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Sporadically Board with Mike and Dan

Mike DiLisio and Dan Hughes plus a special guest talk about board games, card games, and anything else that catches their eye.

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Ep 04: Conventions - with Ben Maddox

Mike and Dan discuss Wildlands,  miniature painting, Symphony No. 9, and High Society. They are then joined by the host of the fantastic Five Games for Doomsday podcast, Ben Maddox, to talk about the impact big board game conventions such as Gen Con and Essen have on Board Gaming culture. Join the Sporadically Board Facebook group here Follow Sporadically Board on twitter @sporadicboard Follow Mike over on twitter at @michaeldilisio  Follow Dan over on twitter at @dghughes28 Massive thanks to the ever fantastic Gary King for the graphics for the show Also huge thanks to Singing Sadie for the show's music

1hr 28mins

11 Oct 2018

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