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The Fantasy Debate with Sam & Tate

The Fantasy Debate with Sam & Tate: Sam Holt & Derek Tate may have common ground when it comes to who shot first between Han Solo & Greedo, the expansion of the multi-verse post End Game, and even the validity of Die Hard as a Christmas movie. However, when it comes to Fantasy Football, the two of them are as opposite as Gimli and Legolas.An iLogic Media Network Production | www.ilogicmedia.comDr. Roto Fantasy Sports | www.drroto.com

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Bye Week Fill In’s & WinView Props

Sam & Tate cover players they like as Bye Week fillings for week 6 & cover the WinView Props for the Thursday Night Matchup, Tampa Bay Bucs vs Philadelphia Eagles


14 Oct 2021

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Week 3 Injuries & Thursday Night WinView Props

Sam & Tate cover the injuries from Week 2 that will dictate your lineup decisions going into week 3. Plus, the duo takes on another round of WinView Games for the Thursday Night Game where the Panthers take on the Texans. 


23 Sep 2021

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Week 1 to Week 2 Bounce Back + TNF WinView Props

Sam & Tate break down the bounce back candidates from week 1 into week 2, plus the players & teams they’re still worried about. Finally Sam & Tate kickoff their partnership with WinView Games and cover the prop lined up for Thursday Night Football, Giants vs the Washington Football Team. 


16 Sep 2021

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Week 1 Hype & MKF Prop Bets

Sam & Tate cover players they’re most hyped to see in week 1 & Monkey Knife Fight Props for Thursday Night Football!


10 Sep 2021

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Cam’s Cut & Ride the Bus

Sam &.Tate cover Cam’s sudden cut from the Patriots. Where do they see him landing, and where do they value Mac Jones in Fantasy right now? They also cover JK Dobbins injury and how to value Gus Edwards going forward. Plus weighing that value in the mix of other running backs & receivers when drafting in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th rounds. 


2 Sep 2021

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QB & RB News ADP Fallout

Sam & Tate discuss the new starting quarterbacks for the Bear, Broncos and Saints. The fallout from the Travis Etienne injury, and how to value Sony Michel in the Rams backfield. 


27 Aug 2021

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Hype Trains & QB Draft Strategies

This week Derek is the conductor letting you know which hype trains to board and pass on before you enter your next draft, while Sam covers the quarterback position in draft strategy letting you know who to target in Single QB & Super Flex Leagues. 


20 Aug 2021

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Zero RB vs double stacked RB strategies

Tate & Sam cover zero RB vs double stacked RB strategies.


16 Aug 2021

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Overvalued & Undervalued Tight Ends

Sam Holt and Derek Tate debate their overrated tight ends for their ADP and give a couple of late-round values at the position.


6 Aug 2021

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Overvalued & Undervalued Running Backs

Sam & Tate discuss Running Back ADP. They cover their Overpriced, Late Round Value and Breakout candidates for the 2021 season. 


30 Jul 2021

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