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Podcast On What They Don't Teach At At Fashion School. Learn About The Business Of Fashion Directly From The Best, Most Experienced People In The Industry. Start Your Own Fashion Brand In 6 Months With A Low Budget, No Social Network, & No Business Or Design Skills: https://go.thefutureoffashionbusiness.com/start-your-fashion-brand

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The First Stages Of Starting A Fashion Brand

In this weeks episode, we sat down with fashion consultant Maria Pesin. She is a senior apparel industry executive with an outstanding history of achievement and over 25 years of field experience. Knowing what to focus is one of the biggest struggles for starting fashion entrepreneurs. So we had Maria share the most important insights strategies that all fashion entrepreneurs must know when they are starting out.


28 Jun 2019

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A Conversation About Merchandising

In this week's episode, we sat down with Merchandising Director at Banana Republic, Kelly Bernal. This was a conversation about finding market opportunities grounded in consumer needs and market trends that can help businesses regain their ground in the marketplace and set conditions for success. And how these factors have changed and evolved in the last 20 years.


7 Apr 2020

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Digital Marketing And E-commerce Strategy For Fashion Entrepreneurs

In this episode we sat down with Emily Li Mandri, a digital marketing consultant for fashion and retail businesses. We talked about the importance of having a digital strategy, and Emily also gave us a lot of tips that anybody can start applying online to have an edge over their competition. Digital has increasingly become one of the most important places for your brand to be at, so as a fashion entrepreneur, we hope you can start applying these concepts into your fashion business.


9 Mar 2019

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LVMH's Gena Smith On Culture & Attracting Executive Talent

In this week's episode, we sat down with Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Head of Global Executive and Creative Recruitment at LVMH, Gena Smith. Just by looking at Gena's background, experience, and the incredible company she represents, you can already expect this to be an incredible episode. There's very little this description can do to put into words the amount of value shared in this conversation. So we will let the episode speak for itself.


11 May 2020

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The Importance Of Finding Your Unique Creative Identity

In this week's episode, we spoke with Co-founder of FOLK Maggie Smart about the importance of developing your creative identity. Lots of people want to start fashion brands, but very few actually manage to stand out from the rest. What makes those fashion brands different? It's hard to believe how easily this topic is overlooked by the industry. You can't believe the level of importance this has when building successful fashion brands.


28 Oct 2019

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Crafting Your Social Media Strategy

In this week's episode, we sat down with Malikah Kelly, a seasoned fashion professional with experience in brand development, e-Commerce, digital marketing, social media, and strategic brand partnerships. Social media has been around for a while now, it's no secret that every fashion brand needs social media presence, but with so many possibilities, what should you be focusing on? Does influencer marketing still work? Should you invest in ads? There are so many questions that you need to know the answer to, and we hope this episode will help you start in the right direction.


8 Jan 2020

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Making your First Products & The Stages Of Product Development

In this episode of The Future Of Fashion Business, we sat down with Jodie Udzenija. Jodie is the Director of Apparel Product Development at 5.11 Tactical. This was a very special episode and one of our favorite ones to this day. We talked about the common mistakes fashion entrepreneurs make when making their first clothing samples, how to avoid these mistakes, what entrepreneurs should expect when making their first products, and about the different stages of development a product has to go through so that it is ready to sell. There was so much valuable information in this episode, so make sure you have a pen and paper nearby!


15 Mar 2019

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Choosing The Right Products For Your Collections

Knowing what products to design for your collections, and at what price point to sell them at is a very important step when starting a fashion brand. That's why in this episode, we sat down with Melanie Smallwood who is the international buying director at Global Fashion Group. Melanie shared a lot of valuable advice that fashion entrepreneurs can start implementing in order to build stronger, and more successful collections.


26 Sep 2019

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The Current State Of Sustainability

We are very happy and excited to be back after our Christmas break for a new episode! With sustainability being such a big topic, we wanted to make sure people start this new year with correct information and expectations, so we had Co-Founder and CEO of PositiveLuxury Diana Verde Nieto to talk about the current state of sustainability, the direction it might be taking in the future, and the natural challenges that will come with progress.


31 Dec 2019

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The Evolution Of Product

In this week's episode, we sat down with Chief Product Office Wendi Goldman. In her long career, Wendi has been able to see firsthand how the approach to product has changed & evolved over time but, where is going next? Where are we now? And what does the past say about the future of product?


24 Mar 2020

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The Evolution Of Merchandising

In this week's episode, we sat down with Vice President of Merchandising at Tommy Hilfiger Lindsay Sword to discuss the importance of merchandising, how merchandising has evolved in the last 2 decades, and what direction it is most likely to go to in the future


17 Dec 2019

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International Expansion With Urban Outfitter's Stefan Laban

In this week's episode, we sat down with Global Head of URBN International at Urban Outfitters, Stefan Laban. Stefan is a senior executive with a proven track record of driving billions in revenue for major global brands and an extensive history of operating owned retail and building franchise organizations from the ground, spearheading international growth. Given Stefan's expertise, we based out chat around international expansion. How can brands do it efficiently? And what are the principles that guide successful international expansion?


22 Apr 2020

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How Cuyana Raised $30 Million By Being A Brand With Integrity

Just after having one of the largest investment rounds for a female-founded fashion started, we sat down with the Co-Founder and CEO of Cuyana Mrs Karla Gallardo and talked about how a passion project turned into an extremely successful fashion brand that inspires intentional buying through pieces that are crafted with integrity.


23 Feb 2019

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Email Marketing And CRM For Fashion Brands

In this weeks episode, we sat down with the Vice President of Marketing & CRM for the Techsyle Fashion Group. You better get a notebook for his one. There's so much advanced information in this episode that you will most likely have to listen to it a couple of times. We talked about the importance of CRM, how to use it to interpret data, how to use that data to create successful email marketing strategies, and how to optimize those email strategies. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


20 Jul 2019

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How Your Ego Is Destroying Your Creativity

In this weeks episode, we sat down with the Creative Director of BCBGMAXAZRIA Bernd Kroeber to discuss the creative processes responsible for continuously creating innovative designs, while still staying true to your brands DNA. We also talked about the ego, how it hinders most fashion entrepreneurs creativity and the importance of knowing who you are designing for.


8 Apr 2019

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Branding And Finding Collaborators For Your Fashion Brand

In this weeks episode, we sat down with entrepreneur and ex-creative director of Supra Footwear, Ace Rice. It was fascinating to hear Ace's story. Its not every day that we have the opportunity to sit down with somebody that knows how to represent culture so well. From basketball, to music, to art to fashion, to fashion entrepreneur, he really has done it all. Stick to the end to catch his advice on the importance of the right collaborations, and how to reach out and get in front of these collaborators. Also, don't forget to follow our podcast to stay update don our future episodes.


8 Jun 2019

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Content & Experiences As The Pillars For Sustainable Growth

In this weeks episode, we sat down with the Co-founder of fashion e-commerce platform Seam Lab, Jake Woolf to talk to us about some of the strategies behind his eCommerce platform successful launch. From brand outreaching strategies to branding and customer experiences. Hope you enjoy this episode!


26 Aug 2019

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How To Build A Sustainable Fashion Brand

In this weeks episode, we sat down with fashion sustainability expert Jeanine Ballone. We spoke about the importance of new fashion entrepreneurs building sustainable fashion brands and how they can apply those principles in their business, right now. After all, the future of not only the fashion industry but our planet is in the hands of the up and coming fashion entrepreneurs with a burning desire to make our world a better a place. We want to apologize for our almost 3-week podcast episode release delay, we experienced a lot of issues transferring podcasting platforms, but that it all done and handled with. We are very excited to continue bringing you your weekly dose of fashion business information!


17 May 2019

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Starting A Vintage Brand With Young Retro's Steven Bethell

On this weeks episode, we sat down with the Creative Director and Co-founder of Beyond Retro, Steven Bethell. This episode will be particularly interesting to you if you are thinking of starting a vintage brand, or just curious about a vintage fashion vintage brand works. We were lucky to have one of the people who are leading the vintage fashion movement to share his personal story and his advice for starting fashion entrepreneurs.


28 Jul 2019

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CEO Of Diane Von Fürstenberg On Branding Around Your Customer

In this weeks episode, we sat down with the CEO of Diane Von Fürstenberg, Sandra Campos. We spoke about the importance of building a brand’s heritage, and the importance putting your customer at the center of everything that you do. From things like decision making to brand strategy. We recommend you listen closely and avoid playing it at more than 1x speed, as this is an advanced and very informative episode, Even our host was having issues catching up!


17 Apr 2019

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