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Official podcast from lifestyle brand The Capsule by Natalie Anderson. With honest chats, expert advice and real insight, Natalie talks all aspects of women’s wellbeing & mental health with weekly special guests. This podcast brings you inspirational conversations that will help you build your own wellbeing tool kit.For more wellbeing and lifestyle content from The Capsule visit www.thecapsule.co.uk

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The Capsule in Conversation with Anna Hill

Join Natalie #inconversation with the Senior Vice President of WW UK (formerly Weight Watchers) Anna Hill. Discussing the company’s rebrand in recent years, Anna talks at length about shifting the focus away from solely concentrating on weight loss to incorporating all aspects of wellbeing by adopting a ‘Wellness that Works’ mantra with its new app and online content. Voicing her concerns about the impact of social media on the general public and the health & fitness industry, Anna hopes that WW can help educate and support its members with a much more 360 approach to wellbeing and help people make better lifestyle choices that will see them maintain their health over many years.


9 May 2021

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The Capsule in Conversation with Samia Longchambon

In this week’s episode of #inconversation Natalie chats to Coronation Street actress Samia Longchambon about the challenges of lockdown, carrying on through coronavirus and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Talking openly about her attitude to ageing gracefully and the influence of social media on young people Samia discusses her concerns for future generations of women and we can best protect our children in the tech age.


2 May 2021

Rank #2

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The Capsule in Conversation with Andrea McLean

Join Natalie in conversation with Loose Women legend and best selling author Andrea McLean as they talk the thrill of flying solo, embracing entrepreneurship and the importance of honesty around the menopause. Discussing her own personal battles of struggling in silence with anxiety and depression, Andrea talks candidly about how her own experiences galvanised her to develop wellness platform This Girl Is On Fire and how she hopes to empower and support other women with its growing community.

1hr 2mins

24 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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The Capsule in Conversation with Gaynor Faye

This week Natalie is joined by star of stage & screen, Actress & Writer Gaynor Faye to talk wellbeing, women in television and not wasting time on the opinions of others. Discussing the challenges of filming new BBC drama The Syndicate during Covid, Gaynor also reflects on the difficulties of the past year and how she credits her Buddhist faith with keeping her in a positive live state. She also talks openly about the early stages of her career and the importance of paving the way for others, especially when it comes to making space for women on screen post 40.


18 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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The Capsule in Conversation with Michelle Griffith-Robinson OLY

Join Natalie as she chats to former Olympic triple jumper & life coach Michelle Griffith-Robinson all about her incredible athletic career and her passion for empowering others.Discussing her rise to Olympic champion, being the first woman to jump over 14m and her natural steps towards a career in motivational coaching, Michelle documents the adversities and triumphs she’s experienced both personally and professionally and details how any of us can adopt a winning mindset.Also talking the importance of education around consent and her work as a charity ambassador for Women’s Aid, Natalie and Michelle reflect on the recent events of violence against women and how open conversation at an early age for both boys and girls is a vital part of making change.


11 Apr 2021

Rank #5

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The Capsule in Conversation with Una Healy

This week Natalie chats with singer/songwriter, presenter and one fifth of girlband ‘The Saturdays’, Una Healy. Discussing her road to success and the perils of being a woman in the entertainment industry, Una talks frankly about her experience with the paparazzi and social media trolls and how she’s become a fan of the mute button. She also talks about embracing a new phase of her life as she heads towards 40 and how her children are her biggest motivation in life. With a brand new single ‘Swear It All Again’ out now Una also talks about her love of music and how she relishes the song writing process and performing.


4 Apr 2021

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The Capsule in Conversation with Arlene Phillips CBE

This week Natalie is joined by legendary choreographer and director Arlene Phillips to talk pushing boundaries, building resilience and battling through adversity. Discussing ageism in the entertainment industry, Arlene reflects on her time as a judge on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and the disappointment she felt at being replaced whist her male counterparts remained. She notes however the vast improvement of representation of older women on screen in more recent years and how it’s vital we see and hear more women in high ranking positions across all industries. She also talks about the impact of the 1980’s AIDS crisis on her and her close friends during one of the most prolific times of her career. Speaking of her legendary career which has seen her choreograph Whitney Houston, Elton John and Diana Ross, Arlene talks about growing up in an under privileged area of Manchester and how it instilled in her the drive, determination and Herculean work ethic to succeed and ultimately go on to become one of the most most legendary names in entertainment.


28 Mar 2021

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The Capsule in Conversation with Jules Thackray - NHS Vascular Nurse Specialist

In an NHS special, one year on from the UK officially entering lockdown, Natalie is joined by vascular nurse specialist & personal friend Jules Thackray to talk a year of Covid within the NHS.Discussing the palpable threat nursing & medical staff faced in the first part of the pandemic and the overwhelming reality of hospitals overflowing with Covid patients, Jules gives an emotional and honest insight into life on the rock face of the Covid crisis throughout the last 12 months.Speaking openly about the impact of the pandemic on her own mental health Jules also talks about the importance of reaching out for help if you’re struggling. The pair also chat about the sense of value within the NHS and how 2020 brought a renewed sense of appreciation towards nursing and medical staff.


21 Mar 2021

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The Capsule in Conversation with The Hot Mess Mums (Jenny Powell & Kelly Pegg)

This Mother’s Day Natalie is joined by presenters and hosts of 'The Hot Mess Mums Club' podcast, Kelly Pegg & Jenny Powell to talk motherhood, mood swings and muddling through.Sharing their honest ‘hot mess mum’ moments Kelly & Jenny discuss the importance of their successful podcast and online platform which aims to create a fun, educational and non judgemental space for mums.Also touching on women’s wellbeing and mental health the trio discuss the need for more education around women’s health post 40, gender inequality in the workplace and how the pandemic has impacted them on a personal level.


14 Mar 2021

Rank #9

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The Capsule in Conversation with Mika Simmons

Ahead of International Women’s Day Natalie chats to actress, activist and founder of ‘The Happy Vagina’ podcast Mika Simmons. Discussing the importance of knowing and understanding your own body, Mika reflects on losing her mum to ovarian cancer and how her passing galvanised her to set up The Lady Garden Foundation charity which raises awareness of gynaecological cancers. Alongside a successful acting career, Mika’s work in women’s reproductive health has since seen her create the highly acclaimed The Happy Vagina podcast and community which empowers both men and women in areas of sexual health and education.


7 Mar 2021

Rank #10