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James Felton interviews various executives and coaches for their insights on the best practices for leaders.

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Pat Vihtelic: Leadership Food for Thought

James interviews Pat Vihtelic, founder and CEO of Home Chef. Home Chef is a subscription based meal kit company that delivers quality meals to millions of subscribers each month. In this podcast, Pat discusses his evolution as a leader, the traits he looks for in his employees, and the successful merger of his company with Kroger, currently one of the largest supermarket chains. 


6 May 2021

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Tim Leman: The Edge in Focusing on the Long Game

James is joined by Tim Leman, the chairman and CEO of Gibson located in South Bend, Indiana. He is on a number of boards and is the author of the book rEvolution: Turn Crisis into Clarity and Ignite Growth. He shares his experiences about creating a healthy company that is built upon a strong leadership model, his hiring practices, and his emphasis on connecting with his employees in a genuine way. 


3 Mar 2021

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Jon Brady: President of Midtown Athletic Clubs

James Felton and fellow colleague Keith Hadley, interview Jon Brady, President of Midtown Athletic Club. Jon shares his unique experiences prior to Midtown that crafted the philosophies he holds today. Jon also shares that he was on the trajectory to having one of the best years yet because he took the time to develop a cohesive team and create clarity that has been adopted company wide. While COVID has presented a challenge to the industry, he's confident that because of the solid foundation, Midtown will continue down its strong path. 

1hr 1min

31 Jan 2021

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Keith Hadley: Lessons learned from 2020

James interviews Keith Hadley, friend and colleague. They discuss a variety of lessons that they learned from working with leadership teams during 2020. 


22 Jan 2021

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Mitch Bell: The Culture at Marvel Studios

James interviews Mitch Bell, Vice President and Co-Producer at Marvel Studios. Mitch shares about the culture at Marvel and why it has become so successful over the past several years. He shares that the passion for making these movies, along with several other core values, is what brings back quality staff and loyal fans time and time again. 


15 Oct 2020

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Deb Ellisen: Building Better Teams through TeamSight

Debbie Ellisen, formerly a Table Group consultant, shares about her experiences transitioning from a career of coaching CEO's and executive teams to being the CEO of a company called TeamSight. TeamSight specializes in helping teams work together more effectively by leveraging the strengths of each team member. Check out more about the company by visiting https://teamsight.co/ and enjoy a 30-day free trial to find out more. 


16 Sep 2020

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Peter Kim: The Many Layers & Lessons From The Founder of an Int’l Fashion Brand

James interviews founder of Hudson Jeans, Peter Kim. In this interview, they discuss the challenges and the opportunities that came out of his family background and his experiences establishing a healthy culture at Hudson Jeans. He also will share about the exciting new work he is doing creating a "brand laboratory".

1hr 5mins

17 Aug 2020

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Kevin Hambly: Leadership lessons from a 2-time National Champion Coach

In this episode, James interviews Stanford volleyball coach, Kevin Hambly. Kevin has had great success over the years coaching at both Stanford and University of Illinois. He attributes a lot of his success to building a positive culture, growing in self-awareness, focusing on peer to peer accountability, and looking for both athletic ability and a positive culture fit when recruiting new players. 

1hr 6mins

31 Jul 2020

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Ben Westra: The Evolution of a Leader

James interviews Ben Westra, CEO of WDS Construction. He explains how he evolved as a leader throughout his time working and leading the company. 


18 Jun 2020

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Mike McHargue: Rookie Mistakes

James is joined by friend and colleague, Mike McHargue. Mike has 20+ years of leadership experience and is now serving as a Table Group consultant. In addition to being a consultant, he recently wrote the book "Rookie Mistakes". In his book, he provides a collection of wisdom and advice from some of the top executives in the US. On this podcast, he shares some of the leadership advice he has gleaned over the years from these leaders and how to apply it into a variety of situations.To find out more about Mike, feel free to visit his website www.mike-mchargue.com and be sure to check out his book Rookie Mistakes on Amazon. 


28 May 2020

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