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Mr. Worldwide and His Bride: The Cancer Chronicles

Welcome to Mr. Worldwide and his Bride! Our mission is to help other people who have been touched by cancer. Darren was diagnosed in 2009 with brain cancer and Jenny just recently with breast cancer. Kinda crazy, right? Husband and wife?? Seems a little Unreal! BUT it has taught us a lot about LIVING. In our 40s, we have already lived a pretty full life. We have dealt with many serious challenges and somehow have came out as a better people. You will hear how Darren has battled brain cancer for the past 11 years. And now Jennys brand new diagnosis with breast cancer and what that road will look like for her. Hoping that this will help someone who os newly diagnosed! We hope you join us on our wild ride with Mr. Worldride and his Bride!

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96. Update on Mr. Worldwide and Tips For Scanxiety

In this episode we’re sharing a bigger update on Darren and an upcoming MRI he has on Thursday.  And tips if you or your loved one have an upcoming scan or MRI!!!  CONNECT WITH ME ON INSTAGRAM -> https://www.instagram.com/jendelvaux Organifi - www.organifishop.com -> Use JEND at check out to save 15% off. Shakeology - https://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/b/shakeology?referringRepID=756017 Get a FREE copy of our Top Cancer Tips -> www.topcancertips.com Come join us for support and to continue the conversation in our new  Facebook group, Living With Cancer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingwithcancersupportgroup/ Follow Mr. Worldwide and His Bride on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mr.Worldwide_and_his_bride My favorites: VITAMINS -> http://www.jendelvaux.com/supplements CBD Oil -> https://mysoulcbd.com/ JOURNAL -> I use EVERY day to be more organized & productive: https://www.pushjournal.com/ CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT -> www.jendelvaux.com


23 Apr 2020

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