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Need a SPARK in your life? Want to explore different perspectives on positivity? If YES to either than QUICK take a listen!Take a listen as journey's unfold with my guests as they share their knowledge, experiences, insights, inspiration, tips and tricks to live and own your story. I will also share solo episodes sharing my life experiences and all the things I learn along the way of this crazy beautiful life.

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Networking with impact and purpose With Phil Pelucha

This episode Phil and I talk about entrepreneurship and how he is now helping build and create connections between entrepreneurs all around the world. He shares how his journey of all 7 careers he went through come together through different skills and allow for him to create his business billionaires in boxers.  we discuss the power of your energy and how your vibe attracts your tribe and the importance of surrounding yourself with others who energize you in all areas of your life. He share bout his podcast and how he got himself out there to a wide range of individuals including all kinds of professionals within all kinds of fields of works and ways of living life. Talks about the fear of biting off to much for him to chew with such a quick expansion of his company within the first three months and how managed his way through to keep going and building so much more over the years that got them to #1 globally for achieving authority status in podcasting within many different avenues. Phil's company also does tv shows, radio stations and so much more and he shares it all. We talk about the power of creating solid foundations within yourself and your life. He shares how trading skills helped him build different collaborations and all kinds of networking. We talk about taking risk and how when do so it allows for us to expand and grow within ourselves and our business/ career. We talk about how to use time and create a sense of play and rest but also work He shares structures his life around his Main Priorities within his weeks and life.  We talk about the many ways of making money and creating impact and how the universe rewards actions not thought and how to take the steps you know how to take and learn how to take the next steps as you go. Phil and I talk about all the signs we get within life and how understanding the lessons within them so that they doesn't keep repeating over in your life. This episode is truly filled with amazing stories and tips and tricks of allowing yourself to create and go on the best entrepreneurship journey of your life. Rate & Review podcast If you liked this episode please share it on the socials and with your friendsIG@philpelucha@Sparkplugwellness

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25 Jan 2022

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Nourishing your Nature with Lauren

This episode with Lauren certainly leaves you feeling nourished. Lauren shares how she got into the holistic lifestyle and how its always naturally been apart of who she is and how she lives for she grew up in a non traditional house hold and health was priority. We talk about the power of the relationship between food and humans and how its important for us to all understand our own individual ways of examining our reasoning and root causes for why we choose the foods and lifestyle we do and than learn to create a healthy, balanced, fun, creative, nourishing relationship with your food that best supports you and how you desire to live.  We talk about community and how important it is to surround yourself with those that share your values and morals and how finding Paul chek Holistic life coaching certification helped bring her clarity within how she was wanting to impact the world but also how all her schooling and background work tied into how she now coaches and helps others now. Lauren lets us in how she breaks things down to help her clients achieve their desired outcomes of living their most fulfilled self. We talk about shedding, unlearning, dong less of the things that are not us and being curious enough to ask ourselves questions like is this really my story?, is this how i truly feel?, do I actually believe this?  What is my truth? and once asking and allowing yourself to get the real answers having the compassion for yourself to start learning and developing new ways that support healthier living. Lauren lets us in on her experience of being the women behind all the meal planning, cooking and serving in a all mans retreat held by her partner Mike and how being able to share that experience with the men was such a beautiful and fulfilling time for her and one she truly felt connected to and honored to be apart of. We hear about what the new year brings Lauren and how she is wanting to show up within her services and create experiences for groups and individuals. This episode is filled with nourishing information, beautiful inspiration and so much more, I honestly could of chatted forever. If you liked this episode please share it on the socials and Tag us IG@Vitaltheory for Lauren@Sparkplugwellness for myself Rate and Review the Podcast

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18 Jan 2022

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Waking up to Expanding possibilities With Anat Peri

This episode Anat and I have a conversation on how she became a coach within the self development world and how it first started out with herself going on her own journey and realizing how much she love seeing others truly transform themselves and their lives to all they truly desire it to be. Anat shares with us what development trauma within our childhood is and how it plays out into our adult life. She tells how how she works within finding ways to help men and women move from an energy of having to prove it to others to recognize they are a gift to others and start transitioning within themselves and their lives within the way they are more in alignment and passion We discuss what the Roles and energies of both the Mother and Father and how it impacts us within how we show up for ourselves, others and the world. Within this we talk about how one can start to working within healing, understanding and loving oneself all while unlearning, unleashing and undoing habits, patterns and stories that have been given and told to you and start living within the ways you need to be with fulfilled and as ones raw self. Anat shares how exciting it is to   realize you have the power to remove or add within yourself and your life what does and doesn't serve you. The journey Anat takes people on is gaining back their power and building the resiliencey to really get to know yourself as a powerful creator that gets to co-create with others, the universe. This episode is Jam packed with mind blowing knowledge and powerful information that truly can be implemented within your life as you listen along. If you like this episode please share with us on on the social media IG@anat.peri @sparkplugwellnessRate and review the podcast

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12 Jan 2022

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Connecting & Collecting within entrepreneurship journey with Kevin Cooney

Good day you bad beautiful bi*** you, I hope you are ready for an episode of fun, insights and inspiration because that is what my guest Kevin Cooney brings to you. Kevin and I talk about the journey of his entrepreneurship and how he has always been in the mindset of learning and growing and making the most of what you got as you work for what you want. Kevin shares his first taste of making money through collecting and selling golf balls to how he is flipping free stuff for cold hard cash. Kevin has made himself well known as the hype man on TikTok for his wake up calls that fire you up and set you on your way to having the best damn day of your life, especially if you are dangerously caffeinated. O speaking of Dangerously caffeinated, it is the coffee brand Kevin and his friend created through his listening to his followers when they said we want this dangerously caffeinated coffee you are always talking about in your videos so Kevin did what he does best and got to work and made it happen. Kevin and i discuss how to keep moving forward within an idea and how important it is to seek help for the areas you need support in or in need of learning. We discuss the power of perspective and how to help keep yourself in alignment with yourself but also how to make it work for you when something doesn't go as planned or an idea fails or flunks in your entrepreneur journey. This episode was so fun and so full of great tips and tricks to move you along your journey. Rate and review podcast If you liked this please share it on the socials and tag us Instagram@kevincooney@sparkplugwellness

1hr 7mins

17 Nov 2021

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The O,G of self development with Jefe

In this episode Jefe reintroduces us to the O,G of self development, YOGA but not just the mainstream yoga you see now a days. Jefe shares the true essence of witch yoga has done for years and years and that is to bring one to its whole self by connecting the mind, body and soul. Jefe shares the power we all have as individuals to concousley take the time to be present within each moment and within ourselves and to choose how we navagate through each moment. this episode is jamed pack with value and enlightenment and if you enjoyed it please rate and review the podcast out to more listeners and share with us on social media IG @jefe_af & @sparkplugwellness

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12 Oct 2021

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Getting back to the Root of you, With Chase Tolleson

In this episode, Chase and I talk about his journey to truly pursuing his coaching career. Chase shares how weight lifting and physical activity has always been apart of his life and it was what brought him into the Navy to only realized that he was not in right spot and was not living out the life he wanted. Chase left the Navy and took all his experiences and opened up his own gym. Once opening up the gym chase found himself going from one end of the pendulum to other within how he would show up for himself and how he ran the gym. While listening to a podcast Chase heard of an opportunity for a core language upgrade and took the chance to better himself and his coaching, it was within this course he started to gain control back within the pendulum allowing him to be more open to truly seeing what path he was wanting to carve out for himself and how it was going to impact the world. Once he gained awareness within how words have power and how we use them brings energy to us. With a new sense of transformation chase took all he learnt and kept learning and brought to life his Primal man pathway allowing him to serve man in way that brings them out of the rat race and back to the primal roots of themselves through body and mind. Chase share so much incredible insights into ways that truly help create a life changing impact within yourself when put into practice. This episode is full of both stories to connect and ways to help bring you back to your roots. Please Rate and Review the podcast for it helps me know i am on the right path but also gets my guest value out to more listeners. Tag us on the socials if you liked it and share it with a friend@coach_chase_tolleson@Sparkplugwellness


21 Sep 2021

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The art of human flourishing with Dave Robinson

In this episode Dave shares with us the ways in witch he has taken coaching on as a purpose to help guiding clients in the art of human flourishing. Dave and I discuss the value of story work within our lives and how they play a role within not only how we present ourselves to the world but the perspective in witch we see the world. Dave shares a story of how within becoming a coach he was being coached and how when her truly understood the power of being open and vulnerable to those who are willing and wanting to hold space for you as you hold space for them is a powerful connection that allows life lasting transformation. Navigation of ones stories begins with being able to express the story and slowly within minor tweaks of wording, breathing and self awareness we begin to take the story that is right in our face and pull it away and start to detach to it within honoring it but letting it go. Dave shares with us the different types of ways in witch we use our words to either give us power or take away our power within life situations and all of the relationships and connection we have within our life. This episode is jammed packed with powerful usable nuggets of wisdom and take away you cant start implementing today. If you liked this episode please let us know by tagging us on the socials IG @getstrappedstaystrapped @sparkplugwellness Please Rate & Review the podcast Thank you and much appreciated!

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4 Jun 2021

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Shifting through fear of staying the same to the unknown with Dai Manuel

In this episode Dai and I have a conversation on how we went from choosing the unknown fear over the fear of staying the same.when Dai was younger he struggled with his weight causing him to never truly confront his health and his life with the passion and energy he desired until one day that changed when things got rushed when dad wanted to quickly leave and Dai had to face himself in the mirror. Within this moment things changed but he shares how it doesn't happen over night. Dai shares within his journey to becoming his healthiest self in all areas of life he noticed how important the stories we hold on to and the stories we create are either going to give us what we need or take from us. We discuss the importance of communication and developing a way to connect and learn through story telling. Dai and I talk about how purpose can shift over time and how building a life of fulfillment is what is going to allow you to make shifts and choices that let you live in your purpose.  This episode is fun,energetic and inspiring with lots great insights and knowledge. If you enjoyed this episode please tag us on the socials letting us know what you think and share it with a friend. IG@daimanuel@sparkplugwellness Rate & Review the podcast!  Greatly appreciated


17 May 2021

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Abracadabra,Words are spells either keeping us stuck or making magic with our life wit Mark England

In this episode Mark and I have a conversation on the power of story and how our words create our life. Mark shares a couple insights into some real life circumstances where the people he was interacting with were stuck within a story that didn't serve them and how within being able to work through the story and be able to connect the emotion and the body together to truly be able to release the energy that is no longer needed and free the mind of the limiting belief and unwanted negative thoughts. We discuss the importance of breath and how within all things its truly connected and brings us so much true sense of grounding and ownership. When we understand how we are showing up within our breathing in each day of life and the circumstances that arise within them you will be able to respond and not react, you are more present and aware, you are able to create and have clearer mind. Within this episode Mark shares the meaning of spell and how we are all creating them within our life and others if we are not careful so Be careful because Mark may just put a spell on you with his soft word challenge and much much more. If you Enjoyed this episode please let us know by tagging us on the socials www.instagram/markengland2057.com www.instagram/@sparkplugwellness.com Please be a Spark and Rate and Review the podcast thank you!

1hr 27mins

7 May 2021

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You have to want it for yourself and be willing to work for it with Jen Sangster

In this episode Jen and I have a conversation on how she went from her own health and wellness journey to becoming a coach and helping others within theirs. Jen and I discuss the importance of having the desire to make changes within yourself and how truly wanting it for yourself is the only way your going to do it and stick with it. Taking accountability for yourself and what is needed to be done in order to move towards your goals is by starting small and staying consistent. Finding accountability partners is also helpful to keep things more engaging, fun and motivating but also allows for you to have support during the times of struggle. Jen let's us in on how being a life time learner was one of the reasons she turned to being a coach herself as she wanted to share the value she gained along her own journey with others who are seeking to become their best self. We talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, ones who encourage you, support you and see the best you in and want the best for you. Let me tell you this Jen since becoming a coach she has done just that, she has flourished and is making massive impact with her free to be fierce community and freedomfit.co coaching, Jen shares some powerful insights along the entire episode and i truly believe everyone can see a little bit of themeselve in jen and thats why her story and her are so inspiring becasue its real, raw and authentic. If you enjoyed this episode let us know by tagging us on the socials IG @freedomfit.co @sparkplugwellness also please rate and review the podcast

1hr 11mins

16 Apr 2021