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Star Trek: Behind the Scenes with Larry Nemecek

A renowned Star Trek authority, Larry Nemecek is author of the bestselling classic Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, and founder of the behind-the-scenes monthly multi-mode fan experience Portal 47. As a regular convention guest worldwide, Larry is often referred to as “Dr. Trek.” He has also been a frequent guest on Trek.fm since the start of the network in 2011. In this special podcast collection, you can easily access all the episodes that feature Dr. Trek.

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Schisms and Brannon Braga (The Ready Room 36)

When season six of The Next Generation rolled around we started to get some seriously creepy stories, thanks largely to the influence of Brannon Braga. One of the creepiest of the bunch was “Schisms,” in which solanogen-based fish monks began kidnapping Enterprise crew members in their sleep and using them for bizarre medical experiments. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek as we discuss the episode “Schisms” as well as Brannon Braga’s influence on Star Trek from late TNG forward. In news we cover Hollywood Collectibles’ 1:4 Scale Kirk Statue, Greg Cox’s new TOS-era novel The Rings of Time, the lack of social networking in the Star Trek future, the Spring 2012 issue of Star Trek Magazine (and the future of the publication), and our first impressions of the TNG “The Next Level” Blu-ray. And we also recast the missing 13 seconds from “Sins of the Father” with younger actors. Originally published as The Ready Room 36: Group Clicking.

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13 Feb 2012

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Casting Deep Space Nine, Part 2 (The Orb 62)

Choosing the actors who will bring new characters to life is one of the many creative challenges in launching a new Star Trek series. The process itself can change the nature of the roles, resulting in adjustments to name, the background story of a given character, and their relationship with others. In this episode of The Orb we bring you the second part of our two-part conversation with Larry Nemecek about the casting of Deep Space Nine and the evolution of the characters. Originally published as The Orb 62: Action Barbie.


17 Jun 2014

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Ultimate Fantasy 1982 (Standard Orbit 164)

Longtime Star Trek writer, author, publisher, and historian; Larry Nemecek talks about his first documentary about the legendary 1982 Houston Star Trek convention that devolved into quite the fiasco. He interviews several of the cast and production crew who were involved including the last interview ever given by the late Harve Bennett. What would a new version Standard Orbit be without our famous tangents? We review the size and origins of Star Trek conventions right up to the current day. Prepare yourselves for the influx of Trek fandom we receive when Dr. Trek explores this universe like no else. Originally published as Standard Orbit 164: The Con of Wrath. For more about the Con of Wrath, listen to Larry on Matter Stream 4, also available in this special collection.

1hr 10mins

13 Mar 2017

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Cliff Bole and Directing Star Trek (Commentary: Trek Stars 70)

Last month, the world lost legendary Star Trek director Cliff Bole, who helmed 42 hours of Trek—including 25 episodes of The Next Generation—more than anyone else in the show's history. Among those 25 was "The Best of Both Worlds," commonly considered to be the best TNG episode, and one of the best television episodes, of all time. In this episode of Commentary: Trek Stars, Mike and Max kick off a new series looking at the work that Bole did in another beloved franchise, The X-Files. But first, we are joined by TNG expert Larry Nemecek to discuss Bole's work in Trek, his industry origins, his hits and misses, and his blue-collar approach to filmmaking. Larry also gives us a taste of what Bole was like as a person. Originally published as Commentary: Trek Stars 70: Blue-Collar Directing.

1hr 5mins

6 Mar 2014

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Broken Bow - Star Trek: Enterprise (The Ready Room 136)

In 2001, Star Trek landed with great fanfare in a cornfield in Oklahoma. It was the launch of Enterprise, as the series was known for its first two seasons, and the pilot episode, "Broken Bow," was well received. Over the years, perceptions of the series have changed more than once. The story of "Broken Bow" and Enterprise is one of creative change, great promises mixed with missed opportunities, and a tug-o-war between studio and network. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Matt Miller, Jose Munoz, and Oklahoma native Larry Nemecek to discuss story elements of "Broken Bow" and go behind the scenes to learn about the activities surrounding the pilot episode and the creation of the series. In our news segment we take a look at the full details of the TNG Season Six and "Chain of Command" Blu-ray extras, new faces added to Star Trek Las Vegas, some advice from Wil Wheaton to a young Star Trek fan being bullied in school, and some exciting news about Trek.fm and iTunes. Originally published as The Ready Room 136: There Isn't Much Corn in Oklahoma.

2hr 16mins

8 Apr 2014

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The Next Generation Companion (Commentary: Trek Stars 82)

For over a decade, Larry Nemecek chronicled the making of Star Trek in the Next Generation era. But what about the making of the making of? In this episode of Commentary: Trek Stars, Max and Mike are joined Larry himself to discuss his career as an author. In the first part of a two-part interview, he discusses his work on The Next Generation Companion, as well as his Voyager episode, "Prophecy," and other episode pitches which he wrote for Voyager. He also blows Max and Mike's minds with the history of Voyager's development. Originally published as Commentary: Trek Stars 82: How Many Doll Heads Are in the Sink?

1hr 26mins

30 May 2014

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Star Trek: Enterprise, Season Three (Warp Five 24)

Few aspects of Enterprise—and perhaps of Star Trek as a whole—have been more controversial than the show’s third season. The 26-episode arc is an outlier in a number of ways. It was the first (and only) time a season-long arc was attempted in Star Trek, and it also focuses on aliens and events with no connection to the rest of the franchise. Some fans love it. Some fans hate it. In this episode of Warp Five we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss the third season of Enterprise, the pressure from Les Moonves that Berman and Braga were under, the validity of the creative choices made and the roads not taken, and whether or not a more TOS-centric approach might have saved the show from cancellation. We also look at how the third season led creatively into the fourth, the goals of the writing staff—including Manny Coto and David A. Goodman—and we dive into a few of our favorite episodes from Season Three, including “Similitude” and “North Star.” Originally published as Warp Five 24: The Gauntlet Thrown Down.

1hr 19mins

9 Jan 2014

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Trials And Tribble-ations - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (The Ready Room 93)

When the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek rolled around in 1996, the creative teams of both Deep Space Nine and Voyager were charged with the task of paying homage with a special episode. Inspired by the revolutionary techniques of Forrest Gump, the DS9 writers set out to pen a story that would insert Sisko and his crew into the middle of one of the franchise’s most iconic episodes—“The Trouble with Tribbles.” The result was one of the most memorable moments in Star Trek history. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Larry Nemecek for a look at the making of “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Larry’s firsthand experience on the set delivers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what truly is a Valentine to Trek. In news we look at the debut of TNG HD on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, a reunion of the full principal cast of Enterprise for the upcoming Season Two Blu-ray release, TV Guide’s 60th Anniversary commemorative covers, Dayton Ward’s picks for 10 of the best Star Trek audiobooks, Cumberbatch talking about John Harrison’s motives, and some of the new Star Trek Into Darkness poster art including spotlight’s on Uhura, Spock, and the Enterprise, plus a Tumblr-inspired Cinemosaic poster. We also reveal our own pick for the most influential TV series of the 1980s… and we think you already know what it is. Originally published as The Ready Room 93: Three-Inch Heels and a Six-Inch Hairdo.

2hr 25mins

15 Apr 2013

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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (The Ready Room 73)

Nestled between the relentless vengeance of Khan and the near destruction of Earth at the flippers of whales is an emotional nugget whose power is often overlooked. Star Trek III suffers from the middle-child syndrome, but it highlights the relationships between the crew of the USS Enterprise in a way rarely seen. It also planted the seeds for many of things we now take for granted in later incarnations of the franchise. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Larry Nemecek to discuss The Search for Spock, why many of the creative decisions in the film were made, and why Starfleet wishes some captains could learn to stop oversharing over subspace. In news we cover the La-La Land Records 10th anniversary celebration, the addition of Star Trek to Hulu, the Enterprise Blu-ray cover art, Anthony Montgomery’s new film project Chariot, the trouble with Tribble slippers, Spock oven mitts, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dolby Atmos, and we speculate on just what Star Trek could bring to Angry Birds. Originally published as The Ready Room 73: Hot Vulcan Finger Action.

2hr 24mins

13 Nov 2012

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The Catwalk - Star Trek: Enterprise (The Ready Room 119)

One of the goals in writing for any series is to tell stories that can’t be told anywhere else. With its early technology and proximity to our own time, Enterprise had an opportunity to put characters into situations that the other series couldn’t. One great example is the idea of a ship lost at sea facing a terrible storm, and this challenge of early exploration was examined in the second-season episode “The Catwalk.” In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing and Larry Nemecek to discuss “The Catwalk,” how the crew of the NX-01 had to adapt when their technology was not advanced enough to save them, and how tough circumstances brought the crew together. We also delve into Human-Vulcan relationships, the sexual tension between T’Pol and Archer (or lack thereof), the relationship between T’Pol and Trip, and how it all leads to Amanda and Sarek. In news we find out about Armin Shimerman’s new film project, Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse, Kate Mulgrew’s plans to write her memoirs, J.G. Hertzler’s election to office in New York state, and we answer some Questions from the Fleet. We also preview two tracks from Five Year Mission’s upcoming album Year Three. Originally published as The Ready Room 119: Neutronic Wave Mode.

2hr 11mins

12 Nov 2013

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The Measure of A Man - Star Trek: The Next Generation (The Ready Room 87)

Does Data have rights? This is the central question asked in Melinda Snodgrass’s classic courtroom drama “The Measure of a Man.” But beyond the fate of Data himself, the real question is how artificial life will be treated in the future. Though it may sound like science fiction, it’s a decision we will someday have to make in the real world. The difficulty of the issue was presented brilliantly more than two decades ago by TNG, and the uncertainty of its message still rings true today. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by renowned Star Trek historian Larry Nemecek to discuss “The Measure of a Man,” the ethical questions it raises, and how the extended cut on Blu-ray—which adds 13 minutes—makes this episode even better. In news we look at the upcoming re-release of The Next Generation on DVD, two awards given to La-La Land Records, the unofficial Star Trek Into Darkness poster designed by Matt Ferguson (plus a few more bits of news and rumours about the film), and we debate which Starfleet doctor is the most skilled. Originally published as The Ready Room 87: Can We Please Reactivate the Defendant?

2hr 8mins

26 Feb 2013

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The Romulan War (The Ready Room 141)

One of the most momentous conflicts in Federation history is also one of the most mysterious ones—at least for fandom. Of course Starfleet itself knows what happened, but the writers didn't give us a lot to work with over the years. First introduced in the Original Series episode "Balance of Terror," the Earth-Romulan War is the basis for centuries of animosity between these two powers. The details remained elusive and over the years bits and pieces came out through the various spinoff series, books, comics, and fan projects. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Larry Nemecek, Alec Peters, and Tommy Kraft to discuss this legendary war, its origins, the conflict, the aftermath, and how it has been retconned over time. In our news segment we learn about Star Trek: The Exhibition's arrival at Mall of America, the fan art that became an actual book series in Star Trek: Seekers, how you can share some Romulan Ale with Larry, Roberto Orci's bid to direct the next film, and Teras Cassidy pops in for a Geek Nation Tours update. Originally published as The Ready Room 141: As Green-Blooded As You Can Get.

2hr 1min

13 May 2014

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Relics - Star Trek: The Next Generation (The Ready Room 116)

Generations officially passed the baton from TOS to TNG on the big screen, but the relay began long before The Nexus swept away Kirk and Picard. Doctor McCoy appeared in "Encounter at Farpoint," Spock played a central role in "Unification," and Scotty was found hiding in a transporter buffer in "Relics." In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Larry Nemecek as well as Phillip Gilfus and Daniel Proulx from our TNG show Earl Grey to discuss the Enterprise-D's encounter with TOS's miracle worker, how Scotty serves as the true bridge between generations, and try to uncover where exactly Troi was the whole time a man from the past needed counselling. In news we check in on the release date for the Enterprise Season Three Blu-rays, find out more about the behind-the-scenes creations of reunions and extras, discuss the TNG Season Five Blu-rays and the "Unification" feature release, and explore the chances of Star Trek returning to television soon—including the intertwined rights ownership between CBS and Paramount and the obstacles that Star Trek faces in making it back to the small screen. Plus, Larry gives us the lowdown on The Trekland Trunk. Originally published as The Ready Room 116: The Dyson Sphere In the Room.

2hr 23mins

22 Oct 2013

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Workforce and the Star Trek: Discovery Trailer (The Ready Room 212)

We all want to escape from our lives sometimes. What if you could really do it? What if you couldn’t remember the life you left behind? And what if it was all against your will? That’s what happens to the crew of the Starship Voyager in the seventh-season episode “Workforce.” In this episode of The Ready Room, hosts C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek are joined by Kay Elizabeth Shaw of To The Journey and Bruce Gibson of Literary Treks to discuss this story of the Voyager crew’s other life as employees of a power facility on the planet Quarra. In our extended news segment, Chris and Larry share their thoughts on the Star Trek: Discovery trailer presented at CBS upfronts, the international Netflix version of the trailer, the new look of the Klingons, and more. Originally published as The Ready Room 212: Erin Gray's Blue Jumpsuit.

2hr 17mins

26 May 2017

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Doctor Leonard McCoy (Standard Orbit 28)

If Kirk was the meat and Spock was the potatoes, then Leonard McCoy was the grumpy broth that held them all together. Now, finally, the good doctor is getting his due. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Drew and Mike are joined again by Larry Nemecek to discuss the original Enterprise’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. McCoy. We find out why Larry loves him so, share our favorite Bones scenes, and reveal how McCoy is finally getting the fan base he deserved from the beginning. Originally published as Standard Orbit 28: I Am Not DeForest Kelley.

1hr 5mins

20 Apr 2014

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Star Trek: Discovery - Thoughts on the Latest Developments (The Ready Room 211)

The premiere of the next Star Trek series may be delayed, but there’s still plenty to talk about. In this episode of The Ready Room, host C Bryan Jones returns from medical leave and hops on mic with Larry Nemecek to discuss some of the news from the past eight months. Looking at Star Trek: Discovery, we delve into the time period, ships, stories, writers, characters, casting, production, delays … and imagine the return of a classic alien. We also recap some of the key moments from Star Trek’s 50th anniversary year and how we’re carrying the excitement into the 51st. Originally published as The Ready Room 211: To Hoof or Not to Hoof.


3 May 2017

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Previewing Stellar Cartography (Literary Treks 26)

It's been more than a decade since the last update to the Star Charts reference book, but thanks to Larry Nemecek and 47North fans will soon be able to get around the galaxy more efficiently than ever. In this episode of Literary Treks, Christopher Jones is joined by Larry to learn about the genesis of his new book Star Trek: Stellar Cartography, the process of creating it, and how Larry's career in mapping stars dates back to the 1980s. We also make sense of the Delphic Expanse and choreograph the Dominion War. In our news segment we find out what Jeff Mariotte has to say about his forthcoming TOS novel Serpents In the Garden, what hints Greg Cox has dropped about No Time Like the Past, and IDW's latest Ongoing omnibus, Star Trek Volume 5, which collects Ongoing 17 through 20. Originally published as Literary Treks 26: Cardassia Is In the Caribbean.

1hr 19mins

6 Jul 2013

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Star Trek: Discovery Summer 2017 Details (The Ready Room 215)

We're just two months away from the launch of Star Trek's seventh venture onto the small screen: Discovery. As summer heats up and convention season kicks into gear, news about the series, images from the set, and interviews with creators are bringing us new details and stirring the pot of speculation more feverishly than ever. In this episode of The Ready Room, C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek get together to discuss some of the latest tidbits, including an ancient Klingon secret, a unique (or as Alex Kurtzman calls it a very, very unique) Vulcan story, Riker on the set, the business side of Discovery, and much more. Plus, we make an exciting announcement about the Trek.fm podcast network. Originally published as The Ready Room 215: The Edge of Discovery.

1hr 42mins

17 Jul 2017

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The Con Of Wrath Revisited (Matter Stream 4)

Today, when someone mentions the word “convention” together with “Star Trek,” a certain image comes to mind. Record numbers of fans gathering in costume, huge productions in places like Las Vegas, and dozens of big-name stars headlining panel after panel. The conventions of today are slick productions, but it wasn’t always that way. In this episode of Matter Stream we’re joined by renowned Star Trek historian Larry Nemecek to discuss Ultimate Fantasy 1982, his project to tell the story of one of the greatest debacles in fandom history, and what it meant for those involved and the future of conventions. Originally published as Matter Stream 4: The Con of Wrath.


18 Dec 2011

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (The Ready Room 28)

In 1991 we bid farewell to the voyages of the Enterprise and its original crew. In a film of heavy Cold War allegory, released just 26 days before the Soviet Union ceased to exist, we were given a final chance to spend time with the characters we had known as Star Trek for 25 years. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Larry Nemecek to discuss Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, how it worked as a sendoff for TOS, and how it started the Star Trek universe down the road to the world of TNG. In news we cover Paramount’s plan to feature Star Trek in their 2012 Tournament of Roses float, George Takei’s foray into the Star Trek vs Star Wars feud, the release of the complete Voyage Home score, movie rumors, IDW’s first original Abramsverse content, and we’ll preview two more tracks off of Five Year Mission’s new album Year Two. Plus a character from a galaxy far, far away makes a surprise appearance on the bridge of the Enterprise. Originally published as The Ready Room 28: The Search for Boots.

2hr 20mins

19 Dec 2011

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