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Do you want to learn about the current and future state of cannabis in Europe? Then look no further! Tom and his guests have you covered. Each episode ex-budtender (with a rock’n’roll past) and Smells Like Business co-founder Tom Pettit talks to different cannabusinesses, ganjapreneurs and cannabis specialists making it easier for you to enter, and better understand, the European cannabis industry.Theme song by Alex Camp, @campstagram1

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#40 - Providing Scientific Solutions for the Cannabis Industry in the UK - Chris Tasker from Global Cannabinoid Solutions

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Chris Tasker, the founder of Global Cannabinoid Solutions. Chris has been working closely with Social Cannabis Clubs around the UK, helping them have meaningful and constructive conversations with law enforcements. Coming from an academic and scientific background he has bring science to the cannabis conversation. What grew out of this was Global Cannabinoid Solutions where Chris, along with several other like minded individuals, still try and move the cannabis conversation forward but also provide scientific support and solutions to businesses who are either in or wanting to enter the cannabis industry. Chris explains how Global Cannabinoid Solutions grew out of an idea, what different services and courses they provide, what the UK needs to do to help patients medicating with cannabis, and how to push the industry forward. Other topics discussed:What is the Cannamanual?How can patients medicate with cannabis safely in the UKBringing science, education and business together in the cannabis industryThe difficulties of conducting scientific research on cannabis at universities in the UKWhy the British government will not fund cannabis researchTest study on Social Cannabis Club in DurhamWhy is there so much talk about CBD?The importance of education in moving the cannabis industry and conversation forwardLinks:Global Cannabinoid Solutions - https://globalcannabinoidsolutions.com/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-cannabinoid-solutions/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GlobalCannabinoidSolutionsLinkedIn: Chris Tasker - https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-tasker/ 


15 Oct 2021

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#39 - Creating Unified Standards for the Cannabis Industry - Brett Puffenbarger from FOCUS

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Brett Puffenbarger, who is the Director of Marketing and Sales for FOCUS - The Foundation Of Unified Standards. Brett shares what it’s like working for FOCUS, and how they are working with different companies and government agencies to create compliances and unified standards to help better the cannabis industry. He also explains what kind of services FOCUS provides, and what kind of standards they are creating and implementing around the world.Brett points out some of the issues in the cannabis industry,  how unified standards can address some of these issues, and how different governments and businesses are implementing these standards. Tom and Brett also discuss some of the pitfalls in the cannabis industry and what Europe should look out for.Other topics discussed:When and why FOCUS was createdWhat is “Good Highdeas”?How are different US states approaching cannabis legalisation?How should the US government approach the federal legalisation of cannabis?What can Europe learn from the US?How to post good content on LinkedInHow Brett manages his time between so many projectsLinks:FOCUS - https://www.focusstandards.org/Good Highdeas - https://www.goodhighdeas.net/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brettpuffenbarger/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/brettpuffenbarger/Previous Episode with Brett Puffenbarger - #20 - Bridging the Gap From Bong to BoardroomThe CannaBS Detector Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/fi/podcast/the-cannabs-detector/id1422449205


1 Oct 2021

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#38 - A Writer’s Tale and the ”Weed of Wonder” - Jules Marshall

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Jules Marshall, a writer from the uk who has been living in Amsterdam since the 90’s. Jules shares how he went from writing about social issues, technology and the internet, to writing about cannabis and other herbal drugs and remedies. He was one of the first journalists to write about Ayahuasca in the 90’s after travelling to the Amazon and trying it for himself. Jules also discusses his latest project collaborating with the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum, where they have spent the last several years working on a book called the “Weed of Wonder”. The book provides an enormous amount of information about the cannabis plant. It is an encyclopedia on what this plant has done, is doing, and will do in the future, and also takes an in depth look at the Dutch approach towards cannabis. From its dark history to its bright future, there is one thing for sure, cannabis is still shrouded in plenty of mystery.Other topics discussed:How to research cannabis properlyAmsterdam and the “Golden Ages” (in the 90’s)The struggles of writing a bookLooking at cannabis from a biological and anthropological perspectiveThe cannabis “dark ages”How the tolerance towards cannabis in the Netherlands has changedThe potential of hempThe importance of a good career partnerLinksWeed of Wonder - https://weedofwonder.nl/Hash, Marijuana and Hash Museum - https://hashmuseum.com/Episode with Noah Tucker about High Cuisine - #26 - Creating High Cuisine with CannabisArticle about Ayahuasca - The IndependentArticle about UK techno-hippie culture in the 90’s - Wired Magazine


2 Sep 2021

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#37 - What’s the Deal With Delta-8 THC?

Are you wondering why there is so much talk about Delta-8 THC? Or are you perhaps curious to try it? Or do you have no idea what it is? Well you are not alone. It is the latest cannabinoid shrouded in mystery to hit the market, but not without its controversy. On this episode Tom discusses what Delta-8 THC is, how it’s made, what effects it has on the human body, and why you should be cautious about trying it. 


20 Aug 2021

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#36 - How To Grow Hemp and Medical Cannabis in Portugal - Humberto J. Nogueira

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Humberto J. Nogueira, who has been working with hemp and medical cannabis in Portugal since 2014. He explains what the current situation looks like for hemp and medical cannabis producers, how the Portuguese government wants to move forward with legislation, and what impact it is having on the country. Humberto also sheds light on the latest developments of the EU legislation in regards to CBD, and how different European countries are approaching CBD. We also discuss what it takes to be a Portuguese hemp producer, which cultivars are best suited for the southern European climate, and what can be done with hemp crops post harvesting. Humberto is also a part of several hemp and medical cannabis associations, such as HempToday and CannaCasa (Portuguese Association of Industrial Hemp). Other topics discussed:How is the new medical cannabis legislation in Portugal affecting the hemp industry?The importance of security when producing hemp and medical cannabisWhen is the best time to sow your hemp seeds?Differences between growing hemp for fibre, flower, or seedsWhat is the bureaucracy process in Portugal for hemp and medical cannabis producers?The difficulties of scaling up in PortugalGetting the most out of your cropsWhen to sell CBD flowers and biomass to the European marketFinola and the advantages of using this autoflowering cultivar from the EU catalogueLinks:LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/humberto-j-nogueira/CannaCasa - https://www.cannacasa.pt/Hemp Today - https://hemptoday.net/Episode with Maren Krings about Hemp - #23 - Photographing Hemp Projects


5 Aug 2021

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#35 - Medical Cannabis in Denmark - Dr. Julie Moltke

On this episode Tom is interviewing Dr Julie Moltke, a Danish doctor living in Sweden at her farm and mindfulness retreat. On the previous episode, they discussed all things CBD. Here the focus shifts to medical cannabis. Dr Julie tells us a bit about the current use of medical cannabis in Europe, with a special focus on Denmark. Dr Julie also explains the different uses of medical cannabis, lists some of the medical conditions and illnesses cannabis can help treat, and shares her opinion on why doctors don't prescribe it more often. Other topics discussed:What are the potential dangers of cannabis use?How does cannabis fit into western medicine?What are the benefits of a more holistic approach in medicineThe 4 year clinical trial on medical cannabis in DenmarkThe relationship between cannabis and psychosis?Is smoking cannabis at young age dangerous?Is medical cannabis easily accessible in Denmark?Links:Dr Julie Moltke's Website Clinic HorstedEpisode with Dr. Julie Moltke about CBD - #34 - A Quick Guide To CBD


23 Jul 2021

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#34 - A Quick Guide to CBD - Dr. Julie Moltke

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Dr. Julie Moltke, who is from Denmark but lives in Sweden. As a doctor she prescribes CBD and medical cannabis to patients, and has also written a book about CBD called “A Quick Guide to CBD”. Julie explains what CBD actually is, what the endocannabinoid system is and how CBD interacts with it, as well as what effects CBD can have on the body and mind. CBD has exploded onto the European and American markets, and is growing in popularity day by day. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what this amazing cannabinoid is, and how best to utilise it. Most people in the cannabis industry are well aware of CBD, but scientists are still learning new things about it everyday, as Dr. Julie Moltke explains. If you’ve never tried CBD but are curious to, or you are a novice user, then this episode will definitely be helpful. On the other hand, if you are well versed in all things cannabis and CBD related but do not come from a medical background, then there is still a lot you can learn, as Julie explains things from a medical perspective.Other topics discussed:What is the difference between CBD and THC?What is cannabinoid deficiency syndrome?How can CBD help veterans?What is a healthy daily dosage of CBD?What is the difference between Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD?Why is CBD so expensive?What different types of CBD applications exist?What should different CBD applications be used for?British and EU Novel Food RegulationHow LDN CBD is trying to bring down the price of CBDLinks:Website - https://www.drjuliemoltke.com/LDN CBD - https://ldncbd.com/Clinic Horsted - https://clinichorsted.com/en/home/Episode with Joe Oliver from LDN CBD - #14 - How I Opened the First CBD Store in the UK  


9 Jul 2021

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#33 - The Future of Cannabis Tourism - Laura Hand from the Cannabis Travel Association

On this episode, Tom is talking to Laura Hand from the Cannabis Travel Association. Laura discusses the happy marriage between cannabis and tourism, and various types of trips and activities that create a great cannabis experience. If you come from the hospitality industry and are wondering how to combine it with cannabis, this episode is just for you. The association has just opened up to International Members, so Europeans are very welcome!Other topics discussed:The core activities of the Cannabis Travel AssociationHow are traditional SPAs using Cannabis to attract new guests? Are cannabis trips better for the first time or experienced users?The Cannabis Trail and what you can learn by following it.Current Cannabis tourism hot spots around the worldWhat do 420-friendly Bed & Breakfasts and hotels do to make cannabis users comfortable?The Artsy Leaf, the “Etsy for Cannabis”Hibnb, the “Airbnb for Cannabis”What cannabis experiences do Boomers want?What are the biggest obstacles in the cannabis industry?Links:International Cannabis Travel AssosiationCustomer Delight Process


25 Jun 2021

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#32 - Should You Start Selling CBD Oil in Europe?

Are you wondering if you should start selling CBD in Europe? If so, you are not alone. This is by far one of the most common questions Tom gets asked when he talks about Smells Like Business.On this episode Tom will be answering that exact question. He will share his views on whether it’s a good idea to start selling CBD now, and what he thinks people actially want to know when they ask this question. So, if you are currently contemplating if selling CBD is the right business for you, then this episode will help you make your choice.Links: Episode with Bas Nierop from OGeez Krunch: #29 - From Coffeeshop, To Social Cannabis Club, To Chocolate That Looks Like CannabisEpisode with Natalia Janusz from Wolne Konopie:  #8 - A cannabis economist’s view on legalization in Europe


11 Jun 2021

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#31 - What is Cancard? - Carly Barton from Cancard

On this episode Tom is having a chat with Carly Barton, the creator and driving force behind Cancard. The purpose of Cancard is to help medical cannabis users in the UK to have a validated indication for the police. Cancard is a photo ID card that has its own verification system allowing police officers to act with trust, discretion and compassion.Carly was the first person in the UK to be prescribed medical cannabis. After experiencing, first hand, the problems with getting a medical prescription for cannabis, she decided to create Cancard. With the help of doctors and senior representatives of the UK police, Candard is now used by thousands of patients self-medicating with weed.Carly also shares her own story of using the plant as a medicine, what more the UK government should be doing to move cannabis legislation forward, and what the future looks like for Cancard.Other topics discussed:Who is eligible for Cancard?How to get a Cancard?Who can access medical cannabis in the UK?Why is the Who is the team behind Cancard?How to approach the law enforcement and medical practitioners about cannabis?Why is medical cannabis not accessible through the NHS?How peaceful activism can open the door to dialogueHow drinking tea can solve everythingLinks:CanCard - https://www.cancard.co.ukFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/cancardofficial/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/cancard/Instagram - @cancard_uk


28 May 2021

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