon hero: The Indy Sportscar Podcast


13 Dec 2018

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726 - LIW The Walking Dead Review - 124 - The Walking Dead - 901 - A New Beginning (Live Episode Commentary)

I made a change to the show and it's the only way I'm willing to do the show anymore. This is a live episode commentary of A New Beginning so if you want to listen to it that way, awesome. If not it'll be weird because of the pauses between talking. Then afterward I'm doing a quick wrap-up of the episode. I'm making this change for two reasons. 1: This show pisses me off and I don't want to watch it anymore but people like the podcast. 2: I used to watch the episode while taking notes and then review the show for 20-40 minutes afterward and it took up too much time. So here we are. Maybe I'll continue this. Maybe not.www.LIWstudios.com Patreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudios

1hr 8mins

6 Dec 2018

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725 - TINM! - 78 - “Sex Movies Are So Fucking Boring. Unless It’s A Porno ‘Cause At Least There’s A Completion At The End Of It.” Phoenix On WOTR Part 2

Part 2 of 2. Phoenix yet again goes on Way Off Topic Radio for a 3 GODDAMN HOUR LONG PODCAST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Shit gets serious and nothing gets accomplished like any good podcast goes. You've got Frank Linkz, Dan LeFebvre and Phoenix discussing troll culture. Phoenix and Dan attempt to switch the topic to movies but Frank won't let them.www.LIWstudios.com Patreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudios

1hr 19mins

3 Dec 2018

Rank #10