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Electromagnetic Energy: From Motors to Lasers

Electromagnetic Energy: From Motors to Lasers

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Lab 4: Spectrometer

In this lab you will be exploring many aspects of optics. In class you learned about light polarization, Snell's law, critical angle, gratings, Fresnel equations and Brewster's angle. We will now be experimentally verifying all of these concepts.


28 Jan 2013

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Lab 5: Quantum Mechanical Tunneling

In this lab, we will analyze a piece of material composed of nickel in rubber that exhibits a nonlinear current versus voltage (I-V) relationship due to the dominance of tunneling in the conduction process, and build a simple resistive touchpad.


28 Jan 2013

Rank #2

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Lab 1: DC Motors

This is an introductory lab designed to introduce you to the oscilloscope and MATLAB. You will measure the angular velocity of your home-built motor and characterize a DC motor by measuring its motor constant.


28 Jan 2013

Rank #3

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Lab 3: Liquid Crystal Displays

In this lab, we will construct and characterize a single liquid crystal pixel. The construction includes grooving the substrates to align the liquid crystals, assembling the display cell, and filling the cell with spacers and the liquid crystal material.


28 Jan 2013

Rank #4

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Lab 2: Shooting Magnets

In this lab, we will characterize a coilgun launcher. A coilgun is a device that accelerates a ferromagnetic projectile using the magnetic force.


28 Jan 2013

Rank #5