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Personal Development and Spirituality. Stories and journeys that come together that help the healing process of childhood trauma with each podcast bringing a different element of understanding of our own personal journeys through life. We are all connected, we learn from each other. Learnt behaviour in early development can keep us trapped in our core beliefs that, we are not loved, not good enough.As an intuitive energy healing, Body Psychotherapist, i have learnt through my personal journeys that life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am not my past. A good place to start !

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Are Feelings and Emotions There to Justify our Existence?

Feelings and emotions are natural. When we do not feel anything, is that a bad thing?  If we are in denial of feeling through our past  suffering there is a bigger problem which can affect our life and , our relationships.  Is not feeling good, or bad possibly be a journey to becoming in a neutral place of detachment from Ego ?


15 Aug 2021

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Relationships and the effects of the Narcissistic Mother

Why do we hang on to relationships past their due date? Coming from spiritual love, a child develops its own understanding of how to get love as it evolves and develops with its personality forming along the way.  The narcissistic mother typically, are possessive of their children and threatened by their growth. Relationships can become affected later in life when emotionally, as adults, we can be drawn to relationships that cannot fulfil us.  The journey to wellness can begin with first, learning to love our own inner child . Unconditionally. 


15 Aug 2021

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We Matter. I matter: The Journey back to self begins right now. If you choose.

The journey to wellness begins right here. Right now. As the child inside of us evolves, and learns that they are loved, it is possible to come back to the original state of being. Knowing that we are loved. We are heard. The journey begins with us though by first, coming home to ourselves.


15 Aug 2021

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The Death of The Ego : Distortion of Love through negative emotions.

When we resist feelings, they persist. The distortion of love can be healed by way of self acceptance and self acknowledgement. Our life story is just that, a story which we can choose to change via our perception and owning, our negative thoughts, feelings and actions leaving a void for a new story to begin. Saving others begins by first, saving our selves.


12 May 2021

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Whatever God or, the God light means to the individual, there is a way to discover: Soul love.

Our Spirit returns i personally believe,  through many lifetimes to learn new lessons that can help it embody the true essence of life.  The healing of one self comes through many passages of shining light when we are ready to receive the forgiving actions we have taken to survive.  Love is all there is. Our Soul's journey is to continuously learn to heal.


8 May 2021

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What is our purpose in life?: 2/2

A Course in Miracles teaches us that everything comes from perception. Good and bad. When I listen to my mind that wishes me to react to painful feelings or emotions, i am connecting to my past. Authentic truth i am learning, is listening to my own truth that leads me to my own peace. The wondrous joy of life is always present. If we choose to see it. # My purpose today is to connect to where I am now. In this moment.#


14 Apr 2021

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What is our Purpose in Life? THE big question!

The journey to our authenticity  begins with the journey to our self. At different junctions, we learn different lessons good ,and not so good. These lessons lead us to new challenges with obstacles that can keep us stuck in either the fearful mind, or lead us to the peaceful mind. The belief that ,'nothing is wrong except our perception we hold of something' can be upsetting for the Ego mind to hear. We can choose to see an obstacle  as a golden opportunity for change that can lead us always, to our purpose in this life.


20 Mar 2021

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What is our investment in pain and suffering: The investment in self forgiveness

How do we and why do we invest in our pain and suffering? From a spiritual perspective, nothing is wrong. Our human contact with the story we carry contributes to the believe that everything is wrong causing emotional and mental imbalance.  Choices we make in life from a young age in our early development can happen as a result of numbing out to the past but, that painful part of the story, the bit where our suffering began, can be looked at and healed.The story will always be there but how much energy do we truly want o invest in our past?


18 Feb 2021

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Documentation of love. A personal account of how to detach and attach to the one thing we all are. Love

Strength, faith, understanding, patience, guidance and wisdom are virtues we can choose to live by.    We are lovable, acceptable and unique beings, who through life experiences, have learnt to criticise and un-love our self.   Health and happiness are dependent on letting go of who and what we THINK we are… …and adjusting to who we REALLY are.


13 Jan 2021

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All we need is Love: ♥️ Our peace is the universal love available constantly

All we need to do is to forget and get on with another year, forgive everyone and everything because of the season. This is true. To some extent. Perception is everything. My perception of reality is not the same as the next persons. Forgiveness comes as a result of forgiving myself first.  2020 for many has been the hardest time in their existence and forgetting the pain, the fear ,confronting  loss and confusion is not as easy as that.  It can take time to heal. To understand by choosing to heal, life can take you onto another course of action. Changing perception can help but ultimately, allowing the deep love at the core of your being to carry you through can heal the wounds of yesterday. Love is all there is.


14 Dec 2020

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